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   Chapter 430 Being Stupid (Part Two)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 5507

Updated: 2020-05-17 00:34

"What is it?" June opened the bag and took out a small blue velvet box. Opening the lid, she found a feather shaped blue Brooch lay quietly inside. June was pleasantly surprised, "Wow, it's a brooch, it's the latest style!"

"You've been collecting brooch since you were a child. Of course I must hit on what you like. I happened to see my mother's fashion magazine and knew that there were new style coming out. As long as you like them, I'm glad."

"Mr. Francis, you must have spent a lot of money on it." With a teasing smile, June covered the box and put the brooch into the drawer of the office. "I've accepted the gift. Tell me, what's the matter? Why do you come to the company to meet me?"

"I want you to do me a favor and introduce me to the Deputy Director Eddy.

"You want to see my brother?" June frowned, "What happened?"

"It's not a big deal. In fact, I don't need to bother Deputy Director Eddy. But I have visited others recently, and I failed to meet any of them. I have no choice but to come to you. I was afraid that you would leave me alone like them, so I didn't tell you in advance. "

June covered her mouth and laughed, "Really? I heard it from them when I went home for dinner. You have been run errands a lot recently, haven't you?"

Seeing that June had a bad temper again, Francis felt a headache. "Ouch, Miss, I really have something urgent to deal with. Please do me a favor."

"What's the emergency? Tell me so that I can echo to my brother later."

"Okay, but you can't be angry." Francis warned. June was a good friend of Ashley, and Sheila was a deadly foe of Ashley. Now he had to ask June for hel

before. How could he forget them?

"Thank you, June." Francis's voice was a little sad, "If you hadn't reminded me, I would have been still asking for help everywhere. At that time, I wouldn't have known that I would be ruined. But I hope you won't mention it to Ashley."

June was confused, "Why? Ashley is not that kind of narrow-minded person. You are so tender to Sheila and want to save her. Even if Ashley heard it, she will be at most laughing at you, what else can she do to you? "

What else could she do? When Ashley sensed something wrong, she told Jasper that his plan had been ruined before it took shape.

"Anyway, I hope you can keep it a secret for me." Francis pointed at the drawer of the desk and said, "For the sake of the brooch I gave you, if you don't introduce me to your brother, you can't refuse this small request, okay?"

"Well, I'll keep it a secret for you." June reluctantly agreed, "But don't do anything to betray Ashley."

"How come? How could I betray her for no reason? Everyone just wants to keep what they have to keep." Francis said ambiguously.

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