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   Chapter 429 Being Stupid (Part One)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 5739

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Therefore, it turned out that the reason why Ashley went back to her parents' house on the night of their marriage and separated from Jasper was because of the news. Francis thought with a pen in his hand.

The CEO of SS Group and his wife were separated. Once such news spread, Francis could almost imagine a sea of public opinion. As long as they worked carefully, it was easy to turn the public opinion to the fact that Jasper had an affair on his wedding night. At that time, Jasper didn't know what wonderful expressions he would have and how SS Group would be troubled.

But... Thinking of Aimee, Francis hesitated again. If this matter was exposed, she would definitely be involved.

"Mr. Francis... Mr. Francis... Mr. Francis!"

"Click!" The pen in her hand fell on the conference table with a crisp sound. Francis came to his senses and saw attendees in meeting room looking at him.

"Mr. Francis." Lewis's face darkened, "If you have any dissatisfaction with me, just say it. Don't pretend to be absent-minded. How can you communicate well with others and ignore me!"

He was really absent-minded. Francis sighed in his heart. After the meeting, Francis went back to his office with a buzzing brain. He leaned against the sofa, closed his eyes and wanted to have a rest.

"Mr. Francis." The assistant knocked on the door and came in.

"What's wrong?" [薛子晨] didn't open his eyes.

The assistant closed the door of the office tightly. "There was a phone call from the prison just now. I saw that you were in a meeting, so I didn't dare to disturb you. Sheila asked how was the thing you promised her going."

Francis let out a long breath and opened his eyes. "If she calls again, tell her that

g as June is in the company, I can definitely meet her today, ' Francis thought to himself.

After waiting for nearly an hour in the reception area, Francis finally came to the receptionist again. "Hello, June has finished the meeting. She invites you to her office now."

"Okay, thank you." Francis breathed a sigh of relief and finally he could meet her.

The receptionist led him to June's office and knocked on the door. After hearing "come in", the receptionist opened the door and bowed slightly to invite him in.

With the gift in his hand, Francis walked into June's office with a big smile on his face. "Hi, June. It's so difficult to see you. I've been waiting for you for more than an hour."

"It's not my fault. Why didn't you tell me before you came?" June was sitting in her office chair and sorting out documents. She pointed at the seat opposite to her with her chin and said, "Mr. Francis, since you are very busy, you will never go to the temple for nothing, right? What do you come here for?"

"Yes, I come to ask for your favor and I bring a gift for you." Francis sat opposite June and put the gift on the desk.

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