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   Chapter 422 Scandals Came One after Another (Part Two)

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"You have so much money. Even if the company doesn't arrange an assistant for you, won't you hire one yourself?" Ashley took a wet towel to lower her temperature.

"No, I didn't have that much money at that time. My parents frozen my cards because I was acting outside." While sliding the screen of her mobile phone, Carla smiled. "Ashley, your name is so useful. It has only been a few days since the opening ceremony, and the show has become so popular. No wonder so many people want to invite you. How much advertising money does it save? "

Ashley leaned over and took a look at the phone. She glanced at the news of the play, but the focus was focused on other hot spots.

Seeing that Ashley had been silent for a long time, Carla couldn't help but turn her head to take a look. Then, following the direction of her, she saw a news about Francis in the corner of the mobile phone, "Deputy CEO of the GT Group looking for a new girlfriend again. How dissolute the rich second generations are.".

"In the recent month, GT Group has become a hot topic. Only stars and stars compete for the exposure. I have never seen a company's senior executives appear on the entertainment page every day." Carla sneered, "It's said that he drank with this actress in a few days and sent her home. If one day the police catch something fishy, it's really wonderful."

Seeing that the person on the other end of the line still didn't say anything, Carla couldn't help but feel a little confused. "What's wrong, Ashley?"

"Carla, look at the woman in the photo. Is she a little familiar? I feel like I've met her somewhere." Ashley frowned and thought.

Carla zoomed in the photo and shook her head, "It's a black silhouette. I can't see anything. The female stars in different shapes and sizes are the same, and it's normal for them to look like each other. Who do you think they look like?"

"I don't know. I just feel like someone, but I can't think of anyone." Ashley frowned deeper and deeper.

"Don't think about it. The more yo

her heart when these two men could leave.

"I don't know..." Jessie walked toward them with a box of fruit in her hand, "I've never heard of... I have nothing to say. I'm sorry. "

Jessie put the fruit on the table between them and hung up the phone. "Hello, Mr. Jasper and Mr. Dylan."

"What happened, Jessie? Why are you so serious?" Ashley felt that she had seen his savior. As an outsider, it was much easier for Jessie to find a topic to ease the embarrassment.

"I haven't read the details yet. I just got the news..." Jessie looked at Jasper hesitantly, " In our company, Sean and Zoe were exposed to the public and said... They have lived together for two years... "

Carla opened her mouth wide in shock, "Sean!"

Ashley wasn't too surprised. This matter was no longer a secret within the SS Group, but she looked a little serious. Seeing that GT Group's scandals and SS Group's scandals came one after another, she felt that the situation seemed to be getting more and more tense.

With a serious look on his face, Jasper stopped fanning.

As a person of management, Dylan could see the essence of the problem at a glance. He looked at Jasper and asked, "Have you started to observe the GT Group?"

Jasper looked at Dylan and nodded slowly.

Except Ashley, the other people were confused by the conversation between the two.

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