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   Chapter 420 Freedom (Part Two)

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At ten o'clock in the evening, all the senior executives except Allen gathered in Jasper's study.

"There are two topics. One is to modify the plan of the GT Group, and the other is to deal with the alliance." Everyone sat on the sofa around the tea table, and Jasper was sitting on one of the armchairs. "We discussed the issue of GT Group yesterday and made the final decision today. The implementation will start tomorrow. Let's talk about it in the public relations department first."

The director of the public relations department was younger than other directors present. He was only thirty-six years old this year, and he looked less than thirty years old with good maintenance. "Yesterday, when it came to the pressure from public opinion, today I contacted the media who have been cooperating well with us. At present, it seems that these media are not affected by the alliance, and they are still inclined to SS Group in terms of public opinion spread and block."

"Most of the companies of the union of real estate are doing behind the scenes business. They are not a threat to the media." Mr. Colin said.

"Mr. Colin is right, but we still have to be vigilant to see GT Group's action. After all, GT Group is a comprehensive enterprise and has a certain influence in the media industry. I will keep an eye on the media. " The director of the public relations department said, "In the past, the pressure of public opinion was mainly focused on observing the internal corruption of the GT Group. At present, it seemed to have no effect. Perhaps the public was not very sensitive to this kind of topic.

I discussed with my subordinates and

ple in charge of the two companies have been in touch with the GT Group. As long as the scale of our investment is determined, we can secretly join the two projects developed by the GT Group."

Jasper had already smoked a cigarette, and when he heard the discussion of his subordinates, he lit a new one. "A few years ago, GT Group's gambling failed, and a lot of shares were taken away by LY Enterprise. But LY Enterprise is not bad, and he is a strong support for GT Group as a whole. Can two projects break the capital chain of GT Group?"

The director of the film and television investment department hesitated and shook his head. "I'm not sure yet."

"You can find two more suitable companies in case of need." Jasper said in a firm tone. Then he looked at Henry and said, "As for the financial situation of GT Group, Henry, go and check the family condition of several leaders in the financial department. Everyone has a weakness. Even if several leaders are immune to poison, their families are not as tough as steel. They will find out the weakness and open the gap. "

"Yes, Mr. Jasper."

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