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   Chapter 413 The Boy's Parents (Part One)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 5993

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In the middle of the night, Ashley woke up and ran to the bathroom in a daze. When she came out, she lay on the bed but was no longer sleepy. Recently, she had been idle at home. The most thing she did was to sleep. Perhaps she had taken too much nap during the day, but now she was completely awake.

The curtain was not tightly drawn, and a white light came in, revealing a white line on the ground. Was it dawn? Confused, Ashley fumbled for her phone on the bedside table. It was only two o'clock in the morning. There were still several hours before dawn.

It was the moonlight. The moon was so bright tonight.

Ashley got out of bed, put on his slippers and walked to the window to draw back the curtain. The bright moonlight suddenly slanted down like water, illuminating his whole body. She couldn't help opening the window, and wisps of breeze came in. It was cool and comfortable. But she felt sleepless as the wind blew.

"The moon, the moon..." Looking at the hanging string moon in the sky, Ashley murmured, "You have experienced so many vicissitudes of life and seen so many sad and happy things in the world. How can you still be so bright?"

However, there was no answer to this question. The moon was still hanging in that position, quietly illuminating the ground without a sound.

Ashley withdrew her sight and was about to close the window to continue to sleep, but when she lowered her head, she saw a car parking at the gate. She couldn't believe it. She turned her head and looked at the man on the driving seat of the car in the bright moonlight.

It was Jasper.

Ashley's heart beat fast. How could he be here at this time? How long had he been there?

With a cigarette between his fingers, Jasper was looking in the direction of Ashley, and the two's eyes

and they had a child who was about to go to primary school. This feeling was very strange. She had thought that they were just lovers, but it turned out that there was a deeper bond between them than lovers. It was as if they suddenly became very intimate and a little strange.

Jasper looked at the woman next to him.

"I remember that you hated me to the core." There was a trace of memory in Jasper's voice. "We have gone through too much. We finally got together. I didn't dare to bet our future with your hatred, so I chose to hide it. But I didn't expect you to know that Nelson is your child. I'm sorry that I haven't told you."

Ashley's nose was a little sore. The child and the man were both a hurdle in her heart. No one knew how long she had been suffering and struggling for this matter.

Because of the shade of the trees, the moonlight only shone in, and the whole path was dim and blurry.

She turned around and looked ahead, "... Many people said that Nelson looked like me so I was suspicious. A week before the wedding, I took Nelson's hair as a sample and sent it to the identification center along with mine. On our wedding day, I got the paternity test report. "

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