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   Chapter 438 Kiss

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The employees of SS Group felt that their work had been much easier in the past few days. It was not because the work had decreased, but because the boss had been in a good mood recently, and their employees were not so nervous when they worked.

"It's so good that Ashley is here. It would be better if she could come to the company every day, so that we can live a few more years. Otherwise, every time I face Mr. Jasper, I will always feel jittery. If he scolds me a little more, I will feel worse than death."

Carla stayed at home for rehabilitation and the crew was off on holiday. Recently, Ashley had nothing else to do. She usually slept at her own home and picked up Nelson in the afternoon. Sometimes, when she was invited by Jasper, she would accompany him to work in the office. Most of the time, Jasper would have various meetings with the executives. She would take headphones to read magazines on the sofa.

"Well, I remember that you didn't say that before. Didn't you say that only Ashley's charming and seductive face was just like a vase...

"Hey, don't talk nonsense while eating." The man quickly denied, "I have never said such words. Seeing that Ashley can subdue Mr. Jasper so obediently, she must have something special that we don't know. Otherwise, how could Mr. Jasper choose her?"

"TSK, TSK, TSK, TSK. You are so quick to change your attitude." Another girl sighed, "I've been married for years, and I'm jealous too. Ashley is so lucky to marry Mr. Jasper. But no matter what others thought in the past, now we should look forward to seeing Ashley come to the company as we do. After all, when she comes to the company, Mr. Jasper is indeed much gentler than before."

Jasper was lying on the beauty's knees and enjoying her gentle massage.

"When will I come here every time, you would always have a meeting. Is your work equivalent to meeting?"

"And resting on beauty's knees." Jasper opened his eyes and smiled at the beauty above.

"Be serious." "Look at you. You are so tired every day. You don't have much enthusiasm for work. Why are you doing this?"

"I have to find something to do." Jasper said, "Although I don't have much enthusiasm for many things, I don't feel comfortable to stay in such a messy industry. Fortunately, I have changed the rules of the industry. Although I'm a little busy and tired, it's better than being idle. "

"It's good that you like it," said Ashley, gently pressing the acupuncture points on the man's head

Jasper reached out and held the woman's hand on his head. "Ashley, lower your head."

"Lower my head?" Confused, Ashley bent down and lowered her head. "What's wrong?... HMM... "

Before Ashley could finish her words, the man on her knees had already stood up and kissed her lips. For a moment, she felt her whole body soft and limp.

Holding the woman's body, Jasper's heart beat faster than ever.

Since their wedding night, he didn't dare to do anything against

I don't know why, Francis suddenly pay attention to watching GT Groups corruption and bribe issues. "

"And then?" Jasper said calmly, turning a page.

The director of the public relations department didn't know what was on Jasper's mind. He wiped the cold sweat silently in his heart and continued, "Recently, Francis has been frequently having dinner with the media. What you can see is the time and place of the dinner, and the attitude of the media after it.

In conclusion, although those media have been cooperating well with us, they seem to have reached a consensus with Francis. After confirmed by our people, 80% of the media said that they would not publish news about corruption and bribery of GT Group in the short term. "

Putting down the document, Jasper asked calmly, "Why didn't you react until now? Didn't you hear anything about it?"

"Yes, yes. I'm afraid so. Mr. Jasper. Francis had dinner with media secretly. I heard from the other 20% of the media friends who didn't reach an agreement with Francis that Francis was very careful this time. "

Jasper didn't think too much about the process. "Okay, I see. Do you have any strategy to deal with it?"

"Yes, I do." The director of the public relations department immediately handed over another document in his hand. "It's just that these strategies are not perfect. I'm afraid they won't be as effective as before..."

After reporting the work, the director of public relations walked out of Jasper's office and let out a long breath.

"How is Mr. Jasper's mood?" The secretary came over and asked, "Two colleagues asked for leave for Mr. Jasper's signature and they came to me several times."

"Not bad." The director of the public relations department recalled Jasper's reaction just now, neither sad nor happy. If there had been such a big mistake in the past, or such a big mistake, they would have been more or less scolded by Jasper. But today, he did not seem to be angry at all.

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