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   Chapter 408 Wait for You to Find me

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"Ha-ha." Sheila laughed exaggeratedly, "Francis, you are really imaginative. Didn't you say that you wanted me to give you a clear answer? Now that you are confused about the child's life and death, I will tell you whether he is really dead or alive. These two answers are clear answers. You think too much. "

The surprise on Francis's face faded away. He leaned back in the chair with his arms crossed, "tell me, what benefits do you want?"

"Well, I have to think about it carefully." Sheila thought for a while and said, "although I can still live in prison well, I'm tired of facing a group of female prisoners every day. How about this? You come to see me once a week, and I'll tell you the exact answer. "

Francis was reluctant. He was not in the mood to see such a crazy woman once a week, let alone he was so busy every day that he didn't have so much time, "... Okay, I promise you. Now you can tell me. "

"You are so naughty." Having been with Francis for so many years, she could easily see through the man's lies. "Since you don't have this sincerity, I don't have to tell you. You can take your time to be confused. I'm going back to sleep."

Sheila pulled the chair back, stood up and walked out.

"Sheila!" Francis stopped the woman, "Do you think you can do nothing if you don't tell me? You are not the only one who knows this secret in the world. Now I come to ask you because I want to give you a chance. Don't be ungrateful!"

"Ouch, you scared 'your mother'." Sheila turned around. She had learned a lot from those women in prison and claimed that her mother was one of them. "If you are really so capable, you can investigate by yourself and why do you ask me?"

"Do you think I can't find it out? As long as I go to the hospital where Ashley gave birth and find the record of her hospitalization, everything will be clear."

"Oh, really?" Sheila didn't take it seriously. "It has been so many years. I really doubt if you can still find the record of that year, ho-ho... Just go ahead with your investigation. I'll wait for you to come back to me... "

Sheila winked at him and left the meeting room.

Francis was pissed off by this woman. He stared at her back with anger and hatred, as if he was going to poke a hole in her body. The dirty things Sheila had done were still vivid in his mind. He had no good impression of this woman at all, and more than that, he was simply disgusted with her. Today, he was able to speak kindly to Sheila, which had already tested his patience. Let alone let him come to see her once a week, it was absolutely impossible, even once a month!

He didn't believe that he couldn't find out the real answer without Sheila!

After Sheila left, Francis calmed down and left the meeting room.

When he drove back to the city, it was already dark. Instead of going home or going to the company, Francis went directly to the hospital where Ashley gave birth.

At this time, most of the doctors and staff in the hospital had been off duty. Francis went to the gynaecology and obstetrics department to find the person on duty. When he explained his purpose, the person looked

e contract with the SS Group, her acting career would come to an end. This was the artist she supported with her own hands. Cleo would never let her daughter fall. She had to find a new host for Aimee who could afford the penalty.

And the GT Group in front of her was a choice.

"Yes, it's because of Aimee's talent that she has become what she is today. It's a pity that such a talented person is buried like this. "

Francis also heard some meaning from Cleo's tone. Judging from Cleo's attitude, he knew that she seemed to want to make Aimee come to see the GT Group. This was undoubtedly a huge pie. For artists like Aimee, they didn't have to pay a pre investment to get a return. Moreover, her fame would attract more outstanding artists, excellent film and television resources and so on. It was absolutely a profit without harm.

However, there was no such thing as a free lunch in the world. Francis didn't think the pie was so easy to accept.

"Oh, it's difficult." Francis was distressed and asked the question he wanted to ask most, "Then what happened? Why did you offend both Jasper and Ashley all of a sudden? I don't know Jasper well. I know Ashley's temper. She doesn't fly in rage easily. "

Cleo avoided Francis's eyes and said, "Well... It's just the old stories between Aimee and Jasper... "

"Cleo!" Finally, Aimee couldn't stand it anymore and raised her voice.

Cleo was yelled to shut up. Francis raised his eyebrows and looked a little surprised. The whole room was filled with embarrassment and strange atmosphere.

In a fit of pique, she stood up from her seat and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Francis. I'm not feeling well and want to go to the washroom. Excuse me for my absence."

Then, before Francis could react, she picked up her hat and mask and left the room. Embarrassed, Cleo stood up and said, "Mr. Francis, I'm so sorry. I'm afraid it's inconvenient for her to have a wound in her hand. I'm going to see her. Can you sit down for a while? She and I will be back soon. "

Francis smiled as usual and said generously, "It's okay. You can go now."

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