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   Chapter 444 Blackening (Part Two)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 9202

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"Ashley, what are you thinking about? What's your purpose?" After Cleo left, Aimee directly called Ashley and questioned her as soon as the phone was connected.

"What are you talking about, Aimee? Ashley is filming now. I'm afraid she doesn't have time to answer your phone," said Jessie, pretending to know nothing as before.

Hearing the voice of Aimee, Aimee was stunned for a while and quickly restrained her questioning posture. "It's Jessie. I'm sorry. Hope that I didn't frighten you. I have a little misunderstanding with Ashley. When can she finish this scene?"

A small misunderstanding? Ha-ha! Jessie sneered in her heart. 'Humph! How dare you take her husband away and threaten her with an embryo in her belly? Is this a small misunderstanding?' "…… Ashley is very busy. I am not sure about it... "

Just after a scene, Ashley walked towards Jessie with a fan in her hand and reached out her hand to the phone near Jessie's ear. "Oh, what a coincidence! Ashley just finished the shooting. Wait a minute. I'll give her the phone now," said Jessie.

Ashley took the phone from Jessie and walked to a quiet corner, leaning against the wall, with a fan in her right hand and a phone in her left hand. "What's the matter?"

"What's the matter?" On the other side of the phone, the condescending attitude of Aimee was restored again. "Ashley, do you ask Jasper to cancel my banishment in order to cover my mouth? I tell you, it's useless! If you don't want this news to be spread out, you have no choice but to divorce Jasper! "

"Ha-ha..." "Then you can tell the media that you drugged Jasper, and he made you pregnant. You can tell them."

"……" There was a moment of panic, and there was also a kind of panic out of control. "Ashley, you don't have to pretend to be so indifferent. It's useless for me! Do you think I can't do anything to you if you pretend that you don't care? "

"Yes, what can you do to me?" Looking at the white clouds floating slowly in the sky, Ashley said, "What impact will it have on me if this kind of thing is exposed? Even if the public doesn't believe in adultery, you are a mistress who destroys other people's marriage, which is beyond doubt. At that time, you will only be notorious and will only damage Jasper's reputation.

Maybe you haven't seen Jasper's cold-blooded face, but I can remind you that at that point, he can't stand you anymore. Maybe he will evaporate you from the world. It's very simple for him. "

The air conditioner in the living room was blowing with the cold wind. The chill rose inch by inch from the soles of Aimee's feet to the tip of her hair.

"What's more, his reputation has been damaged... Aimee, you don't know me at all, nor do you know Jasper. If you do suc

me when I made some mistakes." Sheila said cautiously.

Exhale... "It seems that the situation is very serious."

"Since when did she show up?" One of the doctors asked.

"I can't remember the specific date." "Anyway, it's the day when my ex-husband came to see me for the last time. You can ask the prison guard for my meeting records. There should be records in the prison guard."

"Do you have any special psychological experience before that makes you feel very painful and difficult to get rid of?"

"A lot."

"Tell me more details."

"When I was a child, I was said to be a wild child without a father, and I was bullied in the school community. It was not until high school that my mother and my father got married that the situation was much better. But it's not easy to get along in the new circle. People have been gossiping behind it, so I have been under a lot of pressure.

In the past two years, my stepsister, Ashley, came back. My boyfriend is my stepsister's ex-husband. They rekindled their relationship. In order to win my boyfriend's heart, I did a lot of things against my will, and I was very painful during that time. And my mother was sentenced to death by the court. I often blame myself, because half of the reason of it was because she thought I...

There are too many painful memories. The most painful thing recently is that I don't have freedom in prison and live with some low-grade female prisoners every day. I am collapsed. "

The doctors on the other side all exhaled a little disdainfully. "Does your family have a mental history?"

"Doctor." Sheila became agitated again. "I'm not insane. I can really see her. She is a real person! Please don't play tricks on me anymore. I've been very obedient in prison. Why did you unite to cheat me? Can't I tell if she is real or not? "

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