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   Chapter 436 Deep Love

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 9618

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After two slaps, Sheila felt so painful that her whole head was twitching, but she could not cry out the pain, so she could only look back with more innocent eyes. "Sister Sally, what are you talking about? What are you talking about? "

"There is no Amelia in the prison. All of us can't see her. She doesn't exist at all." Sally exposed her lie without mercy.

"It doesn't exist!" Sheila widened her eyes in surprise, "Are you making fun of me? Are you going to teach me a lesson again as you did last time? How could Amelia not exist? She is right in front of me. She is here. Don't be kidding! "

"We are not kidding." Sally pulled Sheila up and dragged her to the sink. "Look at the sink. There was no one washing hands here just now. The sink is dry!"

The pool was indeed very dry.

"No! No! " Sheila was terrified.

"Look at your own fingers again." Sally pulled Sheila's hand and put it in front of her eyes. "Look at the skin care products in your hand. They are the same as the ones you took out just now. They are not much. You didn't touch anyone's face at all!"

"No! no It's not like that! " Sheila held her head in horror, "It's not like that. You are all lying to me. You bullied me like last time! You all want to drive me crazy! Someone must have wiped the pool dry when I didn't see it. Someone must have put makeup on my hand when I was not noticing. It must be your conspiracy! It's your conspiracy! "

Sheila screamed, "Amelia is sitting there. She is there. You can see that. You are just lying to me. You are lying to me!"

All of a sudden, something happened in Sheila's eyes. The fear in her eyes turned into panic. Then she broke free from the control of Sally and rushed to the position of "Amelia"!

"Amelia, please don't go! You have to prove for me that they are all lying to me, and they are bullying me again! Amelia, don't leave, Amelia! " After Sheila threw herself to the bed, she rushed to the air in the corridor. There was nothing in the air, so she fell to the ground at once.

However, Sheila didn't seem to feel any pain. After falling down, she quickly stood up and rushed to the door. With a 'clang' sound from the iron door, Sheila's whole body bumped into it.

"What are you doing! What are you doing? " The prison guard's voice came from outside, followed by the sound of the iron door opening. The young prison guard stood outside with an electric baton in her hand, pointing at Sheila on the ground. "It's your room again. What's going on! Ah! How many times have I told you not to fight? You are all deaf. You need to be taught a lesson! "

No matter how powerful these prisoners were outside the prison, they were submissive when they saw the prison guards. "Sir, you misunderstood. We didn't fight. We are the most disciplined people. How could we fight?"

"It's Sheila. She fell on the ground. We didn't

time." Sitting on a bamboo chair a little far away from Francis, Aimee continued, "so you broke in so late at night, which made me feel very terrified."

Francis looked at the woman carefully. The seduction and enthusiasm of that night were still vivid in his mind. But they hadn't seen each other for a few days, and the woman suddenly became so cold, which made him a little unhappy. "One night stand? Why did you choose me for a one night stand? You tried every means to seduce me, but you got your wish, but you didn't want to continue. Do you think I'm a person who comes and goes at any time? "

"I don't understand what Mr. Francis said. What did you lose?" Aimee threw up her hands and said, "In that case, it must be women who suffer losses. I don't care. I don't understand why Mr. Francis is still entangled with me."

Francis's face darkened. "What on earth do you want from me, Aimee?"

"Mr. Francis, you think too much. Not all the actresses sleep with you are trying to get something from you. I just think that everything happened naturally when I met you. That's all. "

"Really?" Francis, on the other hand, was a little jealous of the indifferent attitude of the woman. At that time, it was Aimee who tried every means to seduce him. Now what had happened? Why couldn't he let go of her and come back to pester her. Francis held the back of the sofa and stood up. He walked to Aimee and pulled the silk scarf off the woman's shoulder, revealing her pajamas under the silk scarf.

"What are you doing?" Shocked, Aimee wrapped her arms around her shoulders to cover her body.

"What are you doing?" Francis imitated the woman's words, "You can seduce me, can't I eat you?"

"Francis!" The man's words were so rude that they almost insulted her. In a rage, Aimee pushed the man away and said, "You're not attractive at all now. Don't make me sick here. Get out of here as far as you can!"

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