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   Chapter 3 Casted Away

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Few months had passed and the school's Foundation Day celebration was getting near. All the students were practicing diligently. Cissie's section was also diligent in practicing as their performance was really well-thought of. Steph's team almost did not go home so they could finish an excellent choreography. Cissie and her team, on the other hand, were talking about their rehearsal during their recess.

"What songs do you think would appeal to the audience?" Jay asked his teammates.

"People here in our province are not fond of street music and novelty songs, so we can't play them. It's better if we sing alternative and 80's rock, " Cissie suggested.

"Well, thank you for the suggestion Cis, but what band do they usually listen to?" Jay asked.

"It's more on Guns 'n Roses, Bon Jovi, Metallica when it's comes to 80's rock. Creed, Staind, Default, Nickelback for alternative, " Jun replied.

"Jay, how many songs are we performing?" Jeff asked.

"Probably ten songs, five for 80's rock and five for alternative. What do you guys think?"

"That's okay with me, at least we are performing different genres. The question is how we could make them happy with the songs we are going to sing? I mean, how are we going to incorporate it in the script?" Cissie asked.

"Let's sing Enter Sandman first, then don't finish the song since we have a limited time. As much as possible, we should have the guitar solo. Then we could have the alternative songs, then 80's rock again, so we're doing one genre after another, " Jay replied.

"That's good! Enter Sandman, When I Come Around, Sweet Child, Higher, Livin' on a Prayer, So Far Away, Love of a Lifetime, It Only Hurts, Still Loving You, and Here Without You. It's like a story that we connected!" Cissie exclaimed in excitement.

"Your idea sounds great, Cis. Are all those songs your favorite? I can see it in your face, " Jay got curious.

"Just the 80's songs. I appreciate alternative songs but 80's rock is cooler for me, " Cissie grinned.

"Yeah, I agree. So, when will we start kicking?" Jun asked.

"I was hoping to do it later so that we can better prepare for it. 80's rock is a bit difficult for me, " Jeff suggested.

"Right. Let's do it this way, let's practice by ourselves first. Jeff, focus on the lyrics as well on the song itself. Jun, listen to the drums' scale. I still have to teach Cissie bass so we need to practice together, " Jay divided their tasks.

"We're cool with that. I live near Jeff's place so we can also practice together, " Jun said.

"Okay, that's better. Let's rehearse every weekend. We still have few months, " Cissie added.

"Let's go inside the room, class is about to start. Let's just talk about it every now and then." Jay went in the classroom first. The rest followed.

The time passed quickly and the whole day in school ended like that. As always, Cissie left right away because of the house chores. Also, she didn't want to walk home with Jay since she might think of something else, or people might think that she's sticking to him. But when she was going out of the gate, someone was running after her.

"Hey! You walk so fast. By the way, I'll go to your place later at 8 to practice. Is that okay with you?" Jay was panting as he ran after Cissie.

"Really, this guy!" Cissie thought herself. "I'll try to ask permission from my boss first and I'll text you what will be if he agreed. I'll finish my chores quickly so that I'd have nothing else to do when I ask for their permission. But how can I contact you?" Cissie asked.

"Is that a problem? May I have your cell number so I could text you later?"

Cissie got nervous again. Jay was just asking her number yet her heart was beating really fast. Was that because he's going to text her or because his appeal was really strong that even her speech was affected?

"Uhm, z-zero nine z-zero six e-eight…" she even forgot her freaking cell number! "wait, I forgot...uhm, zero one t-three four e-eight two, " she catched her breath.

"Are you okay? What is happening to you? Are you nervous?'' Jay laughed loud.

"What? I'm not! I just don't memorize my number." Her face blushed because Jay guessed her feelings right.

"If that's what you said. See you tonight, okay? I'll bring some snacks too. I'll go ahead since I'd pass by the grocery, or would you like to come with me?" Jay invited Cissie.

"No, thanks. I still have tons of things to do."

"Okay then. Bye, see you later, " Jay smiled to her. His smile was so sweet that anyone who had seen it would be hypnotized.

