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   Chapter 394 Apology

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"Clap!" Cleo slapped on Aimee's face and said, "Wake up. It's impossible for you and Jasper to be together. You will never be together! Think about the days when you were struggling in the mud. Did he ever want to save you? In his heart, he has always treated you as an employee, and that's all! "

Her face was burning. Five years ago, she had also been slapped in the same position.

It was the end of the first year that Jasper came to the Shengshi Group. Aimee had been working for him for more than half a year. In order to make himself familiar with the business of the agency as soon as possible, Jasper had recruited several more male and female artists, one of whom was Flora.

At the end of the year's meeting, Aimee had planned for a long time. She specially made up a dance for Jasper and showed it to him on the stage. After jumping off the stage, she returned to Jasper's side. Jasper admired her a lot, and she was elated by his praise. Among the several stars, Jasper was the one who cared about her the most. She thought he also had the same feelings for her, so she confessed her love to him when he sent her back to her residence after the annual meeting.

She still remembered the expression on Jasper's face at that time.

He felt surprised and headache, as if she was a big trouble that was difficult to deal with. That expression deeply hurt her heart. After that, her career went down rapidly. On the second day, she was informed by the director of the brokerage department on the phone that Jasper was no longer her agent and the new agent would arrange for her as soon as possible.

In a towering rage, Aimee rushed to the company and questioned Jasper, "I just expressed my love for you. I just like you. You didn't say anything, and now you are still avoiding me like plague. What do you mean?"

Then, the expression on Jasper's face showed that he had an incomparably troublesome headache. Without saying a word, he turned around and walked out of the company.

Those who were more mature knew to retreat with the flow, but she was too young to bear such a humiliation. She caught up with him and pulled him back. "Jasper, don't think that you are the successor of the Shengshi Group, so you can look down upon others like this. You didn't even say a word. What do you mean by that?"

Everyone in the company was surprised and shocked. They couldn't believe that she would treat Jasper like this. Only she didn't know what she had done.

The man looked at her with a different expression, helpless and alienated. "I'm not interested in you, and I don't like trouble, so I asked someone to arrange another agent for you."

The word "trouble" was more hurtful than "dislike".

Hearing that her precious love was described as trouble by a man, she was extremely angry and humiliated. She immediately slapped on Jasper's face and said, "If you encounter something, just dodge it. Jasper, are you a man?"

"Clap!" Then, she was slapped in the face. She took a closer look and found that the person who slapped her was none other than a new actress, Flora, who had just worked for Jasper recently.

"Aimee, I respect you, but I really can't s

ait at least three months to choose this kind of artist. As for other agents, there is no such situation in the company yet."

"Okay." Jessie was a little disappointed.

"You can do like this, Jessie." "I think there should be a lot of business shows and entertainment activities that take the initiative to find you here. Since Ashley doesn't participate in these activities, you can recommend other stars in the company. If it is successful, you can also get paid to increase your income, and this kind of operation doesn't violate the rule."

Yes, of course it could be operated in this way, but in the end, such an operation would only make other people's stars successful. After all, it was not a permanent solution. Moreover, those clients would have contacted her only for Ashley, but she always pushed some other people over. It wouldn't be long before she used up all her resources.

"It's not a permanent solution, and I don't want quick money. Since there's no new actress to choose, I'll think of other ways." Jessie stood up, "Sorry to bother you today."

"Don't mention it. We have been colleagues for many years." Samson also stood up. "If I have a suitable candidate, I will contact you."

"Thank you for your help."

"It's just a piece of cake."

"By the way," When she walked to the door, she suddenly remembered what had happened just now. "I just saw Cleo and Aimee walk out of here with a pale face. They didn't even greet me. Did I do something wrong?"

"Don't worry. It has nothing to do with you. Maybe they are in a bad mood and didn't see it."

"What happened?"

Speaking of this, Samson felt a little headache. "I don't know how Aimee offended Mr. Jasper again. She came to me and said hello to me. Then the two went upstairs to ask for Mr. Jasper's forgiveness."

Did Aimee offend Jasper? Looking at the direction of the elevator, Jessie thought that everything was fine at the wedding banquet yesterday. Was there a conflict with Jasper after the wedding banquet? 'Ashley came back home at mid-night and Aimee offended Jasper. Does these two things have any connection?'

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