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   Chapter 428 Warning

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"…… Although Francis didn't refuse directly, such a small share should have aroused Francis's vigilance. " In Jasper's office, the director of the film and television investment department sat opposite him and reported to him about the dinner at the Hilton Hotel yesterday. "In addition, Mr. Clark saw a person at the dinner."


"The star in our company has been banished --Aimee. I've heard from Mr. Clark that Aimee went with Francis. It's said that she went there in case that the two men had no fun eating. " The director of the film and television Investment department said.

"Speaking of Aimee, I also have something to report to you." The director of the public relations department cut in, "the media said that last night, Francis drove Aimee back to her residence. Because of the strict management of the community, the media couldn't enter, but the photos sent her home should be able to make a fuss. But I don't know if this news should be spread or not. After all, she is an artist of our company. "

"But a female artist who has been abandoned by the company doesn't care about her reputation. Just use it if you can." The director of the financial department said.

"No hurry." Jasper lowered the voice of the director of the financial department. He didn't want to release the secret of his marriage with Aimee to the public. At the same time, this was what he was most worried about. It seemed that Aimee had a good relationship with Francis. If Francis knew something, it would be a little troublesome. "Samson, go and ask Aimee's current address. I'll talk to her."

It never occurred to Aimee that Jasper would visit her one day.

Aimee said to the microphone, "Wait a minute." then, as fast as she could in her life, she put away all the messy things in the house into the cupboard, picked up an elegant high necked long sleeve dress and put it on. Five minutes later, she quickly put on a light makeup, took a few deep breaths, changed into a cold face, and went out to open the door for Jasper.

It was already very hot at noon in midsummer. When she walked out of the villa covered by air conditioner, she immediately felt the heat wave pouncing on her. The cold and hot alternately impacted, making her a little dizzy. In this dizziness, she saw a man leaning against the car outside the door.

Perhaps it was because of the midsummer, the man in suits almost all year round also changed into thin T-shirts and light colored casual pants. The car stopped under the shade of a tree, and the man's body was also covered with specks of sunshine, looking energetic. In a trance, Aimee saw that Jasper, who accompanied her to make an announcement many years ago, was only her agent. He was so young and sunny.

However, the daze only lasted for a moment. The moment the man raised his head and looked at her, his eyes, which had been calm for a long time, were far away from the unruly eyes in her memory. Everything could not be returned.

She walked to the gate and opened it with a key. "Come in."

"No, it's not a big deal. I'll leav

ny people for us. " Zoe felt a little guilty.

"You and Ashley entered the company at the same time. When she was kidnapped, you and Morris reported it together. Otherwise, I really don't know what the consequences will be. Both Ashley and I are very grateful to you for this. After such a thing happened, what she could do is limited as her shooting on the film set. Now she just tries her best to help you. What is your plan in the future? "

"Samson has arranged a press conference. I will attend it with Sean. After the press conference, we will have a rest. As for the future, it depends on when the public opinion gone. " said Zoe.

"Well, don't be too discouraged. Everything will be over." Jasper comforted, "whether it's human and material resources, or connections, just tell me if you need anything. The SS Group will go through the difficulty with you."

"Okay, thank you in advance..."

Jasper didn't stay long. After drinking some tea, he chatted with the two and left.

"I didn't expect that Jasper would come in person. It's really not his style." Sean murmured, looking at the direction in which Jasper left.

"Really?" Zoe was confused, "in my impression, Mr. Jasper is very concerned about his subordinates and the stars in the company. He may come on the same way, but he must be thinking about the stars in the company."

"Maybe. Jasper's temper has indeed softened a lot in the past two years." Seeing that Jasper's car disappeared at the end of the road, Sean turned around and walked towards the villa. "I wonder if there is any big move in the company recently. Don't you think that our matter has been exposed in a very weird way? With the control that the SS Group has for the public opinion, even if any media gets our news, they will inform the SS Group before it is released. It won't be exposed without a word. It happened so suddenly. "

"Who knows..." Zoe was also a little confused about the future. "I just hope that this public opinion can be passed as soon as possible, and our life can be peaceful."

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