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   Chapter 397 Meeting (Part Two)

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"Yes, sir." The secretary went out again.

After resting for two minutes, Jasper stood up, straightened his clothes and smoothed his hair. Less than one minute after he sat on the chair, there was a knock on the door again.

"Mr. Jasper." Dean came in, followed by several department directors and Jasper's assistant, Henry.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. Please have a seat." Jasper found some documents and took them in his hands, inviting everyone to sit down on the sofa in the reception area.

The secretary came in with a tray and put the drinks in front of them according to their preferences.

In front of Jasper was a cup of coffee without sugar milk. He had been influenced by Chinese food, so he didn't like such bitter drinks. But this kind of bitterness could keep him sober and rational in highly concentrated work, so every time at the meeting table, there was always a cup of bitter coffee put in front of him.

"What do you think about the strategic plan against the GT Group? Tell me."

"Mr. Jasper." The director, Mr. Colin spoke first, "have you heard about the secret alliance of the eight companies, including the GT Group, Seventy Mirror Group and Wutong Films and Television?"

Jasper nodded, "I've heard about it. Employees of GT Group and Wutong has told Henry about this.

It seems that not only these eight companies, but also their people have been in frequent contact with Hanfu recently. It seems that the Yan Family will also get involved. The Yan Family was not a threat, but now with the support of the Luo Family and the original reputation of itself, these business alliance work together to resist the SS Group, so we have to be on guard. "

"That's right, Mr. Jasper. I think we should take a long-term plan for the GT Group. It's not appropriate to push it forward immediately," the director, Mr. Allen said.

"So do you kn

re he has been, and whether there is any abnormal money flowing into his accounts. Keep it a secret and don't let others find out. "

"Yes, sir." Henry took the order and went out.

Thinking of the scene that several supervisors sat together quietly just now, Dean felt a little panic, "... Mr. Jasper, the problems of the alliance and Allen are still needed to be solved. Is the plan against the GT Group going on? "

Jasper looked over and asked, "What do you think?"

After thinking for a while, Dean said, "A group that covers an area of a certain area must always be strong and can't stop. Otherwise, what was waiting for this group would only be the erosion of the other tribes, because they would not be softhearted. Everyone wants to carve up the market as much as possible. If there is profit, there will be competition, and there will be no peaceful coexistence in the market. "

"Yes, you are right." Jasper nodded, "If I don't move forward, then what will wait for the SS Group will only be destruction. Either the SS Group will be destroyed by others, or it will die with time passing by, just like the time when I took over it. Therefore, the plan against the GT Group may be postponed or adjusted, but it will not be changed. "

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