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   Chapter 437 Loser

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Francis was pushed against the wall. The cold touch on his back made him less angry. He looked at the woman with a deep look and said, "Aimee, you change so fast. I really don't understand you. Which side is the real you?"

"The same to you. Mr. Francis often wears different masks when facing different people, doesn't you?" said Aimee sarcastically.

Leaning against the wall, Francis recalled the night when he was with a woman. Her purpose was so obvious that she tried every means to seduce him to bed. It was definitely not on a whim. Then, why did she seduce him to sleep with her? Was it because of GT Group, or because she was lonely in her own room and liked him? No matter what the reason was, this relationship should not have no follow-up.

"Aimee, what exactly do you want?" Francis stared at the woman and asked again, "or, you have got what you want."

The clasped hands tightened, but Aimee quickly calmed down and sneered, "What do I want? It should be what do you want, shouldn't it? You said I seduced you, but why don't you tell me that you, Francis, are scheming to get close to me? Besides, you have got what you want, right? Is it the scandal between me, Jasper and Ashley? I wonder how are you going to take advantage of this scandal?"

Being questioned like this, Francis's face darkened in an instant. "I don't intend to do anything with this scandal."

"Really?" Aimee raised her voice and mocked, "Then I'd like to ask Mr. Francis why you are so scheming to approach me. It's really puzzling. Please don't say that you want to sleep with me because I'm beautiful. "

Francis pursed his lips and didn't say anything. Yes, his initial goal was indeed to get the scandal of Jasper and Ashley. But after one night with her, how could he still take this scandal to attack Jasper? Aimee was no longer an insignificant person to him. If this scandal was released, it would definitely hurt her.

"You can't speak it out, right? It doesn't matter. I can speak for Mr. Francis." With a sneer, she stood up and walked up to Francis. "You did what happened to Sean, didn't you? Now the GT Group and the SS Group are hostile to each other. Of course, Mr. Francis wants to seize every opportunity to attack Jasper and the SS Group. Therefore, Mr. Francis, the reason why you make an excuse to get close to me is that you want to find some information from me that can destroy Jasper. Am I right? "

Francis's face was as cold as ice.

"But I'm also curious. Since you have achieved your goal, why haven't you made any move yet? Mr. Francis, are you waiting for the right time?"

"Yes, you are right." Francis, who always wore a smile on his face, now had a layer of ice on his face, which was so cold that it made people feel chilly at a glance. "Good things should be used on blades. It's not my style to spread the news as soon as I know the news."

"You are shameless!" Aimee scolded, "You lied to my feelings and my trust in you! You must be sni

, Francis turned around, opened the door and left the villa.

It was not until he walked into the courtyard that Francis realized that the car key was still on the TV cabinet of Aimee. He looked back at the house with lights on. When he was hesitating whether he should go back to get the key, the door of the villa was opened again. She stretched out her white and slender hand and threw something on the grass. "Mr. Francis, you left something at my home."

Then the door was slammed shut again.

Francis took a closer look and found his car key was thrown out.

Suddenly, Francis felt that he was going to explode with anger! As the vice president of a company, he was not only driven out of a woman's house with a knife, but also his things were thrown out like garbage. If this kind of thing was spread out, he would be a complete coward!

Ah! It really pissed him off!

Francis held the bleeding wound and walked back and forth for several circles. At last, he kicked the tree in the courtyard and said, "Women are fucking crazy. They are all bastards!"

The assistant was almost home. When he was thinking about taking a shower and having a good sleep, his phone in his pocket rang. The assistant took out his phone and saw it was Francis's name. His heart jolted and he had a hunch that his sleeping plan would be disrupted.

Sure enough, before he could answer the phone, the other party had already ordered, "Where have you been? Call a car and come to pick me up right now!"

The assistant whined in his heart, "... Mr. Francis I'm home now and have taken off all my clothes. Would you like to take a taxi home today? Can you leave your car at my friend's home, and I will get it tomorrow morning? "

"Put it on again if have taken off!" Francis was so angry that he couldn't vent his anger in Aimee's home. "Come here right now. Don't talk nonsense!"

"Okay, okay, I'll be right there." The assistant didn't dare to bargain anymore and agreed in a hurry.

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