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   Chapter 414 The Boy's Parents (Part Two)

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Thinking of the small pile of ashes in the trash can of the wedding room, Jasper immediately understood.

"Before I got the result, I struggled and didn't know how to face you. But the moment I saw the result, I suddenly felt relieved. You are the one I married from the beginning to the end. I think it's good. "

"Ashley..." Jasper was moved.

"At that time, you were still accompanying the guests in the hall. When I read the paternity test report in my bridal chamber, I began to imagine what would happen if I told you that I had known the truth? Nervous, at a loss, or domineering, you can't admit your fault. Anyway, we are married. The worst result is that you don't want to divorce me. " Ashley murmured, "... Unfortunately, all my guesses have failed. None of them is correct. "

"Ashley." Jasper felt that something wrong with the woman's mood.

Ashley couldn't help laughing and continued to walk forward. "Don't be so nervous. It has been so many days. Besides, we have reached an agreement. I will take it slowly. Besides, we have a child, don't we? "

Knowing that Ashley was trying her best to hide her emotions, the two rarely talked so calmly. Jasper was sensible and stopped talking about those annoying things. "Recently, Nelson has been asking you why you don't live in the Zhan family. He also said that he wanted to see you, but he was stopped by me. This child is getting more and more mischievous as he grows up. I'm afraid of disturbing you. "

"Haha." Ashley laughed, "Who else am I? How could he disturb me? What can I do to him if he bothers me?"

"Yes." The woman in front of him was not someone else. She was his wife and Nel

not that cruel. If I'm cruel..."

"I know." Jasper interrupted the woman in a low voice. "I know you are softhearted. I know I made you suffer."

"Why did you say such sweet words all of a sudden?" Ashley couldn't stand the sudden affectionate look from Jasper.

"Well, you'd better go in now." Jasper couldn't bear to see her like this. He pushed the woman inside with a smile and closed the door for her. "I'm going to have a meeting in the company tomorrow morning. The Zhan family is close to the company, so it's more convenient for me to go back to sleep. Go to bed. I'll be home soon."

"Be careful on the way." Holding the iron gate with one hand, Ashley looked at the man outside and said.

"Well, don't worry." Jasper walked to the car and opened the door. When he turned around and saw that Ashley was still looking at him at the door, her heart softened. "Go back quickly. I will come to see you again."

Ashley didn't want to look so reluctant, so she just restrained herself and nodded.

The man sat in the car sideways, started the car, and soon disappeared at the end of the road.

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