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   Chapter 385 Wedding (Part Two)

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Taking a look at her husband, Carla raised her glass with a smile and said, "I used to work with Ashley for 'the Nature of Nanshan', and I felt that I was very congenial to her. Today you get married, of course Dylan and I will come. I wish you and Jasper can be united and happy forever. Mr. Jasper, please. "

Jasper raised his glass, and so did Dylan. The four clinked their glasses and drank all in one gulp. After drinking the wine, Dylan only took a look at Ashley and said, "I wish you happiness and a happy marriage."

"Thank you." Ashley smiled and Jasper nodded.

Francis sat next to Dylan. After that, they turned to propose a toast to Francis. After all, it had been a few years since Francis and Max got married. Although Francis still had a place for Ashley in his heart, he sincerely blessed them since they had been married. "Congratulations, Jasper. You should treat Jasper well, or I will not be polite as an ex-husband."

"Don't worry, Mr. Francis." Jasper raised his glass and said, "Thank you for attending our wedding, please."


This table was full of mid and senior executives of other companies in the industry. They all toasted to each other with business contact. After toasting the people in this table, Ashley and Jasper went to next one.

After Ashley and Jasper left, Carla took a look at her husband and whispered, "What? Do you regret it?"

Dylan turned his head and said, "You think too much."

"Am I?" Raising her eyebrows, Carla continued, "The way you look at Ashley is more gentle than me, your wife. It's not that I'm jealous. Even if you don't think for yourself, please consider my position as your wife, okay? Seeing you like this, people might think that my married life is miserable. "

"Are you?" Dylan turned his head to look at his wife. God knows how free and unrestrained Carla had been since they got married.

Miss Carla was out of the control of the family, and the wedding room was for two people to live alone. It didn't matter whether she went out early or came back late, or she didn't come back all night. Dylan never asked. Nobody restrained Miss Carla. In the name of daughter-in-law of the Hanfu, she was busy with acting in various crews. Every time Dylan saw her, she would hum a song happily, not looking a little miserable.

"Am I not miserable? My only husband loves another woman. Is there anything more miserable than this in the world?" Carla shook her head and sighed.

Dylan turned around and ignored his wife's exaggerated acting.

Francis looked at the young couple next to him, feeling that he was fed with their love affection, which made his throat sticky. Francis took a sip of wine to sober himself up and looked around idly.

The three generations of Shengshi Group, and the wealth of the Zhan family was also very abundant. Although the decoration of this villa was not magnificent and dazzling, it covered such a large area, coupled with the complex garden landscape such as lawn, forest and rocke

ogether in the company. Thank you for taking care of me in the past two years. Today, I marry Jasper. I wish everyone can find their Mr. Right as soon as possible. "

"Thank you. I will." Morris raised his glass. It was out of his expectation that Ashley would suddenly break up with Dylan and be together with Jasper. But it's clear that how Jasper treats Ashley and he gave his sincere wish, "I wish you love each other for a hundred years and grow old together."

"Thank you." Ashley smiled and clinked glasses with Morris. She looked at Linda and clinked glasses with her. "Why are you so silent? Didn't you talk a lot before? Are you unsatisfied with my wish?

"The love between me and Zoe is full of twists and turns. It's rare to have a happy ending." Linda curled her lips and shook her head, "I'm so jealous of you. There are so many men around you, and each of them is better than the other."

"It's Ashley's wish. Whether it will come true or not depends on ourselves." Zoe smiled and clinked glasses with Ashley. "Congratulations, Ashley. You're married. You'll be our boss's wife in the future. We need your care."

"Don't flatter me like that. I'll be floating in the air. Everyone takes care of each other." Ashley was always modest, "come on, I will drink up. You drink as much as you like."

"Ashley is good at drinking..."

Sitting in her seat, Aimee took a look at Ashley who was surrounded by the crowd. She was depressed and drank up the wine again.

"Didn't you say something to me just now? Why do you keep drinking now?" Cleo stopped Aimee from pouring wine. "There are so many people here. If you get drunk, you will make a fool of yourself. Don't drink too much. If you want to drink, go home to drink!"

"What's the matter of getting drunk?" Aimee got rid of Cleo, "Didn't Jasper just say that everyone should have a good time and stay in the Zhan family if they are drunk? There are so many rooms here. Should I be afraid that there is no place for me to stay?"

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