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   Chapter 1 Black Mail

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It was June 14, 2004. Cissie Cruz was in her fourth year in high school at a private school in a town in Siquijor. She was from an impoverished family. She was forced to be a working student as she lost her father at an early age. She did not receive a good treatment from her employers yet she endured them all so as to finish high school. Despite all challenging situations, she remained optimistic towards life. Other than being optimistic, she also loved music. She learned to play the guitar when she was 14. She was particularly fond of the 80's rock songs from Bon Jovi, Metallica, Skidrow, Firehouse, among others. She wasn't that beautiful, in fact, she had a fair skin and a fit body yet her height was short and her nose wasn't that sharp. Despite her looks, she was gifted with intelligence and talent.

On her third day of school as a graduating student, she had another problem.

"Ugh, I would be late again. This oldie is really annoying, passing me her job of feeding the old guy. She should be the one doing it. She gets paid high while I don't get even a cent. I would be embarrassed in front of the whole class again." While walking at the corridor of the High School Department, she couldn't help but closed her eyes when she imagined the mishap she's leading, "I can do this, I am invincible!" She took a deep breath then walked on. She had to be optimistic at all times, most especially that she was about to graduate. She started running towards the classroom and was hoping that their teacher had a good day. However, she saw their teacher, Miss Langit, enraged as if a volcano about to erupt. It was because her classmates were really unruly.

"Class, don't you ever dare to lose my temper! You already know me. Don't push me to my limit and you'll see what will happen. I will embarrass you in front of the whole campus, even in front of your crushes!" Their teacher was really furious that time. It would surely be a disaster if she enter the classroom. So she decided to just skip the class. She turned around. Just as when Cissie was about to leave, her teacher turned her head to Cissie's direction.

"And where do you think you are going? You're late again!", Miss Langit irately said. Cissie gasped in fear.

"I'm doomed!" Cissie whispered to herself. She slowly turned towards her teacher's direction and hurriedly ran inside the classroom.

"Uhm, Miss Langit, sorry for being late. My boss asked me to do something that's why I am late. Like what you already know, I am a working student and I have a blind patient to be fed every morning before rushing here. So, I...I sincerely hope that you would understand." Cissie was really nervous that she stuttered while explaining.

"Very good excuse eh, but I won't buy it. Do something that everybody will enjoy this morning. Alright, class, what do you want her to do?", Miss Langit said with her eyebrows raised while facing the whole class.

"Why don't we let her introduce herself to our new classmate? That one who looks like a prince, " Steph teased and the majority of the class agreed.

"Alright then. Well, miss Cruz, you know what you have to do. This guy in front who is wearing glassess, he is your new classmate from Manila. Go near him and kiss his hand as if you are a princess introducing yourself to a prince, " Miss Langit mocked. The noise in that classroom resounded that time. Cissie's classmates were all shouting, cheering, and clapping their hands because of too much excitement.

"Quiet!", their teacher yelled and the students all behaved. They were all afraid of their teacher's glaring eyes.

"Do I really have to do this, ma'am? Maybe I can do something else. I can sing or dance ma'am, please, " Cissie pleaded.

"Of course! That is the only thing I am asking you because of your tardiness. Where would you be able to kiss the hands of someone who is really handsome other than here? You have two options, I'd tell your boss that you are always late in my class or you'll do what we want, " Miss Langit threatened Cissie.

"But ma'am, " were the only words Cissie could said that time.

"Class, it seems like Cissie doesn't want to do it. It seems like she needs a cheering squad, guys, " Miss Langit signaled the class to cheer.

"Cissie! Cissie! Cissie!" her classmates cheered.

Noise reigned the whole room. Cissie's knees trembled as she felt hopeless to escape that situation. She looked around and most of them wanted her to be embarrassed. She was about to break down in tears because of the pressure and because she really had nothing else to do. If she won't do it, her employer will reprimand her, they might even take her scholarship away and she didn't want that to happen. She endured all the hardship and fatigue just to be able to finish high school and leave that house right away.

"I can't afford to lose my scholarship especially now that I am graduating, "she said silently.

"Okay, fine! You win! Are you happy now?" Cissie tearfully blurted out while walking towards their new classmate. If only she had a choice. If only she were rich, she wouldn't have to go through this disgrace.

"I'm so sorry for this commotion. By the way, n-nice to meet you." Cissie's head was bent down due to embarrassment and trouble she caused to their new classmate.

"That is fine, no problem. It seems like we were introduced to each other at the wrong time, but it's fun. I like it. By the way, I'm Jay. I transferred from Manila but I can understand Bisaya. Nice to meet you too, " Jay said while extending his arm to Cissie to shake hands.