Cissie couldn't help but smile while she followed him in sight. Not in their knowledge though that Steph heard everything they talked about. Steph followed Jay when she saw him leaving. Steph really wanted to ask Jay to come with her but she wasn't able to ask him as he ran after Cissie. Steph went near where the two were and listened to their conversation.

"What! They are going on a date? This is not good. I really need to find a way to get that girl out, " Steph mentioned herself. It was evident in her face that how bad her plans were.

When Cissie arrived home, she hurriedly did all the chores. She seemed excited because they were practicing for the first time. But she was more excited with the idea that she'd be with Jay again. She could not understand herself why she felt like that towards Jay when he's someone she just recently met. Because she was in a hurry, Cissie forgot to ask permission to her employer. She was really nervous when she was texting Jay. She panicked for no reason, hence she calmed herself in front of the mirror.

"Relax girl." She tapped her face while looking at her reflection in the mirror. She got surprised when her phone rang.

"Goodness! I'll be be having a boil because of you, " she said while picking up her phone. She read the message and realized that Jay was waiting by the bench on the top of the sewer tunnel. She hurriedly ran towards where Jay was. She was even panting when she reached their meeting place.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. Did you wait that long?" Cissie asked.

"It's okay. I only waited for five minutes. By the way, I brought some snacks, " Jay offered Cissie snacks. Cissie accepted the snacks and sat down on the upper covering of the sewer.

"Is your guitar already tuned? Let's start so we could practice more songs, " Jay smiled. He projected with his signature smile again. His charm stand out, which made Cissie's heart fluttered. If only she wasn't in front of Jay, she could scream as if she had seen an idol.

"Hey, are you with me?" Jay snapped his fingers to catch Cissie's attention. He caught her gaping at Jay. So embarrassing!

"Of course! I even said that we have to start. What song are we playing first?" Cissie said as if nothing happened while plucking guitar strings. She wondered if her face blushed, that would be so freaking embarrassing.

"Well, let's start with our intro song, Enter Sandman. I'm sure you're familiar with the song but do you know the bass line of it?"

"Just a few. The thing is, I find it difficult as guitar riffs are complicated when you listen to it with bass."

"Alright, let's play it first and we'll see if there are lots to be improved."

While playing the song, they didn't realize that Steph was observing them in her parked car. Since it was already night and

there were no checkpoints, she could drive without her license. They didn't notice Steph because Jay and Cissie were busy with each other. Both started eating when they got tired. Cissie was excited with Toblerone since it was her first time trying it. The two started laughing while chatting heartily.

Meanwhile, Steph was furious with envy, most especially when Jay took Cissie's hand and tied something on her wrist.

"Grrr! This is really too much! Of all people, why her? She's so ugly. This guy really has no taste at all. He even liked the beast while the best is here. Well Cissie, you'd be sorry for the day you met Jay!" Steph cursed while her fists were clenched. Afterwards, she grabbed her camera and continuously took photos of Jay and Cissie, while the two were clueless about what was happening. When she got contended with the photos she took, Steph left because she couldn't really take the sweet scene she was seeing. She felt like her chest was going to explode in anger.

"Jay, it's already late. I need to go home. I might be locked out of the house, " Cissie interrupted their session when she noticed that it was getting late.

"Okay, tomorrow again. Did you have fun tonight?" he smilingly asked while putting his guitar back to its case.

"Yeah, this is my first time jamming since I don't often get out of the house to enjoy."

"I'd walk you home, " Jay volunteered.

"No, no, no! I'll be dead meat if my boss sees us, most especially that I did not ask for permission earlier because I forgot to do so, " Cissie rejected the offer.

"Oh, really. Take care then. See you tomorrow. You could leave first. I'll leave when you're inside the gate." That was quite thoughtful of Jay!

"Okay. Thank you for the snacks. See you tomorrow, " Cissie said goodbye.

Thankfully, the door was not locked yet. While Cissie was carefully going up the stairs, the old man went out of his room to rove. She could hear his steps from the bedroom to the living room. As Cissie was hurrying, she stepped onto something wet which tripped her. She hurriedly got up so her boss wouldn't see her. Good thing was that she got inside her room before her boss  got in the living room. Coincidentally, it was her room that he first checked. Cissie quickly covered herself with her blanket and snored, making her boss leave right away.

