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   Chapter 384 Wedding

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The guests of the Zhan family arrived one after another. Jasper went to pick up the bride, and his parents greeted the guests on and off the stage. About two hours later, the lawn was almost full of seats, and the wedding cars finally appeared at the gate.

The hall gradually became quiet. Important people from various industries who had been resting in the villa finally came out under the protection of bodyguards and sat in the front seats on both sides of the red carpet.

"There they are..." A low voice of surprise came to Aimee's ears.

The wedding cars finally stopped at the end of the red carpet. Six groomsmen in suits and six bridesmaids in blue dresses got out of the car first. They were all handsome men and beautiful women, and their smiles were eye-catching. After the groomsmen and bridesmaids, Henry opened the door of the car and Jasper got off. Then he went to the other side of the car and opened the door by himself, holding the bride's hand to welcome her out of the car.

The sun in early summer shone on the new couple, more eye-catching than six pairs of handsome men and beautiful women.

The bridegroom was tall and straight, and the well-tailored handmade suit was perfectly obedient to the man, making him look as dazzling as the sun god. The bride was holding a bouquet of flowers, wearing a pure white wedding dress, and the embroidery on the fabric was gorgeous and classical. There were diamonds on the dress, which reflected a clear and bright light in the eyes.

"Oh my God..."

"It's so beautiful..."

The sound of surprise rang in Aimee's ears one after another. At the end of the red carpet, behind a man and a woman with two little flower children, Ashley slowly walked up the red carpet, arm in arm with Jasper. The band also changed the music to Yoshiki's' Golden Globe Theme '. The gorgeous and prosperous music, like blooming flowers, bloomed in every corner of the venue.

Although her face was covered by a thin white gauze, Ashley's astonishing appearance reached to an extreme level under the haze of the white gauze. Even though Aimee had always been confident that she was a rare beauty, she couldn't help holding her breath when she saw Ashley at the moment.

She was so beautiful that anyone who saw her would stop.

"Oh my God! I finally know what a perfect life is. Is this the ultimate dream of all women?" Seeing that Ashley and Jasper were walking slowly from the other end of the red carpet hand in hand, Linda patted on the shoulder of Morris beside her and said, "Morris, have you seen that? The person who trained with us before has actually stood beside Mr. Jasper. It's like a dream. I really doubt if she has ever worked with us. She doesn't seem to be from the same world as us. "

Morris looked at the direction of Ashley and smiled, "Yes."

Don't they look like people from the same world? Looking at the two people slowly walking on the red carpet, Aimee's heart was full of jealousy and unwillingness. Why? Why did Ashley stand beside Jasper in the end? She had bee

d why Mr. Jasper, the great CEO, didn't get married all the time. It turns out that you didn't like the women before. "

When Jasper was about to say something with a smile, he saw from the corner of his eyes that Ashley was coming downstairs. He naturally reached out his hand to hold her, but found that her palms were full of sweat, "Ashley, what's wrong with you? Your palms are sweaty. Are you not feeling well?"

Ashley looked at Jasper with a touch of scrutiny and confusion in her eyes, which made Jasper's heart jolt. He had an intuition that something was wrong.

"No, I'm just a little nervous when I thought of toasting." That kind of look just flashed, and Ashley quickly covered it up.

Many people around looked at them. Although Jasper was uneasy, he could not ask anything at this time. He could only put his uneasiness in his heart and comforted, "Don't worry. I will be next to you when I propose a toast. I will remind you in advance if there are people you don't know."

"Okay." Ashley forced a smile and nodded.

At the beginning, the toast was to the elders present, then to their partners and friends, and finally to the ordinary guests in the entertainment circle and others. Although it was a toast, no one really dared to let Jasper and Ashley to drink one glass after another. Except for they who had drunk a few more glasses in front of the elders, later they only touched their lips and only drank one glass after several tables.

When the toast arrived at Dylan's table, all the people cast their looked at him intentionally or unintentionally. There was not only an ex-boyfriend, Dylan, but also an ex-husband, Francis.

Seeing that his ex-girlfriend had married someone else and he had married another woman as his wife, Dylan felt quite disappointed.

All the people present were looking at them. Since Ashley was more closer to Dylan than Jasper, she naturally raised the glass first. "Dylan, Miss Carla, thank you for attending the wedding of me and Jasper. I propose a toast to you."

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