He sweetly smiled to her. He was evidently gorgeous. He's half Chinese that's why he resembled Rico Yan. Cissie then turned around and walked towards the back row where her chair was; it seemed like Miss Langit was not satisfy.

"And where do you think you are going, Miss Cruz?" Miss Langit asked with her eyebrows raised.

"To my chair, ma'am, " Cissie replied with a dropped shoulders.

"Oh dear! Starting today, we have a new seat plan. You will be sitting beside Mr. Tan because he needs a translator whenever he wouldn't understand any Visayan word. Since you formally know each other, why don't you help him? Perhaps you can tour him around the campus when both of you have free time, " their teacher suggested. Cissie thought that she would just look like Jay's nanny who stalked him as she wasn't that pretty. In that case, she'd most likely get embarrassed.

"Don't be like that ma'am. I have already embarrassed myself in front of him. You can assign that to someone else, " Cissie tried to reject the offer. She knew that their teacher wanted her to be the gossip topic in the whole campus.

"Right, ma'am! Jay would be embarrassed as well. Jay will just become a laughing stock if people see him with Cissie, " Steph added. The whole class laughed, agreeing at Steph's mockery. She was the mortal enemy of Cissie.

"There are other people out there who fits to be with Jay, like me!" Steph continued.

"Shameless bitch!" Cissie whispered to herself. "Right, ma'am, just choose Steph so Jay wouldn't be abashed, " Cissie insisted.

"Sorry dear, I won't take no for an answer. Don't be picky. Sit down. Don't waste my time because we'll be having an important topic today. I'll be giving this ahead of time although this is for the upcoming Foundation Day celebration. I am informing you so as you can prepare as early as now, " Miss Langit seriously said.

"Yes ma'am, as you wish, " Cissie had no choice but to follow. She sat beside Jay. She almost couldn't look at Jay because of the humiliation she had, and then they wanted her to sit beside him. She just wished for the land to devour her to be able to escape the situation. Yet, she couldn't stand not asking for apologies for that humiliating situation he had on his first day of school after transferring from Manila.

"I really apologize for the inconvenience. It's just your first day in our school and you already got traumatized. I hope we didn't give you a wrong impression, " Cissie calmly said.

"Of course not! Actually, I should be the one to apologize. If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be bullied like this. It appears to me that bullying is also rampant here, just like in Manila. By the way, are you okay?" Jay co

ncernedly asked. Cissie could not respond right away. She seemed like mental blocked because of the way he looked at her. She knew that he's just worrying about her but that look really made her insane. It's as if her whole character was being judged; add to that his dreamy eyes.

"Don't be like that. It's my fault tho. Miss Langit, though strict but she's our best teacher. And my bully classmates, I'm already used to it. In fact, I'm about to graduate this year because of that, " Cissie jokingly responded. At last, she found something to answer him. Their conversation was interrupted when their teacher started talking.

"Okay, class. We know that we compete for the best production number every Foundation Day celebration. Our pride is at stake. Which is why, as early as now, we have to think of a really unique and superb production number. Something that would give the audience goose bumps. As much as possible, guys, keep this as our secret." Miss Langit started talking about the Foundation Day Celebration even though it will be held in the middle of the school year. The school management has this tradition of giving away a reward to those who has the best performance. Other than pride, their teacher was expecting to get the reward as well.

"That sounds exciting, ma'am!" Jeff exclaimed in happiness. He was into singing so he was expecting that he'd have some participation.

"Ma'am, would our section just have one performer? It would be better if some would dance and some would sing. Or, we could combine that in one performance. It could be a musical play or lyrical dance. We could include in the story a band playing when the play ends, " Steph suggested, who was also a drama queen. She didn't just like to join plays, but she was also dubbed as the drama queen because she over act something when the topic was about beauty.

"Your idea sounds great, Steph, " Miss Langit agreed, "but the question is, who among here knows how to play instruments?"

"Well, you can expect me when it comes to singing, ma'am! No one can beat me! I can sing any genre, " Jeff boasted.

"Hey! My question is regarding playing instruments, not singing. Isn't it obvious yet that you're addicted to singing? Okay, you will sing but find someone to sing with you." The teacher just let Jeff do his thing. He can really sing anything anyway.

"Ma'am, I'm not really that good but I can play drums, " Jun volunteered.

"Okay, that's good. Who else? Anyone who can play the guitar here? Just don't be shy. This is your time to shine." Their teacher's eyes were searching around the room because no one responded with what she said.

"Ma'am, I can play the guitar. I used to be in a band when I was in Manila, "Jay volunteered. No one in their section was good in playing guitars. Good thing Jay transferred to their section. Most of the girls started admiring Jay after learning he can play the guitar.

