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   Chapter 432 Trample

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"But the most essential reason is your parents. I want to marry you, not buy you!" Griffith argued, "They want such a high bride price, but they don't want to give more dowry. Well, if they don't want to add more, then I can get some bride price back, right? Or I couldn't get a penny! What's more, they asked me to buy a three bedroom apartment in full payment in A City. Jessie, don't you think your parents' request is rude? "

"This is not the request of my parents. The whole region follows that kind of customs. What do you want me to do? Ask my parents to glow beneath the dirt? They were old and their minds had been fixed. They just wanted their daughter to receive the same treatment as other girls. They just want their son-in-law to marry their daughter with the same conditions as other son-in-law. Are they wrong? "

"Okay, they are right. You are right. It's all my fault!" Griffith stood up immediately, "I have told you many times that we need money to live after we get married, and so do my parents. If I borrow money to meet your parents' requirements, what ahead of us and my parents will be more than ten years of poverty or even longer! "

"Oh my God..." "I've tried my best. I've done so much. What else do you want?"

Seeing his girlfriend like this, Griffith felt sorry for her and said, "It's my fault as you come all the way to look for me. Let's have a good meal."

"Francis paid for the house." "He gave me five million and I add some of my money to buy this house."

"Francis?" Griffith wanted to comfort his girlfriend, but he stopped. "He is the current Vice President of the GT Group. Why did he give you so much money? What did you promise him?"

"I didn't promise him anything." Jessie raised her head and looked at her boyfriend. "You don't have to show such an expression. I know his purpose is not pure. Even if he doesn't make a request now, one day he will make a request in the future. You don't have to tell me this. I have been in this circle long enough to know it well. "

"Now that you know it, why do you still accept the money? !" Griffith couldn't believe what he just heard. He wanted to lose his temper and said, "Five million is enough for a movie of small production. It can be seen that Francis must ask for something big. How dare you accept the money!"

"Because I know exactly what I want. I've been drifting away for too long. I want a family, a marriage, and a stable relationship. And now, Francis's money can help me solve these things, so I accept it. "

"Even if his request is against the morality, you still accept it?"

"Life is full of ups and downs. You have to pay for whatever you want. When I made this decision, I had thought it clearly. Now I only want to ask you one question... " Looking into the man

eeth, turned around and rushed back.

"…… As Dylan's wife, have you reconciled with Ashley now? "

"What's going on between Ashley and Dylan?"

"Get out of my way! Get out of my way! " As Carla pushed away the microphones in front of her, she bent down to look for the ring. "My thing fell down. Get out of the way!"

"…… Are you a friend of Ashley now? Are you chatting with her or warning her not to get close to Dylan? Tell me, Carla... "

"Carla!" Seeing that, Ashley was frightened. As expected, just two or three seconds after Carla bent down, she was pushed to the ground by the excited reporters!

Ashley's heart was clenched. Something would happen if she stepped on such a messy scene!

"Get out of my way! Get out of my way! " She rushed over two steps in a hurry, regardless of any politeness to the media. She grabbed a camera and swung it to drive away the person in front of her. Some people were still bleeding because they couldn't avoid it, and Ashley couldn't care less.

The scene was in a mess, and Carla had no experience of such an emergency. After she fell down accidentally, she couldn't avoid being trampled back and forth on her hands, arms and other parts.

"Carla!" Ashley rushed to help her up after she drove them away. Her body had been stained with a lot of soil, and her hands, arms, legs and feet were grazed in many places, and were bleeding. "Are you okay? Let's go to the hospital quickly."

"No hurry." Carla shook her head and looked at the paparazzi who were watching around. "I'm not smart, but in order to learn language, I have a good memory."

The paparazzi looked at each other and didn't know what she meant.

Wiping the blood from her arm, Carla looked around coldly and said, "I remember all of you today, what do you look like and which radio you belong. Just wait for my court summons."

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