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   Chapter 421 Scandals Came One after Another (Part One)

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Soon, it was the hottest time of the year in A city.

After the opening ceremony of the crew, Ashley lived in the crew. In recent days, she had been sweating all over the scene.

"Oh my God! Why is it so hot in summer this year? Does it try to make us die of exposure?" The actors who worked together fanned crazily during the break, but it was useless. Their scenes were exterior scenes. The sun was scorching the ground, and heat waves were everywhere. What could a fan do.

"Ashley, wet towel."

Ashley took the towel from the assistant and wiped her neck and arms without makeup. The wet water on the towel was evenly wiped on the skin, and then evaporated by the dry air, taking away a part of the hot summer air on her body. Ashley felt much sober.

"Actors and actresses, get ready!" the director shouted.

The assistant quickly tidied up the clothes and hair for Ashley. After a few steps, she walked quickly to the center of the venue, where Carla had been standing for a long time without taking a rest. This was the real cooperation between Carla and Ashley. The last one, "the Nature of Nanshan", Carla was just a supporting part of a very small play. In other words, after the cooperation, what made Ashley most admire was Carla's efforts.

Carla really worked very hard. Her talent in drama could only be said to be ordinary, and her comprehension ability for characters was not enough, and her acting skill was not proficient. It could be said that she still needed a lot of improvement in all aspects.

This drama of the Hanfu was created for Carla, who had more power than the director on the film set. She had high requirements for herself. A scene had to be shot many times, and the next scene wouldn't go on until the most natural and vivid effect was produced. Sometimes, when she was in a bad condition and couldn't shoot, while other actors were resting, she would communicate with the director and find all kinds of ways to make her fall in love with him.

Although Carla was still unknown, Ashely had no doubt that if she continued to act like this, she would soon be famous in the Chinese movie circ

it. All the problems were solved easily and all the puzzles were instantly clear.

"Ah..." Carla was so shocked that she only uttered a short sentence, "here is the thing..."

"Ashley, how many psychological books have you read? You are good at analyzing." The director smiled.

Ashley also smiled with embarrassment. "When we were learning acting, the teacher often advised us to read the psychology book, which is good for quick understanding of the character's heart. So we have read a lot over the years."

"Good habit." The director nodded and said, "Well, you can go to rest now. Take a break. No matter how hard you work, you can't achieve it overnight. Have a good rest and reflect on yourself. Only when you feel comfortable can the character have a quiet explosive power. "

"I'm really tired after hearing what the director said." "Okay, I'll go to have a rest too," said Carla with a smile

There was a special rest area for the two people on the film set, a sunshade umbrella and a chair. Although it looked simple, the treatment was much better than others.

Lying comfortably on the chair, the assistant next to Carla fanned for her and pass her water. She took a sip of water and looked at her phone. "It's good to have someone to support me. I didn't get such a good treatment when I was acting outside. Now I am not only have a seat, but also have an assistant to serve me. I am so happy. "

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