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   Chapter 386 Paternity Test (Part One)

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The wedding banquet continued from the afternoon to the evening. It was polite for Ashley to accompany the guests till now. After thanking the guests again and again, she could finally go back to the wedding room to have a rest with Jessie.

All the furniture in the room were newly bought. The bed and quilt were bright red, and there were also many "happiness" posted in the room, as if they had returned to the time when she married Francis.

"Ashley, sit down and have a rest. You must be tired after drinking so much, singing and socializing." Jessie helped Ashley sit down on the embroidery block in front of the dressing table, fetched a glass of warm water from the water dispenser and handed it to Ashley.

Ashley took the warm water and took a sip. The window of the wedding room was open, and the night wind of summer night came in from the window, and faint laughter of the guests could be heard. Jessie opened the drawer of the bedside table, in which lay a paper envelope. "Ashley, I've put the test report here. You can read it whenever you want to see it."

Ashley held tightly the glass in her hand, "... Okay, I see. It's getting late. You must be tired. Go back and have a good rest. "

"Okay, I'm leaving now. Call me if you need anything." Jessie was still worried about Ashley.

Ashley nodded.

After Jessie left, she was left alone in the room. Ashley turned her head and her upper body was clearly reflected in the dressing mirror. The woman in the mirror was dressed in a red cheongsam painted with gold, and her curvaceous body looked beautiful and graceful under the cheongsam.

The situation was so similar to that when they got married. Even the woman in the mirror didn't change much.

Ashley pulled the drawer of the bedside table again and took out the

at he was the one she married at the beginning, but she didn't know, and perhaps Jasper didn't know at the beginning. The two of them had gone through a lot of ups and downs. Finally, she married him, and he was her groom. It was like a wonderful cycle of reincarnation. They were still a couple on such a night with a red bed sheet.

So what? Didn't it matter? Didn't she know what kind of person he was? Why couldn't she see this as a fate arranged by God for her? Without this fate, how could she get such a perfect love that belonged to both her body and mind.

Ashley began to look forward to the future life. She began to think about what kind of interesting expression the man would have if she told Jasper that she had known everything. In the mirror, the beauty in a red cheongsam began to smile slowly with expectation and yearning for the future.

At the banquet downstairs, the guests had begun to leave. Jasper had been busy all day long. Seeing that the guests finally had the tendency to leave, he was relieved.

It was almost over. He looked upstairs. Although he was here, his heart had already flown upstairs. He couldn't wait to leave here and go back to his wife's room.

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