"Uh, that was close! I'd better go to sleep." Cissie was relieved as she wasn't caught by her employer.

Cissie's morning was really good. She felt more motivated to go to school. The happiness she felt whenever she's with Jay was really different. She became more inspired for no reason. Steph was on the same mood when Cissie saw her on the hallway. She also arrived in the school early, but Cissie was curious as to why Steph was not annoying her.

"What a beautiful morning Cissie, isn't it?" Steph greeted her intentionally, and with meaning.

"What poison did this witch drink again?" Cissie told herself.

"Of course, it's not just beautiful, but inspiring morning as well, right?" Cissie replied while heading her direction to their classroom. She did not bother to stop because she was not interested in talking to Steph anyway. She knew that Steph was just pretending to talk to her which was why she didn't hear the next words Steph mentioned.

"Exactly, it wasn't just inspiring, but terrifying! Hmmp, you will never forget this day in your whole life, Cissie, " Steph threatened her but didn't hear it at all.

Cissie lively participated in the whole class, most especially because she was with Jay. She disregarded all the envied girls around her. What's important was that she and Jay were both happy. She was making the most of the happiness she just had, which was why she couldn't contain the excitement she had in their next practice. However, the saying "every happiness has its equivalent sorrow" seemed true to Cissie. As soon as she arrived home, she hadn't even entered the house, she already sensed danger. She already saw the face of the old man she was serving. It was really something unpleasant to see. He was holding a paper which she estimated was as small as a 4R-sized photo. While she was nearing him, her heart was really beating fast due to nervousness.

"What did I do again?" she silently asked herself. "G-good afternoon Goyong, " Cissie stuttred.

Well, they called their employer Goyong, meaning Grandpa as to give respect for employer.

"It's good for me, but for you it will be terrible because this will be your last day in this house, " he was straight to the point.

"But why? Did I do anything wrong?" Cissie gloomily asked.

"You dirty little trickster! Don't even pretend that you know nothing. Didn't I tell you that I will kick you out if I learn that you are in a relationship with someone? That day has come. I will not wait for you to be pregnant before I cast you off!" The old man was furious. He even threw on Cissie's face the photos she had with Jay last night. Worse was that it was when he gave her a chocolate, which, on first glance, would make someone think that they had, relationship.

"Goyong, you're thinking it wrong. He is not my boyfriend. He is my classmate and we practiced for the Foundation Day celebration. I apologize for not being able to ask for your permission last night. I really forgot about it. But please believe me, we are not dating!" Cissie related while crying.

"Do you think I'm dumb? I'm old, I know how the youth thinks. Start packing your things. Tomorrow you will go home, " the old man even pointed fingers to Cissie.

"I never disobeyed you. You can even ask my adviser regarding that practice. The only fault I did is that I forgot to ask for your permission last night. I'm really sorry, but please don't cast me out. Few months later, I will graduate, " Cissie begged but the old man acted as if he heard nothing as he went to Cissie's room, picked her things up, and put them in a sack. Cissie couldn't do anything but cry. She cried and cried because she thought that was the end of her dreams. She suddenly thought of texting Jay.

"Jay, the day I feared the most has come. Someone sent my boss a photo of us when we were practicing last night. He was thinking that I have a boyfriend. He's casting me out of the house, What should I do?" Cissie said in text message.

Few seconds later, her phone beeped.

"What? Who gave him? Where are you staying tomorrow?" he replied to his text.

"I have no idea who. The only thing I know is I have no where else to go. What should I do, Jay?"

"Don't worry, we'll find a way. I'll talk to someone, just wait. I'll text you later."

Cissie still couldn't believe with what happened to her. She tried to become a good helper. She tried to be praiseworthy but nothing happened. She couldn't stop crying because she'd stop schooling for sure and all her dreams will be dead. She couldn't accept it. She couldn't blame anyone anyway because she agreed to her teacher's offer. That was the consequence. She was too tired of them bullying her so she gave in with what they wanted. She had no one to ask for help so she was feeling all sorts of emotions. She felt like everyone was against her. But she couldn't do anything anyway because she was just poor and a loser. She cried herself to sleep. She never noticed that she had tons of messages and missed calls from Jay.

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