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   Chapter 396 Meeting (Part One)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 6475

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"Mr. Dean, why did Mr. Jasper get so angry with Aimee? What happened?"

Several supervisors were sitting in Dean's office. A strategic meeting was going to be held at half past ten in the morning. As the meeting time was about to come, Aimee interrupted them halfway. Several managers came to the office of Dean and discussed first.

After a few minutes of discussion, they couldn't help but change the topic to Jasper. In fact, it was not their fault for gossiping. It was just that the noise in Jasper's office was a little loud. It should be said that since Jasper moved to the SS Group six years ago, he had never been so angry.

"I don't know." Dean shook his head.

"If only the hostess was there. She could persuade him then we would have a better life."

"Yes, Mr. Jasper really treats her... Yesterday at the banquet, Mr. Jasper kept his eyes on Ashley. Everyone can't help but sigh with emotion. Mr. Jasper is a cold man who seldom smiles in a year. How could he be so affectionate? It's rare for men to be so infatuated with women. "

"Heroes fall for beauties. It's rare to see such a beauty like Ashley in the entertainment circle for so many years. Even a normal man is tempted..."

"It's about work," Dean tapped at the table.

"Yes, you're right. I strayed from the point as I said." They brought the topic back.

"In the past few years, the SS Group has been too eye-catching. Many new companies have no chance to develop, and the old ones have difficulty in surviving. Now, many companies have formed an alliance to resist us together. If things go on like this, I'm afraid that our company will fall into a helpless situation. So, is it better for us to slow down the plan on GT Group? "

"I think so too." "In business field, harmony is the most important thing. A good market environment requires the supervision of competitors. If these competitors are eliminated, things will develop in the opposit

"Let's go," said Dean, looking at Jasper's office.

However, although he said so, he didn't mean to get up, nor did the others.

In such a weird atmosphere, Samson felt suffocated. He stood up as if he knew nothing and walked out. "I wonder if Mr. Jasper has calmed down..."

The others got up from their seats and slowly walked towards Jasper's office.

Jasper was sitting on the sofa in the reception area, with his whole face buried in his hands, despair.

He was drowned in despair.

There was really no way to make up for such a mistake. This matter would always be imprinted in his life, like a gap between him and Ashley, a gap that he didn't know how hard and how long it would take to cross.

"Knock, knock, knock."

"Knock, knock, knock,"

"Come in." Jasper didn't move.

The secretary opened the door and came in. Looking at the back of Jasper in the reception area, she said, "Mr. Jasper, it's time for the meeting. Should we start now?"

Jasper took his face out of his hands and looked at the clock on the wall through the messy hair on his forehead. The meeting was late for ten minutes. He was overwhelmed by tiredness and boredom. His handsome face was covered with tiredness, which could not be seen by others," ... Let them come in five minutes. "

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