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   Chapter 393 Banish (Part Two)

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"Nothing, nothing." Still in a state of shock, Cleo picked up her phone from the gap and said, "I just heard you say the word banish, so I was distracted and almost hit the guardrail. Now it's all right."

"Drive safely." "You don't have to worry too much about it. The most important thing is to ask Aimee what happened and see if there is any room for manoeuvre. I talked to Mr. Zhan in the office just now, so I couldn't ask him the reason or persuade him. You have to deal with it by yourself. "

"Thank you for your concern, Mr. Samson. I'm going to find Aimee right now."

"We are colleagues. You are welcome."

Cleo turned the car around and called Aimee, but no one answered. Cleo was anxious and irritable, gnashing her teeth in hatred. "Is she out of breath? Why didn't she answer the phone?"

According to Samson, since Aimee had offended Jasper, she should no longer be in the Zhan family. Yesterday, she shouldn't have left her alone in the Zhan family. She knew that she would make trouble every time she encountered Jasper. She should have dragged her out no matter what she said yesterday!

Thinking of this, Cleo drove straight to the residence of Aimee.

She lived in an old villa district in A City. This villa district had been built for a long time, and all the villas were single. Unlike the newly developed villas, they were all arranged in a row. Besides, the green area of the community had been maintained well, and the small bridges and rivers had never been broken. Those trees that had taken root were over twenty years old, and they were lush in summer, which added to the quiet and far-reaching interest of the whole villa area.

Because of the good security of the property management company, the entrance and exit of the entertainment circle were tight, and several stars had houses here, including Sean, who was also in the same company.

After being verified by the guards, Cleo drove all the way to the depths of the community. When she passed a corner, a black Cayenne was driving towards her.

Both Cleo and the man slowed down and stopped. She rolled down the window and said, "Sean, where are we going so early?"

"I don't have work these two days. I'll drive to the suburb for a ride," Sean smiled.

Next to Sean, on the passenger seat, another young man also showed his face and waved at Cleo with a smile. It was Zoe. "Good morning, Cleo. Are you here for Aimee? When we passed her house just now, we saw her car parking in the yard. She should be at home now. "

As expected, Aimee was at home.

"Thank you, Zoe. No matter how many times I called her, she didn't answer. I came here just to see if she was at home. It turned out that she was. I have something to deal with. H

ves deeply. The woman he married after laughing for a day! "

Cleo trembled with anger. "What kind of drug did you take to do that! You went to bed with Jasper and let Ashley see that. Do you think they will divorce because of this? Do you think you can successfully marry Jasper just because of one night's sex? No way! Jasper will only hate you! He hates you for ruining his relationship with Ashley. He hates you for ruining his marriage! He only wants to tear you into pieces! "

Hearing Cleo's words, Aimee's ears were buzzing with disbelief. After a while, tears fell from her eyes again. "But this is my only way. I have no other choice. Jasper is getting farther and farther away from me. I have no other choice..."

"Lady, please wake up! Jasper doesn't love you at all. He doesn't have any feelings for you. When can you accept this fact? " Cleo shouted with disappointment.

"I'm going to find Jasper..." Then Aimee got out of bed.

Cleo grabbed her arm and asked, "What are you going to say to Jasper?"

"I want to tell him what happened last night. I don't believe he will be so cruel to me."

"Come back!" Cleo threw Aimee's back to the bed and said, "if you don't want your career to suffer a crushing defeat and end up with a loss of both wealth and people, don't tell Jasper all this!"

"Why! What should I say? !" Asked Aimee.

"You have to tell Jasper that you didn't have sex with him at all. You told him that you did all this because you were not reconciled at last. You had to tell him that when you really faced him alone, you found that you did not love him anymore. Only in this way can you have a bright future! "

"No, it's not like that!" Shaking her head, Aimee said, "I can't say that. If I say so, there will be no chance between me and Jasper. My future will be really over!"

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