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   Chapter 387 Paternity Test (Part Two)

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"Sir, several guests are so drunk that no one came with them. It seems that they have to rest here." Bradley came over to him and reported in a low voice.

"Okay, I see. Uncle Bradley, you arrange it."

"Yes, sir. Don't worry. The room is enough, but..." Bradley hesitated for a while, stepping forward and whispered to Jasper, "Aimee said she wanted to rest here. Her agent wanted to drive her home, but Aimee didn't agree. She insists on staying here tonight. What do you think?"

There were many people who knew that Aimee liked Jasper. Not only in the company and industry, but also Bradley who took care of Jasper had heard of it.

Taking a look at the staff area of Shengshi Group, Jasper could see that Aimee seemed to be drunk and felt a little uncomfortable lying on the table. Sitting next to Aimee, Cleo tried to persuade her. Cleo tried to pull Aimee up from time to time, but it didn't work.

"She can live here if she wants." Jasper ordered.

"Yes, sir. I'll arrange it right away." Taking the order, Bradley left in a hurry without saying anything more.

After a short while, the two servants of the Zhan clan came to the side of Aimee. "Hello, we are sent by Bradley. He had arranged some rooms for you. Since Aimee is so drunk, you can stay here."

Cleo hesitated and looked at the direction of Jasper. "Did Mr. Jasper mean it?"

"I don't know. We came here according to the order of Bradly. We are afraid that Aimee will be drunk and can't walk steadily, so we come to help her."

After hearing this, Cleo took a look at the side of Jasper, who was talking to her friend, but didn't look here. Cleo sighed impatiently, "Thank you two."

of her hand obediently.

Cleo angrily picked up her bag and said, "I'm telling you, behave yourself in the Zhan family. Don't go around when you're drunk like this. You've made some trouble for me. Do you know..."

"Get out! get out! Run! " Before Cleo could finish her words, Aimee opened the door and continued to drive her out.

There were still guests downstairs. Cleo didn't want to attract the attention of the guests, so even if she was worried, she could only put the words in her stomach and was driven out of the room by Aimee. With a loud slam of the door by Aimee, Cleo was locked outside. The maid was helping another guest. Hearing the sound, one of them asked, "What's wrong with Aimee? Do you need our help?"

"Oh, she's fine. She just drank too much." Cleo smiled, "I still have work to do, so I can't stay here with her. Please take care of her if she needs in the evening."

"Ok, fine, we will take good care of Aimee."

Cleo took a last look at the room where Aimee lived. Although she was still a little worried, she could only put her worries in her stomach and left with her bag.

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