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   Chapter 418 Made A Deal With That Man (Part Two)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 6162

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"I don't know if your size has changed or not. I bought it according to the previous size, and the brand is the one you used to wear. I hope you can like it." Said Francis.

Of course she liked it. She couldn't get used to the underwear distributed by the prison. She had long missed the famous underwear she used to wear.

"You did it with your heart this time." Sheila withdrew her sight from the shopping bag and said, "But don't expect that I can be softhearted to tell you the answer by giving me such a small gift. If you don't agree to my conditions, I won't..."

"I have found out the truth." Francis interrupted Sheila.

Sheila was stunned, "What did you say?"

"I have checked the hospitalization record of Ashley. If she gave birth to a dead baby, there will be a treatment record in the hospital. But the records showed that there was no record of the dead baby in the hospital on the day when Ashley gave birth. " As Francis spoke, he paid close attention to Sheila's reaction, so the baby that Ashley gave birth to is not a dead baby at all. "

Sheila was in a state of sluggishness, and there was only one word in her mind over and over again: impossible.

How could Francis find it out? Her mother bribed the attending doctor of Ashley, and the doctor dealt with the hospitalization file by himself. After dealing with it, he even took photos to let her mother confirm. How could there be a problem? Did the doctor make a mistake by accident, or did he do it on purpose to frame her and her mother?

Seeing that the woman's lips were slightly open and her eyes were out of focus, Francis began to laugh wildly in his heart.

It was true! It was true! That child was not dead! Even God was helping him. He saw the child at the wedding banquet and found everything. God was giving him a chance to save GT Group!


of the chair and looked down at the man in front of her. "Francis, for the sake of the gift you gave me, I can tell you the answer to another thing. I promise the answer will be correct."

Francis frowned, "What answer?"

"No matter what your plan is, I'm sure you won't succeed."

"I don't need your answer." Francis's face became even colder, as if it was frozen to ice. "I know whether my plan is feasible or successful. You don't need to tell me."

"You are really an ungrateful wretch." Sheila rolled her eyes and picked up the shopping bags in front of her. "It's up to you whether to listen or not. Anyway, I have warned you."

"Wait!" Francis stopped the woman, "I have agreed to your request just now, but you haven't told me who the man is?"

"My request? I haven't said what I want. " Sheila spread out her hands and pretended to be innocent.

Francis was confused at first, and then he was angry, "You are fooling me!"

"You have to speak with conscience. How can you say that I'm fooling you?" Sheila was even more innocent, "Come to see you once a week, corresponding to the answer of the child's birth or death. Now that you want to know a bigger answer, of course you have to pay a bigger price."

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