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   Chapter 2 Her Weird Dream

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Time passed and the students had to go home. Jay was in Steph's mind all day long. She was really starstrucked by him. She was intrigued with his personality. She knew that there's something different from him and she wanted to figure it out. Steph was the type of person who would get anything she wanted whatever happened. She tried to find ways to be near Jay. When she saw him packing his stuff, she approached him.

"Hi Jay! How was your first day here?" Steph asked while clinging to Jay's arm. Jay didn't respond and just glanced at Steph's hand on his arm.

"I hope you'd like the people here even though we don't speak Tagalog that much, " Steph continued. He got awkward with what Steph was doing so he removed Steph's hand.

"Of course, it was all good. I don't think language will be a problem, besides, I can understand and speak a little. Well, thank you for your concern but I really have to go." As soon as he's done packing, Jay hurriedly left. Steph couldn't believe that, for the first time, someone rejected her. Most of the time she'd either reject or made herself feel important whenever she dated someone.

"Jay, wait up! Maybe I could tour you around the campus before you go home. It's still early anyway.… Hey!" Jay walked straight which made Steph so annoyed.

"So annoying! He didn't even turn around. Time will come and you'll fall for me. I won't stop until it will happen!" Steph angrily threatened.

On the other hand, Cissie left first without saying goodbye to Jay. She was worrying about giving him the wrong impression. She didn't want him to think that she's already feeling close or that she's chasing him. The humiliation that morning was already enough for her to keep her distance. Also, she was in a hurry as she had lot of house chores waiting for her. While she was walking, someone suddenly tapped her shoulder.

"Goodness! What are you doing? You shocked me to death. I thought you were a robber or something!" Due to shock, she almost hit Jay with her bag. Cissie stopped walking and calmed herself.

"Dead, right away? Can't you just faint first?" Jay was laughing while he was talking. But Cissie didn't buy Jay's humor. Cissie didn't mention a thing and that was when Jay noticed that she was really serious.

"Oh, I'm sorry. It's all because I saw you walking with such serious face. You didn't even realize that I was calling you, so I decided to surprise you, " Jay apologized with what happened.

"I'm sorry too. I am thinking of all the chores that are waiting for me at home. Plus, we have a lot of homeworks, and I don't know anymore what to do first. And then we have an upcoming rehearsal? Uh, when could I rest? It was all because I wasn't born rich, " Cissie whined.

"You thought rich people don't have problems? – They do! They also worry on how to spend all their riches, " and Jay laughed aloud. Cissie laughed at his joke too, even though it wasn't funny.

"I thought you're an introvert, You don't talk to our classmates, but I realized, you have this sense of humor."

"Not really. I am just really someone who is quiet, plus I choose the people I would talk to. I am a joker when I'm with my close friends, but I seldom give attention to people who wants attention, " Jay justified.

"Oh, really. That sounds ironic. Hearing that from someone who is rich and good looking, it doesn't sound realistic." Cissie was even shaking her head because she couldn't believe what Jay told her.

"Nah, if only you know me, you will definitely like me, " Jay defended.

"I'm sorry?!" Cissie got surprised with what the boy mentioned. For unknown reasons, her heart started beating fast.

"Whoa! I mean, you will like me as a friend. Don't be overly sensitive. By the way, our house is just nearby, by the tennis court. What about you?"

"I also live nearby, just on the street next to yours. I'll go ahead. Nice meeting you again, " Cissie smilingly said.

"Nice meeting you too. It's good to know that we live close to one another. We wouldn't be having problems with the rehearsals since I can simply drop by your place."

"No, you can't! My boss will be mad. I can't stay out that long as they might kick me out, " Cissie rejected the idea. She knew that it would be a problem if someone saw her with a guy.

"That won't happen. We can ask for permission. We won't be playing instruments that often anyway. I can take care of that, " Jay insisted.

"Well, It's up to you then. I want to see you try that, so my boss would hang you on the ceiling. Bye, I'll go ahead." Cissie even tried to kid around before saying goodbye.

"See, you're also a joker. Ayt! bye, see you tomorrow, " Jay smilingly said, tapping Cissie's shoulders.

