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   Chapter 399 Board of directors

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Back to the company, Francis was lying on the sofa tiredly.

It was totally an accident to draw Jessie over today. Whether this role would work in the future or not, Francis was not sure whether the five million was worth it or not. Stopping SS Group was not something that could work in one move. He could only try his best to arrange the chess, hoping to win Jasper in the future.

"Francis." The old chairman of GT Group, who was also Francis's father, opened the door and saw Francis lying on the sofa. "Are you too tired recently? Can you deal with the board of directors later?"

"Dad, you are here. Have a seat." Francis stood up from the sofa and said, "You haven't recovered yet. Why are you here?"

Tim shook his head and smiled, "You are silly. I come to the board meeting."

"Oh, yes, yes. I nearly forget it." Francis patted his forehead and said, "I was thinking about how to deal with those shareholders later. I forgot that you have to attend as the chairman."

The purpose of this shareholders' meeting was to select a new president.

As the chairman of the board, Tim held a concurrent post of president. However, Tim was getting old, and his heart was not very stable. In addition, he had a heart attack a few days ago, and the shareholders of the company were worried about his health condition. If one day he suddenly fell ill, it would be detrimental to the company's operation, so today's general shareholder's meeting was held.

Tim sat on the sofa and said, "The gambling agreement that year failed, and we have lost the absolute control. Although our shareholding rate is the highest among all the shareholders, as long as the other shareholders reach an agreement, we have no room for resistance. Now the company has begun to take Lewis as the leader. Today's general shareholder's meeting, I guess other shareholders will push him to the top. What are you going to do?"

Francis shook his head, "Dad, Lewis is almost fifty years old this year. In terms of experience and talents, he is far better than me. What do you think I can do? I think I'm not as good as him. "

Hearing his son's depressed words, Tim was angry. "Why don't you have any confidence?"

"Alas..." Francis let out a long breath and said, "I'm so tired. Why do I have to save the family business. Don't you think I don't have the ability to turn the tide like Jasper? Besides, GT Group is now facing internal and external strife. SS Group aims to annex our company. And we don't have the absolute control internally. GT Group is in hot water now."

"……" Tim wanted to beat his son when he thought of his son's cowardice.

"Although there are internal and an external strife, the board of directors will not mind it. The most important thing is how to exclude the external strife

end of this year, it depends not only on the result of resisting external conflicts, but also on the result of management. What do you think? "

"This method is very reasonable. I agree."

"I agree."

"I agree, too..."

The shareholders of the company seemed to have colluded with each other. As soon as Lewis finished speaking, everyone expressed their opinions. It seemed that the nominal chairman of GT Group was Tim, but judging from this context, once the president was going to be selected, and the board of directors was almost completely under the control of Lewis. There would be no difference for Tim and Francis were mere puppets.

All the people who expressed their opinions, together with Lewis's shares, had exceeded that of Tim and Francis's Francis wanted to object, but he couldn't. "Since you all agree, I'll listen to you, Mr. Lewis."

Tim didn't retort. He sighed in his heart and concluded, "Well, since everyone has voted, and the minority submit to the majority, the final candidate for the president will be suspended. From today on, the two candidates will respectively manage the half GT Group. We will see each other at the end of this year. "

After the board meeting, all the directors had their own business to deal with. They said a few polite words and left one after another.

"Mr. Francis, you are young and promising." Lewis patted Francis on the shoulder and said meaningfully.

Francis smiled politely, "Thank you, I'm flattered. Mr. Lewis."

"Ha ha, I'm not praising you." Lewis patted on Francis's shoulder again and said, "Young man, you are brave, but you can't win me. If you want to delay it for the first half of the year, just do it. Have you seen the situation of today's board meeting? I think GT Group will be mine sooner or later. "

Francis's smile turned cold, "Really? Let's wait and see."

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