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   Chapter 424 Add Insult to Injury

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10191

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"Knock, knock, knock." The director of the public relations department returned, "Mr. Francis."

Francis still looked pale and nodded, "What's the matter?"

The director of the public relations department closed the door of the meeting room, walked to Francis and said in a low voice, "before we started the meeting, I asked someone to release the news release. After being reposted by various media and users, the gossip about Sean and Zoe has been spread. At this time, people from the SS Group and the public relations department should be bombarded by media calls. "

"Good job." Finally, there was a good news. Francis smiled and said, "Although I can't find any trace, I haven't had any scandal with any female star in this industry for so many years. But at this moment, it is inexplicably exposed that I have an affair with those messy female stars. I don't believe anyone who says it has nothing to do with the SS Group. "

Francis looked at his subordinate and said, "But Sean is still small role. Although he is the famous actor of the SS Group, there is no difference between attacking Sean and the SS Group, after all, Sean is just one of the celebrities of the SS Group. It won't cause so much damage to it. It's better to find out the weakness of the management of it, especially Jasper. "

"Yes, Mr. Francis."

Francis patted his subordinate on the shoulder and said, "I don't have many people around me. Don't let me down."

"Mr. Francis, don't worry. I will keep doing this and find out the scandals of the senior leaders of the SS Group."

"Knock, knock, knock." Another knock on the door came in. It was Francis's assistant. Seeing that he was not alone in the meeting room, he apologized repeatedly, "I'm sorry. I thought the meeting was over. I'll leave now."

"Do you have work to talk with Mr. Francis?" The director of the public relations department said, "I have finished reporting my work to Mr. Francis. Mr. Francis, I am leaving to work."

"Okay." Francis nodded. After the director of the public relations department left, he looked at his assistant and asked, "What happened? Look at you."

"Yes, something urgent." The assistant came close and said, "June has come back. The plane has landed."

"Really?" Francis was overjoyed. Was today his lucky day? How could he get good news one after another.

After agreeing with the conditions of Sheila, Francis spared some time to make an appointment with a lawyer and discussed the situation of Sheila. At last, he got the most feasible way - bailed out for medical treatment. After confirming the plan, Francis began to use his relation with others.

He was so busy with his work in the company that he had to spare some time to deal with the business of Sheila. However, after running back and forth for more than half a month, he didn't see anyone with real power in the government. Some of them were out for meetings, some were on patrol, and some were busy with their work. He had been waiting for a while, but he hadn't seen anyone for a whole da

imee." "Do you think you are still the number one of the SS Group? Do you think you are still the backbone of the agency? Stop dreaming. You are not even as good as a new actress! Do you want us to lick you like dogs? Now you are the lapdog. Come on, kneel down and lick us. "

As Flora spoke, she pulled Aimee's face to the ground, and the other women also laughed.

Aimee's whole face turned red, and her chest was burning with anger. Although she knew that there were many people on the other side, and that she was no match for them, and that she could only be beaten if she fought, she could no longer care so much since she had been humiliated.

"Bang!" with a loud bang, the fist hit heavily on the arm of Flora that was pinching her.

"Ah!" Flora screamed in pain, and her eyes were filled with hatred and anger. She slapped back on Aimee's face. "How dare you hit me?"

Others also stepped forward and pressed Aimee against the car to stop her from moving.

"Clap!" Flora slapped her again. "When I begged you and Cleo to forgive me, you hit me too. I've had enough of you!"

Even though Aimee's cheeks were burning, she was getting more and more furious. Since she couldn't move, she spat on Flora. "You bitch should be beaten!"

"What did you say?" With her eyes wide open, Flora seemed to eat up Aimee the next second.

"You bitch!" Aimee snapped, "What? Ashley and I both love Jasper. You can't hurt her. Now you see that I'm down and come to humiliate me? No matter how you humiliate me, Jasper won't take one more look at you. Aren't you a bitch or what? "

"Shut up! Shut up!" "I don't like Jasper anymore. I've already given up on him. You're the bitch! You must have done something shameless to make Jasper hate you so much. You are the one who will end up like this! You bitch! "

"Flora, we don't have to talk to her anymore." A pretty girl said, "She's just a rag. Let's ask her to wipe our shoes!"

"Ah!" All of a sudden, Aimee felt a sharp pain in her scalp and was pulled to the ground!

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