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   Chapter 419 Freedom (Part One)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 5708

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Francis felt that his patience was almost worn out by Sheila. What this woman had done in the past made him very disgusted. It was his limit to promise to visit Sheila every week. He had overcome all kinds of disgust emotions before he sat here and said these words to Sheila. However, this woman said that she wanted to put forward other conditions.

Francis really wanted to slap this woman to the end of the earth if he didn't ask for her help.

"Okay." He suppressed his disgusted emotion and said, "What other conditions do you want? Tell me."

Sheila stared at Francis seriously and said one word slowly, "Freedom."

She was only more than 20 years old, and there were still dozens of years left for her in the future. In this small world, not to mention decades, she felt suffering for a few years. There were still many scenes that she hadn't enjoyed, many wishes that hadn't been completed, and she hadn't had the love that was connected to her heart, and she hadn't experienced the joy of being a mother. She still had a lot of things to do. She didn't want to die in prison.

This was the only time in her life. After this time, she would never think about anything, be happy and sad, and be ambitious.

"No way!" Francis refused, "Who do you think I am? You have been sentenced to life imprisonment. Can I break the prison? "

"What life imprisonment?" Speaking of the sentence, Sheila suddenly became excited. "The accident at that time only caused a permanent disability of the host, and the others were just minor injuries. They will be fine after recuperating. But those people, relying on their wealth and power, worked together to make me like this!

Do they think I don't know

t there. I didn't recognize her at the first sight, let alone those who are not familiar with her."

"That's good." Thinking of the fact that Nelson was now living in the Fang family, Jasper was a little envious of his son. Since they got married, he hadn't been able to live under the same roof with Ashley. "By the way, Uncle Bradley, ask Abbott to prepare some midnight snack. The senior executives of the company will come home for a meeting later."

"Okay, master. Do you want to keep someone on duty?"

"No, don't bother. They can take their own bowls and chopsticks. They can deal with anything they need. You can go to rest. You must be tired after a whole day's work. "

"Yes, sir."

Abbott was playing chess with Dustin in his room. When he heard that he was going to have a midnight snack, he hurried out of the room and saw Henry coming in with several documents in his hands. He must have just parked his car.

It was not easy to manage a company. When Abbott went into the kitchen, he was still thinking about the master going out early and returning late every day. Now he was even busy moving his work to home.

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