Cissie couldn't help but grin while walking, but she didn't know why. Was it because of Jay's jokes or because they walked home together? It was the first time ever in her life that a guy walked with her going home and she couldn't deny the fact that she enjoyed it. Cissie didn't realize that she was already at the doorstep. She bumped her head on the door as she didn't turn the door knob.

"Ouch! What the –" she even stared at the door. She even tried to kick the door when someone shocked her.

"If you weren't stupid… I know that smile. Continue being stupid for a guy or else, you'd find yourself in the swamps when you get pregnant, " the old, antagonist maid snobbishly told her.

"Why do you think I'd be pregnant right away? You don't even know why I am smiling, " Cissie defended herself.

"Who are you fooling, girl? I've been there, done that. At this age, I already have a lot of experiences in life. You have a lot to…."

"No wonder you're a single-mom, " Cissie whispered to herself which interrupted the maid.

"What did you just say!" the maid agitatedly asked.

"I said, thank you for the reminder, " Cissie alibied. No matter how gruff the maid was, she's still older than her and had to be respected. Cissie chose not to prolong the argument.

"I'll go ahead. I'll leave everything to you. Fix your things quickly so you could prepare dinner. You also have a lot of clothes to iron later." The maid even left some tasks for Cissie before she left.

"I'll do as you said, " Cissie responded. Then, she went inside the house.

Cissie's life always revolved around school-work, work-school. She didn't even have the chance to go around the town. She got up early in the morning to cook and clean the house. Afterwards, she had to give the elderly breakfast before going to school. She also rushed home at lunchtime to help the cook. After her classes in the afternoon, she had to cook dinner and iron the clothes. The only time she'd get to do her home works and projects were at around 9 in the evening, and get to finish everything and rest around midnight. If it wasn't for her determination to finish her studies, she wouldn't stay in that house for that long. She could actually endure all the hard work, but what she couldn't stand was the rude attitude of her boss who treated them as if they were cadets and always pushed their morale low. Nevertheless, her day today was different. She usually got annoyed every time class was dismissed, but this was something new, she couldn't explain the happiness she felt.

"Don't move if you don't want to die yet!" the man behind her snappily said, "P-please don't. I don't have money to give you. I am just a working student, " Cissie cried.

"I know! And I'm not after your money. Just try to escape and you'd sure be dead. Get in the car!" the man covered Cissie's eyes.

"Where are you taking me? Please let me live, I have a lot of things to do. I have a mother who is waiting for me. Please…." Cissie begged.

"Stop talking! You'd soon know once we get there. Calm down and chill." The man's laugh gave Cissie goosebumps. She felt like that was her end.

Cissie couldn't do anything but cried on her hopeless situation. They had driven far enough. She was praying hard when she heard a familiar voice. She was thinking that this guy, most likely, was the mastermind.

"Finally! I have waited for this day, for Cissie to be mine." His laugh was loud and creepy which made Cissie frightened.

"Baldo, is everything ready?" the familiar voice asked.

"Yes boss, everything's done, " Baldo replied.

"Take her out!" commanded the familiar voice.

"Get out there, quick!" Baldo ordered while pulling Cissie. Cissie still tried to fight back.

"Please don't. Please, " she begged while trying to fight back that guy who was pulling her out.

"Stop fighting back, you'd just get yourself hurt. Get out!" the man named Baldo yelled.

The man was really strong, Cissie couldn't really fight back as she was being pulled out of the car. She was then brought inside the room and removed the covers on her eyes. She couldn't believe what she saw. She couldn't understand what was happening.

"Mary? What are you doing here? I trusted you like a sister. Of all people, you are one of the people who kidnapped me? Why did you do this to me? Why!" Cissie sobbed that time.

"I can't do anything. I was just asked to do this. I really apologize. I hope you'd understand, " Mary gloomily responded.

"How could you do this to me! I became a good friend to you. I always let you copy my answers during exams, I fought for you whenever you are being bullied, and now, you do this to me? Traitor!" Cissie resented while her tears were flowing like a stream.

"I'm really sorry. I was just also a victim and… Oh, Mayor. Thank goodness you arrived! I really don't know what to do here, " Mary scratched her head. Mary welcomed the Mayor who is formally dressed. He even carried a Bible and an attaché case.

