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   Chapter 468 Parted Ways

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Sitting in the back seat, both Aimee and Sheila panicked.

Aimee stopped quarreling with Sheila and anxiously looked at the people getting closer behind the car. She hurried to persuade the driver, "Driver, don't be afraid. We are not bad people, but the people following us are. Please drive quickly and don't stop. They are about to catch up!"

"I don't care if you are bad guys or not. Anyway, I won't make this business. You get out of the car now!" The driver didn't listen to the woman's explanation. In his opinion, this matter was very dangerous. He didn't want to be involved in it. He didn't care about whether they are good or bad. Anyway, he wanted to stay away from this matter as far as possible!

"What's the point of telling him this!" Sheila pulled Aimee away and took out a stack of money from her wallet. "Here is ten thousand. Take it and drive now!"

The driver looked at the stack of money in front of him, and his adrenaline suddenly surged up. He felt his head burning. Ten thousand dollars was enough for him to drive the car for two months!

"Isn't it enough? I'll give you another ten thousand! " Seeing this, Aimee took out a wad of money from her wallet and said, "Drive now!"

Twenty thousand!

"Okay! Where are you going? " Gritting his teeth, the driver stepped on the accelerator and turned the steering wheel to get into the driveway again.

"Go to the nearest police station!" Aimee made up her mind.

"No! You can't go to the police station! " Sheila bounced back fiercely, "Driver, you just keep driving until you get rid of them!"

"Don't be so naive! Where can the driver go? Where could he get rid of them? Residential area, office building, or river? We would be caught up wherever he drove! What if the gas in the car ran out? At that time, we will only be at the mercy of him and have no strength to fight back! They won't act rashly unless as long as we are in the government departments or the police station. Only there is the safest place! "

"Beauties, make a decision quickly! There is an intersection ahead. If you want to go to the police station, I should change the lane at the intersection! " The driver urged anxiously while driving.

Police station... But if she went to the police station, her identity would be questioned. She was a criminal who was bailed out for medical treatment, and the reason why she was bailed out for medical treatment was schizophrenia. As a schizophrenic, she didn't receive treatment in the psychiatric hospital. It was not reasonable for her to live a carefree life outside.

If the case was filed for investigation, her lie would be exposed soon, and then she would have to go back to the prison where she had no freedom and rights. But... But... Just as what Aimee had said, where else could they go but the police station? Is anything place safer than the police station now?

Seeing that Sheila was in a daze and didn't say anything, Aimee immediately concluded, "Listen to me. Go to the police station!"

The taxi just arrived at the

go back to the village from the city. After the taxi, she had to change a car specially for going up the mountain. When she returned to her home, it was almost dusk. There were several sycamore trees in front of her house. Aimee was sitting on a small stool under the sycamore tree, waiting for her. At her feet, there were two shopping bags.

Sheila walked over.

"You're back so fast. I've been waiting for you for only a few minutes." Aimee stood up and handed her a shopping bag. "I promised to give you the clothes."

Sheila took it and kept silent for a while. "I'm going to leave here tomorrow. What about you?"

"Are you angry? Because I didn't call you when I got in the police car and asked you to take a taxi? At that time, I... "

"No." Sheila shook her head and looked at Aimee calmly with her innocent eyes. "In fact, the group of people today are here to chase you. Their target is not me at all."

"How do I know? I haven't talked to them. Who knows whether they are aiming at you or me?" Aimee was confused.

"Anyway, this place is not safe anymore." Sheila looked around and said, "Since they have found the city center, it's just a matter of time to find this place. Even if they don't come for me, I'm no longer safe here."

"Where are you going?"

Sheila looked away, "I don't know. Let's talk about it when I arrive at the train station. I'll pack up my things later and leave tonight."

It seemed that she didn't plan to stay with her. Aimee felt like she was abandoned. "I'm pregnant. I don't know what will happen in the future..."

"You are too dangerous, Aimee." Sheila knew what Aimee wanted to say, so she interrupted her directly, "I cherish this hard won freedom. I don't want to be implicated by you like this. Let's go our separate ways."

"Sheila..." Aimee was stunned.

"This dress is your gift for me. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone where you are." Raising the dress in her hand, Sheila turned around and walked into the house without hesitation, keeping Aimee outside.

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