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   Chapter 439 Graduation Ceremony

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As usual, many parents were waiting at the gate of the kindergarten to pick up their children.

As usual, Ashley wore a mask, sunglasses and hat, a low-key white dress, and a pair of flat shoes. However, because of the strict management of her figure, she still stood out in the crowd.

"You must be Nelson's mother. It seems that you have been picking him up from school these days." A slightly fat woman walked to Ashley and smiled.

Ashley didn't want to have too much contact with these parents. Both Nelson's identity and hers were very sensitive, so it was inconvenient to be exposed to the public. She nodded without saying anything.

"What kind of business does your family do? My husband is a financial man. "

Ashley thought for a while and said, "Cultural industry."

"Cultural industry." The woman looked a little confused. Apparently, she didn't know what exactly the industry that Ashley was talking about, but she didn't ask more. She just continued to smile and said, "The parents of our class will have parties from time to time, but we haven't seen Nelson's parents before, so we can't invite you rashly. I think you have some time recently. Do you want to call your husband and have a gathering with us this weekend? We all in the business field. Making friends with each other would be great. If anyone needs any help, we all can help each other. "

Obviously, the purpose of the party was to expand their connections.

However, no matter it was Jasper or her, it was impossible for them to attend anywhere as the parents of Nelson. "Thank you for your invitation, but I'm afraid we don't have time."

"Really?" Obviously, the woman didn't think that Ashley had the right to make a decision. "Don't you need to ask your husband? Maybe he is available."

Ashley felt a little offended, as if she was just a spoiled canary in the eyes of this woman. She said in a cold voice, "I know better than you whether my husband has time or not."

"But, maybe your husband really needs it. We have a selection standard for the members of the party. Not everyone can come in..."

"Hello, is there any problem?" Seeing that Ashley seemed to be about to be entangled, Bradley interrupted the woman.

"Don't get me wrong." The woman smiled, "I just want to invite her to a party, not..."

"Thank you." "But our Madam has said that she doesn't need it. Is there anything you don't understand?

As soon as Bradley finished his words, the bodyguards who had been surrounding him all the time came over.

The woman finally felt that it was not easy to accost the woman in front of her, so she took a few steps back with an awkward smile on her face. "There's nothing I don't understand. Since Nelson's mother is not free, I have no choice. Ho-ho."

After finding the steps for herself, the woman stepped back and hid in a place far away from Ashley. After the woman stood still, several female parents in the crowd walked over. They all looked arrogantly at the direction of Ashley and exchanged a fe

tion, he should go to primary school. Jasper had told her about choosing a school more than a month ago. In the past month, Ashley had visited a lot of schools and even made field investigation. After comparing the teaching atmosphere, the standards of students and the basic teaching equipment of each primary school, she finally selected three schools that she thought were not bad.

Ashley took the white paper and pen, intending to list the advantages and disadvantages of each of the three schools on the paper. She could discuss with Jasper when he came in the evening. But when Ashley thought of Jasper, she stopped writing and her heart beat faster. She couldn't help but think of the scene in Jasper's office this afternoon, She shook her head and took a deep breath. She didn't want to think about these things now. She had to deal with the things at hand first, or she would have no time after she returned to the crew. However, even though she tried to persuade herself, her mind seemed to be out of control. She was still recalling those scenes over and over again.

After a hard struggle, Ashley finally wrote down the situation of the three schools. She put down the pen and looked out of the window. It was completely dark outside.

She checked the time on her phone in a hurry. It was almost eight o'clock.

'Oh my God! It's so late. Is Jasper going to get off work? If he got off work a little earlier, is he on his way here?'!

In a hurry, Ashley stood up and put the documents on the table into the bedroom upstairs. In this way, when Jasper came, she could easily take them out and discuss with him.

After tidying up the documents, she hurriedly took her pajamas to the bathroom to wash up. The two of them had been strangers for such a long time. It was hard for Ashley to imagine that Jasper was sitting in the room and she was taking a shower in the bathroom. In that case, as long as she thought of the scene, she would feel embarrassed. She had to wash herself before Jasper came.

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