"Sorry, Mary. We had a hard time searching for Len, who will be the witness with you. By the way, where is

…" Cissie interrupted the Mayor.

"Wow, and you even brought a Bible with you? Don't you get the creeps? You are even using the Bible in evil deeds, '' Cissie interrupted.

Cissie was shocked when she saw the man who entered the room. He was wearing white yet she could not see his face. Then, the bridal song 'Here Comes the Bride' played. He walked near her until Cissie recognized him. She got more confused with what she discovered.

"What! Jay? Even you, are into this? My goodness! What is happening with the people I trusted? Why did you do this to me? Did I do anything wrong? Traitors!" Cissie sentimented. The pain in Cissie's heart was so intense that it was as if being cut in half. All the people she trusted harmed her. She couldn't even recognize all the other people in front of her because of her tears falling endlessly.

"I just changed my outfit, Mayor. We can now start the wedding, " Jay smilingly said.

"What? Wedding? Whose wedding? What is really happening here?" Cissie was even more confused.

"I'm really sorry with what happened, but I am really the one behind it. I asked them to kidnap you, then, I asked the Mayor to officiate the wedding. I really fear that someone might do this before me, so I went ahead of them, " Jay responded seriously. He slowly bent near Cissie. When the distance between them was just a hand span, Jay held both of Cissie's arms and looked in her eyes; the type of look wherein you'd lose your sanity.

"W-what? Are you kidding?" Cissie mentioned when she got back to her mind. Yes, there's a big possibility that she would like him but she didn't want to get married in this way.

"I'm dead serious about this…" Jay didn't even finish his sentence because Cissie interrupted.

"My goodness! This is ridiculous! No, I can't! You're crazy. You did not even court me, and then you'd suddenly kidnap me to marry you? No!" Cissie screamed.

The clock played its alarm. It was already 4 in the morning. Because of the loud sound of the alarm, Cissie jumped out of bed and fell. It was all but a dream! She thought it was a real thing because all the scenes were bright as High Definition display.

"Ouch, that hurts!" Cissie said when she felt the pain on her hips. She fell badly and it seemed like her hips was badly injured.

"Whew, it was just a dream. How come it was really weird. Ewww! But if Jay would really do it, why not? Well, I'd agree to him right then and there!" she was laughing to herself with what she's thinking.

"Ooops, I'm not that type of girl. I don't even know who he really is. Erase! Erase! Erase!" Cissie scolded herself and  shook her head to clear her thoughts.

"Shoot! It's already morning! I should go down or else I'd be doomed again, " Cissie told herself as she got up the floor.

She went down and started cooking breakfast. She hurriedly did the cleaning, thinking that her classmates might ask her to do something embarrassing again if she will be late again. While cleaning the house, she always played her favorite band's album on the cassette player. She got motivated every time she listened to her favorite songs. She even sang along while mopping the floor. It was as if she could feel Bon Jovi's song that she even head banged. Her morning routine had been like this. She head banged so she won't feel tired. She also didn't notice that the time was passing which was why she was often late. When she noticed that it was about 6 in the morning, she ran to the bathroom. Then she fed the old man his breakfast before leaving for school.

Good thing, Cissie was given a motorcycle ride by their neighbor, which was why she was early in school that day. While walking along the corridor, she saw the antagonists of her life together with her allies. It was as if they were waiting for her to ruin Cissie's day. When she was nearby, she heard Steph talk to someone else as if she was talking to Cissie.

"It's a good thing that you're not late today, Cris, or else you'll be dead again to our class adviser, " Steph purposely said while looking at Cissie.

"Girl, I really came in early because I know that this is the first day of me being a tour guide. Wouldn't you be excited if you were assigned to be Jay's tour guide? If you were me, I'm sure you'd be in school at 5 in the morning, " Cris, who's Steph's friend responded as if pertaining to Cissie and looked at Cissie. That was when Cissie remembered that she still had a Jay-related task to do.

"Well, you have a point. But you know that you're not fit to be his tour guide, right? You're so ugly, Jay could be embarrassed, " Steph mockingly ride on and laughed.