"OMG! Girls, he can play the guitar! He isn't just handsome, he's also a musician!" Steph's friends were screaming as if they saw a famous celebrity. They were all excited even though they haven't heard Jay play. In any case, anyone could look more attractive if he or she can play an instrument.

"Guys! Can we talk about that celebrity thing later? Please put that into place. We have to finish this topic because we still have a lesson. Okay, Jay, we are just missing one so that we could complete your band. Who else, guys? Come on! We have to finish this so we could have our lesson, " Miss Langit seriously said.

"Ma'am, I heard Cissie can play the guitar. Why don't we include her? Besides, having a girl in a band makes it look cool. She could be the bassist, "Jun suggested.

"Oh no, I can't play bass, ma'am. Also, I don't have a guitar plus I have to work, so I could not be able to attend the rehearsals. Sorry, I can't, " Cissie rejected it right away. For her, to graduate was far more important than any extra-curricular activities.

"Well, I can teach you, " Jay offered. "It's fine if we don't always rehearse. We can practice here if we have time, " he continued. Cissie was about to say something but she was interrupted by their teacher who's in a hurry to end the topic.

"Okay. So this is the final set up. Steph, you will be in-charge of the musical play or whatever you have in mind. Jay, along with Jeff, Jun and Cissie you are all in-charge of the band. I will monitor your progress from time to time so be at your best. Let's do this!" Miss Langit happily exclaimed. Cissie, on the other hand, didn't want to join that project.

"Ma'am, I didn't say yes to anything. My scholarship is more important than anything else. My boss might kick me out if I do something wrong because of it, " Cissie insisted.

"Let's do it this way, if you agree to this project, I will not give you any consequence even if you are tardy every day as long as the reason is valid. And, if I hear that anyone bullies you, they will be accountable to me. Deal?" Miss Langit tried to convince Cissie.

Did she hearit right? Their teacher will not embarrass her anymore in front of the whole class? She will not be bullied anymore? What a good news for Cissie!

"Are you sure? You won't take it back?" Cissie tried to make sure of it.

"This is my chance, " she told herself.

"I won't take it back, I promise." Their teacher even raised her right hand as sort of an oath.

"Okay, I'm in!" Cissie said without hesitation.

"Okay, I think we are all set, guys. I am looking forward to your performance, and if you win, we will celebrate at the beach. You will be exempted from our long quiz before the third grading exam." Their teacher encouraged the whole class to participate in that production number.

"Yay!" The whole class cheered with happiness because for the first time, Miss Langit, who's known as a terror teacher, will be laxed when talking about exams.

Miss Langit started her lesson. Cissie and Jay chatted as if they have known each other for a long time. They already feel comfortable with one another even though they had a bad introduction. They didn't realize that their teacher was already looking at them for quite some time.

"Don't worry. I will teach you. Maybe you should play the bass since we don't have a bassist. Bass isn't that difficult to learn and I'm sure you'll be good at it, " Jay confidently mentioned to Cissie.

"Okay, let's see. I just hope my boss won't find it out. If he does, my days in this school will be over and you'll be the one to send me to school instead, " Cissie responded with a joke.

"Why not? If you want, you can live with me so I can have someone to jam with, " Jay seriously replied.

"Hey, that was just a joke! Just pray that my boss wouldn't catch me or else I'm doomed. He has a weird way of thinking, as if first impression lasts. He'd just think I'm not doing well in school. Well, if you don't see me here in school anymore, that means I was ousted of the mansion." It was evident from the tone of Cissie's voice that she feared what could happen if her boss will find out. What they didn't notice though, was that the whole class, and their teacher, had been watching them for some time now.

"We can do something about it if...", Jay's words were cut because their teacher interrupted them.

"Stop talking! You're already chatting with each other. Do you mind sharing with us whatever interesting topic you have there? Don't keep it between the two of you, who knows, we could give you some good ideas, " the teacher commented with glaring eyes.

"Uuuuyy.... They already have their own world! Share it with us!"

"Ayyie", their classmates teased them.

"Hmmp! They don't look good for each other! They're just like beauty and the beast!" Steph opposed since she didn't like what was happening.

"Sorry, ma'am. We couldn't get over our plan to perform. I'm really sorry, "Jay apologized first.

"I will let it pass, Mr. Tan, because this is your first offense. But you should be careful next time or you will be humiliated. Well, you'd really be famous in an ironic way because I will embarrass you in front of the whole campus, "the strict teacher said.

"We're really sorry, ma'am. It will not happen again, " Cissie apologized too. So their teacher went on.

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