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   Chapter 445 Medical Parole Defraud

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"Alas..." One of the doctors sighed. She took off her glasses and rubbed between her eyebrows. "You are not the first one in this month. You guys should be grateful for living and eating. How can you be so weak when you have the guts to commit a crime?"

Sheila looked at the doctor on the other side and didn't know what she meant. She was so surprised and uncertain that she didn't dare to say anything.

"What about you? What do you think? " The doctor in the middle asked the doctor sitting on both sides of her.

"It seems to be true."

"True? There are all kinds of idiots in this prison every day. They say that they can't breathe because of the pain. But look at her ruddy and energetic face. She doesn't look like a psycho at all." The doctor who took off her glasses was probably a little annoyed by the varied prisoners, and her tone was a little irritable, "Sheila, you are all in jail. Can you behave yourself? It's fun to bother others, isn't it? Do you think it's so easy to get out of prison? Are the doctors stupid? "

"Doctor Jiang, calm down." The doctor in the middle dragged the woman on her left.

This time, Sheila understood that the doctor who took off her glasses suspected that she was pretending to be sick. Sheila was flustered. It was true that she was pretending to be sick, but she really wanted to be free.

"Do you think you can be free as long as you want? You drugged and murdered others at that time. Why didn't you think that you wouldn't be free in the future when you did those things?" Before Sheila could say anything, the doctor who took off her glasses retorted, "I heard that Ashley who was forced to divorce and have a dead child by you gave you five million, didn't she? Your ex-husband has visited you before. Every time he comes, he will bring you a gift, right?

They are really so kind to visit a scum like you. If I were them, I would wish you to die in the mire and never come out to scourge the world! So you should be grateful. For the sake of their kindness, you should atone for your sin in prison. Don't make any trouble again. Doctors are also very tired every day, much more tired than you are in prison! "

With that, doctor Jiang stood up, stepped back the chair with his legs, picked up her glasses and walked out of the room. "Anyway, I disagree. It's up to you."

The remaining two doctors looked at each other.

"I can see Amelia. I didn't lie to you." Seeing this, Sheila could no longer sit still. "I'm really sick. I'm under too much pressure and too painful. I'm really sick!"

The two doctors, who had been a little hesitant, frowned when they heard what Sheila said. "Wait, I remember that you firmly believed that Amelia existed just now. Why do you think you are sick now? Do you think that she doesn't exist?"

Sheila was stunned and stammered, trying to change the situation. "I do think Amelia is there, but my roommate and others said they didn't see her, so I think I might really be insane."

The two of them finally found something fishy from the flustered expressi

ed to seeing prisoners stood at the door. "Sheila, come out!"

Sheila didn't move.

"Come out! Do you want me to say it a second time? " The prison guard knocked on the door of the punishment room with a baton.

The loud noise finally frightened Sheila to tremble, because she had maintained a posture for too long, and her legs and feet began to feel numb. She stood up against the wall, endured the pain of thousands of needles on her legs and feet, and followed the prison guard out of the punishment room.

On their way to the prison, they met some other prison guards with other prisoners. Some of them went to meet the visitors, and some went to work. Sheila followed the prison guard silently all the way. She had thought that the prison guard would take her back to the original cell, but as the surrounding structure became more and more strange, she realized that she was going to be taken to another place.

Perhaps it was because the environment was strange to her, Sheila felt uneasy. "Hello, Madam, where are you taking me?"

"Cut the crap. Just follow me. You'll know when we get there!" The prison guard said impatiently.

Sheila shut up and dared not ask any more, but felt more and more uneasy.

She followed the prison guards all the way to an area that seemed to be used for storage. At last, the two of them stopped in front of an iron door. The prison guard knocked on the door, and the answer of 'come in' came from inside. The prison guard opened the door and respectfully called the person inside "Brother Clark".

Sheila was shocked. This was a female prison. All the prisoners were female prisoners, and all the guards were female police. How could a man enter the prison area.

"Doctor Clark, I've brought her here. This is Sheila." The prison guard grabbed her arm and pulled her into the office.

"Okay, you can go out now."

"Yes." The prison guard walked out of the room and closed the door conveniently, so there were only Sheila and the man called 'Doctor Clark' left in the small space.

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