"You're just envy because you weren't the tour…." Cris didn't get to finish her sentence because Cissie interrupted her.

"Exactly! You'd really envy me because you were all born pretty while I was born ugly yet appealing, " Cissie told the two girls who were talking about her. She even squinted her eyes towards them before running towards their classroom. Cissie really fought back as long as she knew she's right.

"Did you hear that? Grrr! This woman is really a pain in my ass. I'm going to pull her tongue out!" Steph angrily said.

"Chill! Don't rush in situations like this. Soon we're going to dump that woman in the trash. Don't be hasty, we have to find a way. Something not obvious but we are the ones behind it, and to make sure that she couldn't fight back. If you haste, your image will be destroyed. It's already destroyed anyways, " Cris taunted Steph.

On the other hand, Jay arrived really early in their classroom. He was really excited for the first day of his school tour. He was expecting that there would be a fun place in his new school. Shortly, Cissie arrived. She was panting when she walked in.

"Sorry, I almost forgot about the touring. Did I make it on time?" he asked Jay while looking at her watch.

"Well, you're 5 minutes late but it's okay. We will be touring depending on what we can do within 25 minutes. Let's go. I brought a camera with me so we can have pictures while strolling around. Come on, hurry up!" He smiled. Cissie followed what Jay said. They first went to the campus backyard wherein there were lots of fruits and flowers. At the end of it's a waiting shed where Cissie's classmates often cookee meals because they were free to pick fruits and vegetables. It was a bit far from the classroom since it was the farthest part of the campus, next to the mountain, so they can be noisy and stay long.

"This is where my friends and I cook meals when they don't have food. We are allowed to pick plants from our garden. At the same time, this is far from the classroom so we can jam here, " Cissie introduced.

"Do a lot of students go here?"

"Not so. Jeff and Jun are known as school bosses. If they said that no one could go, no one goes here. The thing is, I rarely go here with them since I have to go home every noon to help with the household chores. Let's go somewhere else." The next place they went to was the campus grandstand to show Jay where sports-inclined students stay. Then, they went to the AVR, the student clubs, as well as the canteen and the school kitchen. The last place they visited was the school library.

"Come quick! I want to show the two libraries in this school. Let's go first to the new one." Cissie was holding Jay's hand while running towards the new library. She was ecstatic to show it to Jay.

"This is our new library. A lot of students come here because of free internet, for a limited time of course. Politicians also donated a lot of new books here. But I'm going to show you a secret place there. Come, let's go to the old library. " They ran down the stairs, towards the underground.

"Ta-da! This is our old library but only few students are interested come here because the books here are old and moldy. Most of the books here are literature and novels. I like this place better because I feel like I'm the only one in this place when I read here, it makes me feel peaceful because no one distracts me, " Cissie happily told Jay.

"Wow, of all the places we visited, this is my favorite. All the tables and chairs are also antiques, most especially the shelves. It seems like this is the best place to stay during break time, " Jay agreed.

"Come, I'll show you my private room."

Cissie and Jay went to the other end of the library where a small door was located. The door was a bit hidden so it's often unnoticed. When Cissie opened it, Jay saw a small room with a small table and chair. There was also a small sofa. Jay went in and looked around.

"How do you find the place, Jay?" Cissie smilingly asked.

"Whoa, I can't believe this! It's awesome! How many people know about this place?" Jay asked Cissie.

"Among all the students here, only I, know this place other than the strivers. This used to be the Dean's study room then had this closed down since they are now using the new library. The strivers who clean this room seldom go here. I discovered this when I was looking for a new novel. I noticed a small door covered by the big shelf. When I first opened the door, this room was really dirty and full of molds. I opened the lights and realized that I can stay here during our vacant hours. So, I cleaned this room and stay here often." Cissie related Jay.

"Can I also stay here? This is cool!" Jay exclaimed.

"Sure, why not? But, with one condition.

"What is it?"

"Don't tell anyone about this place and make sure to bring food when you come here, okay?'

"Just that? Sure thing! Promise." Jay even raised his right hand to show that he was really serious.

The bell rang while the two were happily chatting, it's the clue that their class was about to start, so the two ran out of the library and went straight to their classroom.

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