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   Chapter 405 Test the truth

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Francis went back to his company with a stomach full of depression. He threw down his phone and closed his eyes, leaning against the sofa to slowly digest the anger and depression.

What Dylan said was reasonable. The destruction of an organization or a company was definitely not just an external cause, but more importantly, it was because of themselves. But even if he understood this, he couldn't save the GT Group, because there was no time left for the GT Group. The SS Group was imminent, and there was no chance for him to reform even if he wanted it to be reborn.

It was impossible for the GT Group to resist the SS Group with its own strength, so he had to think of other ways. On that day at the board of directors, he said that he wanted Jasper to leave the SS Group. It was not empty words. He had already had some guesses and plans in his mind, and only after his verification could he further implement them.

"Knock, knock, knock."

"Come in!"

The secretary opened the door and came in, "Mr. Francis, Jessie from the SS Group has been waiting for you in the meeting room for a long time. She said she had an appointment with you. Do you want to see her now?"

Francis patted his forehead and remembered that there was another thing. When he was waiting for Dylan in the teahouse, he received a call from Jessie, who told him that she had something to talk to him, so Francis asked her to wait for him in the company.

He looked down at the watch on his wrist. It was almost lunch time. "Okay, I know. Go ahead with your business. I'll handle it."

"Yes, Mr. Francis."

Francis took a few more deep breaths, adjusted his breath and mood, and stood up to look for Jessie in the meeting room. When he just walked out of the office, he bumped into Lewis.

"Mr. Francis, it's almost lunch time. Why don't you come here in the afternoon?" Lewis looked upon on Francis as his lazy attitude on work.

Francis didn't bother to explain what he had done this morning. He nodded and greeted him, "Hello, Mr. Lewis." Then he went to the meeting room to find someone.

"Have you been waiting for a long time, Jessie?" He opened the door and smiled.

"No. Mr. Francis is busy with work. It's okay to wait for a while."

"It's lunch time. What a coincidence! Let's have lunch outside to express my apology for having made you wait for so long."

"It's not that serious. But if Mr. Francis wants me to have dinner with you, I'd love to..."

It was the same restaurant last time, and it was also the same private room last time. The two of them were still sitting in their seats last time.

Jessie took out the script from his bag and handed it back. "Both Ashley and I like this script very much, but after handing it over to the company, the management thought it was not suitable for her, so she couldn't continue this play. I'm so sorry, Mr. Francis. I didn't make it, but still let you

tried her best to calm down, she still felt that the expression on her face was out of control. "Who is Mr. Francis talking about?"

"The child who sat next to Mrs. Mandy and was very close to Mrs. Mandy."

"Really? Is there such a person?" "I paid all my attention to Jessie on the wedding day. I really didn't pay attention to anything else."

Francis was sure that Jessie was lying, so it seemed that there was something wrong with the child.

Francis couldn't help but think of a child who looked so much like Ashley and was sitting next to Mrs. Mandy. What happened in the world couldn't be so coincidental. Most of the coincidences could only prove the truth. The child looked like six or seven years old. If Ashley's child was not dead, it was also at such an old age.

Francis felt that the adrenaline in his body was surging rapidly, and his whole body was hot... That child had a deep relationship with Mrs. Mandy, and perhaps he had some sort of connection with Jasper...

Perhaps it was time for him to go to the prison. He had to pay a visit to Sheila and ask the woman who was always good at lying. Was the child of Ashley really dead?

Jessie hung her heart and had a meal with Francis. After lunch, he was afraid that he would ask her some strange questions, so she couldn't wait to say goodbye to him.

"I'm so scared..." Holding the steering wheel, she wiped her sweat.

She drove all the way back to the Fang family's house. After parking the car in the yard, Jessie opened the door of the villa with her bag. "I'm back. I bought it..."

"Shh..." Lina ran over from the sofa and covered her mouth.

Jessie blinked her eyes, removed Lina's hand and asked in a low voice, "What's wrong?"

Lina pointed upstairs and said, "Mr. Jasper is here."

"Ah..." With her mouth wide open, Jessie asked, "Do you mean that Ashley has agreed to meet Mr. Jasper? Are they upstairs now?"

"Yes." Lina nodded heavily.

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