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   Chapter 3 Black Mail (Part )

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"Guys! Can we talk about that celebrity thing later? Please put that into place. We have to finish this topic because we still have a lesson. Okay, Jay, we are just missing one so that we could complete your band. Who else, guys? Come on! We have to finish this so we could have our lesson, " Miss Langit seriously said.

"Ma'am, I heard Cissie can play the guitar. Why don't we include her? Besides, having a girl in a band makes it look cool. She could be the bassist, "Jun suggested.

"Oh no, I can't play bass, ma'am. Also, I don't have a guitar plus I have to work, so I could not be able to attend the rehearsals. Sorry, I can't, " Cissie rejected it right away. For her, to graduate was far more important than any extra-curricular activities.

"Well, I can teach you, " Jay offered. "It's fine if we don't always rehearse. We can practice here if we have time, " he continued. Cissie was about to say something but she was interrupted by their teacher who's in a hurry to end the topic.

"Okay. So this is the final set up. Steph, you will be in-charge of the musical play or whatever you have in mind. Jay, along with Jeff, Jun and Cissie you are all in-charge of the band. I will monitor your progress from time to time so be at your best. Let's do this!" Miss Langit happily exclaimed. Cissie, on the other hand, didn't want to join that project.

"Ma'am, I didn't say yes to anything. My scholarship is more important than anything else. My boss might kick me out if I do something wrong because of it, " Cissie insisted.

"Let's do it this way, if you agree to this project, I will not give you any consequence even if you are tardy every day as long as the reason is valid. And, if I hear that anyone bullies you, they will be accountable to me. Deal?" Miss Langit tried to convince Cissie.

Did she hearit right? Their teacher will not embarrass her anymore in front of the whole class? She will not be bullied anymore? What a good news for Cissie!

"Are you sure? You won't take it back?" Cissie tried to make sure of it.

"This is my chance, " she told herself.

"I won't take it back, I promise." Their teacher even raised her right hand as sort of an oath.

"Okay, I'm in!" Cissie said without hesitation.

"Okay, I think we are all set, guys. I am looking forward to your performance, and if you win, we will celebrate at the beach. You will be exempted from our long quiz before the third grading exam." Their teacher encouraged the whole class to participate in that production number.

"Yay!" The

whole class cheered with happiness because for the first time, Miss Langit, who's known as a terror teacher, will be laxed when talking about exams.

Miss Langit started her lesson. Cissie and Jay chatted as if they have known each other for a long time. They already feel comfortable with one another even though they had a bad introduction. They didn't realize that their teacher was already looking at them for quite some time.

"Don't worry. I will teach you. Maybe you should play the bass since we don't have a bassist. Bass isn't that difficult to learn and I'm sure you'll be good at it, " Jay confidently mentioned to Cissie.

"Okay, let's see. I just hope my boss won't find it out. If he does, my days in this school will be over and you'll be the one to send me to school instead, " Cissie responded with a joke.

"Why not? If you want, you can live with me so I can have someone to jam with, " Jay seriously replied.

"Hey, that was just a joke! Just pray that my boss wouldn't catch me or else I'm doomed. He has a weird way of thinking, as if first impression lasts. He'd just think I'm not doing well in school. Well, if you don't see me here in school anymore, that means I was ousted of the mansion." It was evident from the tone of Cissie's voice that she feared what could happen if her boss will find out. What they didn't notice though, was that the whole class, and their teacher, had been watching them for some time now.

"We can do something about it if...", Jay's words were cut because their teacher interrupted them.

"Stop talking! You're already chatting with each other. Do you mind sharing with us whatever interesting topic you have there? Don't keep it between the two of you, who knows, we could give you some good ideas, " the teacher commented with glaring eyes.

"Uuuuyy.... They already have their own world! Share it with us!"

"Ayyie", their classmates teased them.

"Hmmp! They don't look good for each other! They're just like beauty and the beast!" Steph opposed since she didn't like what was happening.

"Sorry, ma'am. We couldn't get over our plan to perform. I'm really sorry, "Jay apologized first.

"I will let it pass, Mr. Tan, because this is your first offense. But you should be careful next time or you will be humiliated. Well, you'd really be famous in an ironic way because I will embarrass you in front of the whole campus, "the strict teacher said.

"We're really sorry, ma'am. It will not happen again, " Cissie apologized too. So their teacher went on.

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