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   Chapter 417 Made A Deal With That Man (Part One)

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"Wow, Nelson, she is your mother. Hahaha, are you lying to me? Why haven't we seen her before?" The fat boy who had shown off the two little red flowers pointed at Ashley and laughed. The other child in the same class with Nelson also laughed.

The words were harsh to the ears of children, and even people like Ashley who had been used to gossip also felt uncomfortable.

"I'm not lying!" Holding the toy in his hand, Nelson's face turned red.

"You are lying! You are lying!" The little fat guy seemed to have caught something interesting and shouted more proudly.

The children in the line laughed even more loudly. The head teacher pulled a long face to maintain order. "Everyone, be quiet! Be quiet! "

However, it was difficult for children to control themselves, not to mention that there was a lively atmosphere among their classmates now. None of them listened to the head teacher's words and smiled.

"Say it again!" Seeing that Nelson couldn't help but rush over and was about to beat him, Ashley grabbed his shoulder and put him in her arms. She took off her sunglasses and looked down at the provocative fat guy. "Nice to meet you. I'm Nelson's mother. Nice to meet you. What's your name?"

The chubby boy stopped laughing all of a sudden. Seeing that Ashley retreated timidly, all the classmates in the class stopped laughing and looked curiously at her.

"His name is Bruno. He is my desk mate." Explained Nelson to Ashley.

"Hello, Bruno." Ashley reached out her hand.

The fat boy reached out his hand and shook with Ashley unskillfully. "Hello, auntie."

"I heard from Nelson that you are a good friend of him and gave him Lego toys. Thank you for your toys. I've made that toy with Nelson and put it in his toy cabinet. It's very beautiful. "

"Auntie, are you really Nelson's mother?" Bruno finally regained his courage and asked.

"Yes." With a smile of affirmation, Ashley put on the sunglasses and straightened up. Politely, he nodded to the young mother of Bruno, who had been si

jealous." Sheila beamed with joy, "Don't worry. If my friend brought something good, I will share it with you all. I'll go now. It will be bad if the prison guards get angry."

It was still the long and curved corridor. Through a row of bright glass windows, Sheila walked to the unlocked door in handcuffs. Thinking that the man inside the door was the man she had loved for many years and her husband, a sense of expectation rose in Sheila's heart.

He opened the door and sat behind the conference table with his back to the window. He had changed into a casual outfit today. He wore a grey T-shirt and a pair of coffee colored casual pants. At his hand, there were two shopping bags.

"Oh, you still remember to bring me a gift this time." Sheila sat opposite Francis enchantingly.

Francis pushed the shopping bags in front of Sheila and said, "The prison guards have checked them. They are all articles for daily use and a few books. You can read to kill time when you are free."

Sheila opened one of the paper bags and saw several black and white bras and a stack of underwear inside. Even though Sheila had been taught to be shameless in prison, she was still a woman who hadn't been in touch with a man for a long time. When she was suddenly sent these things by a man, she felt hot on her cheeks and her heart was beating fast.

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