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   Chapter 467 Danger

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 9473

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After the waitress left, ignoring the dress, Aimee asked in a low voice, "What happened? Why are you so nervous?"

"Did you see the man outside?" Sheila also lowered her voice and said in a trembling voice, "When I was outside just now, he had been staring at me. Do you think he was sent by those people who came to us?"

After hearing this, Aimee's heart skipped a beat. "Are you sure you didn't see it wrong? He might be an ordinary customer who came to buy clothes."

"No, I don't know." Sheila shook her head and said, "I'm not sure. I don't know either. But I just felt that there was something wrong with that man's eyes. My sixth sense is very accurate. Trust me. Think about it. There must be something wrong with a customer who doesn't choose clothes but stays there and looks at other customers. "

Aimee's heart was in her mouth. It's better to be cautious. Was he really sent by Jasper? After all, she had been hiding for a month. With Jasper's power, it was not surprising that he could find this place.

"Say something, Aimee. What should we do?

"Let me think..." Aimee's mind was in a mess, "... I remember that the western restaurant we had lunch in the mall has two floors, one is on the street, and there is a door open to the street. "

"Yes, yes, I remember that." Sheila said affirmatively, "at that time, we were still hesitating whether to have dinner on the first floor or on the second floor. At last, we felt that it was too noisy for people to go in and out on the first floor, so we finally chose the second floor."

"Then there will be a chance." Trying to calm herself down, Aimee said, "Let's pretend that we didn't notice and then go to the counter to pay the bill. After we pay the bill, we will go out of the shopping mall. If there is really something wrong with that man, he won't do it in a crowd as it will easily cause a commotion.

Let's go back to the western restaurant with a lot of people. There are many waiters in the restaurant, so he won't do anything. When we arrive at the gate, we can take a taxi directly. As long as we get on the taxi, we will be safe. "

"But what if he takes action directly regardless of crowd?" Sheila said with fear.

"There's not so many ifs!" Afraid and nervous, Aimee yelled angrily, "Anyway, do as I said. Or tell me a better way to get out."

Sheila, who had been spoiled since she was a child, had no idea how to deal with problems without her parents or men. Sheila nodded obediently, "I listen to you."

They adjusted their breath and came out of the fitting room.

Sheila held Aimee's arm and almost leaned against her. At this moment, Aimee also needed someone to comfort her. Although Sheila was not useful, at least she could give her a psychological comfort.

After they walked through a corner, they were completely expos

ed. They are following us." With a serious look on her face, Aimee looked at the scene in the rearview mirror.

"What?" Sheila was surprised to see that there were cars of the same brand following them from the rearview mirror. Sheila panicked, "Driver, can you get rid of the cars behind us? We are in trouble. Please help us!"

The driver curled his lips and said, "Beauties, do you think this is a movie? How many traffic lights on the way? I don't want to die?"

"Then what should we do? If they catch up, we will be over!" Sheila said anxiously.

"So why did you interrupt me just now? Why didn't you call the police just now? If you did, how could it happen?"

"We can't call the police!" Sheila said resolutely.

"Why can't you call the police? Why are you so afraid? Tell me the truth. Why did you get out of prison in advance? Did you break it?" Asked Aimee.

"I told you this is my privacy. I don't want to tell you!" Sheila was annoyed by her question and yelled at her, "Didn't you tell me who is the father of your baby? It's said that you are a third party who ruined other people's family. Maybe the legal wife sent those people to punish you. I'm all implicated by you! "

"What are you talking about! If you dare to say that again, I'll throw you down right now! "

When the driver heard what the two women said in the back seat, something like the third party, the legal wife and prison break, and that they were also chasing after several cars, he began to feel nervous. He didn't know what kind of persons were in the car. Ordinary people like him just earned money for life, and he didn't dare to get involved in this kind of thing, which would get him killed accidentally.

Thinking of this, the driver turned the steering wheel and stopped the car at the roadside. "I won't drive you. I'm just a commoner. Two beauties, get out of the car quickly."

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