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   Chapter 442 Propose a Marriage

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"All right, all right. Let's go to work. It's fine here." Upon hearing that, all the staff went back to their work in small groups.

"What's wrong with you and Aimee? You're not an impulsive person. Why are you so angry?" Carla helped Ashley pick up her bag and handed it back to her.

"Something private." Ashley's face was still very pale, with anger, trance, heartache and hatred.

"I've heard that Aimee has always liked Jasper. Is it because of this matter? What did she do between you and Jasper?" Carla guessed.

Ashley was not the kind of person who could easily reveal her private affairs to others. Moreover, it was not good to spread this kind of thing. It not only hurt her self-esteem, but also the reputation of Jasper.

She shook her head and said, "I will handle it. Thank you for stopping me just now. Otherwise, I don't know what I would do on impulse."

"Don't thank me in a hurry. You'd better contact your agent and ask her to deal with the entertainment reporter. I don't know if the reporter will talk to the SS Group. If he spread the photos of you slapping Aimee to the public without saying a word for the sales, you will have trouble in the future. "

Jessie asked for a long leave from Ashley. Now she was at home in the countryside, and her boyfriend, Griffith, came back with her. The two of them came back to their hometown this time to discuss the marriage with their parents.

"…… Is the house with three bedrooms? " The old man looked at the property ownership certificate.

"It's a house with three bedrooms, two living halls and two guards." Griffith replied.

"Two guards?" Jessie's mother showed a puzzled expression. She lived in the countryside all year round, and the old man lacked understanding of many things.

"Two guards mean that there are two bathrooms, one in the master bedroom and one in the public area." Jessie explained, "two halls mean one living room and one dining room. This house covers an area of more than 120 square meters. It's a big house. "

"Okay." The old woman nodded and smiled shyly. "Look, we old peasant women don't know anything about the city. She only heard from her neighbor that there must be a three bedrooms house to get her daughter married, so that it could ensure the rest of her life. As parents, they just want their children to live a safe life in the future. I don't know what two halls and two guards mean. Don't laugh at me. "

"It's okay. My parents are the same." Griffith also smiled kindly.

"Did you buy this house with full payment? Don't have any more loan, or you will have to pay it back after marriage and live a less affluent life. " Asked Jessie's father.

"I bought it all." Griffith replied affirmatively, "About five million and eight hundred thousand."

"Oh, that is a lot! Good, very good. " Jessie's father nodded with satisfaction. "Is it a hardcore room or a roughcast room?"

"Dad, those hard-dressed houses are all decorated by real estate companies. The quality of the decoration is not good, and we don't like the style either. Griffith and I plan to design the decoration by ourselves. It will be comfortable to live here. " Jessie expl


After hanging up the phone, Jessie went back to the original room. "Dad, mom, I have something urgent to deal with at work. I have to go back to A City as soon as possible. It would be best if I can leave today."

"What happened?" Griffith turned his head.

"Ashley slapped Aimee on the set and was photographed by a reporter. I have to find out the reporter as soon as possible and then return to A City to solve this matter."

Griffith was also an agent, and he was much more experienced than Jessie, so he naturally knew the urgency of this matter. "We have to go back first and second. We must find out which media the reporter is as soon as possible. If they don't inform the SS Group, they will directly write and release the news. With their speed of writing, the news will be spread online in ten minutes, and once it is spread, it will be difficult to stop. "

"Okay, I'll call the media first."

"I'll go with you." Griffith also stood up and said, "we can call different media to inquire about the news, so that we can find the news faster."

"Okay, let's go." Jessie quickly made up her mind. She looked back at her parents and said, "Dad, mom, Griffith and I have something urgent to deal with. Let's talk about our marriage later."

The two old men looked at the couple and knew that something big must have happened. They hurriedly agreed and urged the two to go back to their work.

The two of them dialed the media number one by one. Within five minutes, they found out where the reporter came from.

"I've found it out. It's from the Black and White Media. They said that there was indeed an application for news about Ashley was submitted just now. I asked how to suppress this news. The person in charge said that she was not in charge of this matter and would ask the person in charge to contact me later. "

The two of them didn't know which group the media was, but if any of the senior leaders of the SS Group stood here at this time, they would clearly tell them that the news couldn't be blocked, because the Black and White Media was one of the eight alliance.

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