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   Chapter 443 Blackened

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 9369

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"…… Ashley, what happened? I saw the news... "

"Cancel the banishment of Aimee." Sitting on the sofa in the hotel, Ashley looked out of the window at the morning light and said to the other end of the phone.

Jasper worked overtime till late night last night. On the next morning, after getting up, he habitually checked the news. Unexpectedly, he saw the scene that Ashley slapped Aimee on the film set. Without thinking, he knew that there must be something wrong with Aimee again, so he called Ashley immediately. However, before he could finish his words, he was shocked by Ashley's reaction.

"What did you say?" Jasper doubted if he had heard it wrong.

"I said, cancel the banishment of Aimee." Ashley repeated her words.

Jasper felt that his IQ had grown in vain. He had no idea what on earth Ashley was doing. "Was it because that Aimee went to the film set to plead you yesterday? You didn't need to pay attention to her at all..."

"It's not that she begged me. It's my decision." Ashley said calmly.

Sitting in the living room, Jasper was even more confused after hearing Ashley's answer. "But why?"

"Don't you think that Aimee is very interesting?" Ashley said in a dubious tone.

"……" There were many questions on Jasper's forehead, but he finally rubbed between his eyebrows and said, "Okay, since you want to do so, I'll tell Samson this morning when I arrive at the company."


"Knock, knock, knock!" There was a knock on the door.

"I have something else to do. I have to hang up now. I'll talk to you later when I'm free." After hanging up the phone, Ashley walked to the door and opened it. She saw Jessie standing outside.

"I'm sorry, Ashley. I contacted all the media as soon as I got your call yesterday. Although I finally found the media company where the reporter was, I failed to stop it in the end." Jessie was worn out. There were wrinkles on her clothes, the smell of mud on her body, and her hair was a little messy. She didn't even have time to put her suitcase, and she was still dragging it behind her.

"That reporter works for the Black and White Media. After I contacted them, I expressed my willingness to buy the news back. But the person who answered the phone said that she couldn't make a decision on this matter and asked me to wait a moment. The person in charge would call me. It's all my fault. I was so reckless to wait for the call. Instead of waiting for the phone call from the steward, your news has been released. I'm really sorry, Ashley. I didn't handle it well. I'm sorry... " Jessie blamed herself.

"Come in first." "Did you come here as soon as you got off the car?"

"Yes, I think you will be surrounded by reporters once the news is exposed. I was afraid that you couldn't handle it by yourself, so I bough

e Jasper will not stand by and deal with it personally. Who knows?" Ashley sneered, "... Aimee is so energetic, so I found her something to do. Pay more attention to her schedule if you have time recently. Perhaps something interesting will happen soon. "

"You found her something to do? What is it? Besides, she doesn't have any schedule now. Maybe she just stays at home every day. If she goes out, she will be recognized. It's not good for the baby in her belly to be crowded. She shouldn't go out so easily. "

"I called Jasper just now and asked him to cancel the banishment of Aimee."

Jessie was surprised with her mouth wide open.

"…… What? Did Jasper cancel the banishment of me? !" Sitting on the sofa of her own house, Cleo, her agent, sat opposite to her. Aimee asked in disbelief, "How is that possible? Did you hear it wrong?"

Cleo was still in shock. When she was told the news, she couldn't believe what she had heard, so she repeated to confirm with Samson, and he told her that Jasper had indeed cancelled the banishment of Aimee.

"I didn't hear it wrong. It's true."

"But why? He has no reason to do so?"

"It is said that this is what Ashley wants." "I don't know the details. That's all Samson knows. Maybe, in order to develop the SS Group, Ashley sacrificed herself and decided to cancel the banishment of you. "

"Cleo, stop daydreaming. It's impossible." Thinking of the scene that she fought against Ashley on the film set yesterday, the slap from her and the killing intent in her eyes, Aimee intuitively felt that it was not as simple as it seemed, but what was Ashley's purpose? What good would it do to her?

"Well, don't think too much." Cleo comforted her, "Today is the last day you have a rest. I've already arranged work for you, so you will be very busy in the future. Cherish this free day. I'm leaving now."

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