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   Chapter 383 Marriage

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"Ashley, the result has come out." When Jessie walked into the bedroom, she found that Ashley didn't answer the phone, but head a mechanical female voice that it was not working time, so she waited anxiously for a while. When it was time to get through, she was told," ... They said the result came out at dusk yesterday and was sent by mail directly. "

Ashley's makeup had been done and she was wearing a wedding dress. Hearing the news, she frowned and looked back. "So, we can only wait for the document to be sent here?"

Even though she had been amazed by Ashley's beauty for many times, she was still amazed when she looked back. She looked dignified and somewhat unreachable coldness, especially when she wore the pure wedding dress specially designed by Aline, noble and mysterious... Such a stunning beauty was so unfair to her...


"Oh." Jessie regained her composure, "yes, they said the package would be delivered around noon."

This noon... Ashley looked out of the window and saw the asphalt road, at the gate of the Fang family, between the green branches. The wedding cars will arrive before noon. Can the package be delivered before it?

"…… Jasper, how's your first time to escort your bride back to the wedding? Are you nervous? " Bright on the passenger seat turned around.

While driving the car, Henry looked at the person in the rearview mirror and saw that Jasper glanced at Bright. "I'm very nervous."

"Ha-ha..." Bright laughed exaggeratedly, "Nonsense. I don't think you are nervous at all. You have a cold face since you were a child. How can you know what tension is. When I got married, I took the flowers into my wife's bedroom and knelt down nervously in the wrong direction... "

Bright brought up the embarrassing scene of his marriage. Looking at the rearview mirror, Henry felt that Jasper was really nervous. It was true that this man was seldom nervous as Bright said, but since Henry had worked for Jasper for many years, it was impossible for his work to go smoothly. He was lucky to see him nervous.

The man was just like this when he was nervous. He put his hands on his knees, his back straight, and his whole body remained motionless like a sculpture.

'It was true love, true love', Henry thought. It was the first time that he had seen Jasper so nervous that he was about to turn into a skeleton. It was more than an hour's drive from the Zhan family to the Fang family. Jasper sat still as soon as the team drove on the road.

The man didn't move until the convoy stopped at the gate of Fang family. Jasper took a deep breath to comfort himself that it was all right. He just walked in as usual and then held Ashley back to the car. It was very simple. However, even though he tried to comfort himself, Jasper's heart beat faster, and even his hands got wet.

Alighting from the car, Henry opened the back door and

man said.

Jasper looked around, opened the drawer of the bedside table and found nothing.

"Oh... Can't you find it? Get down on your knees before Ashley! "

"Hurry up!"

Seeing that Jasper was tortured like this, Ashley felt a little complicated.

Jasper was so decisive that he didn't feel embarrassed in public at all. He walked up to Ashley and knelt down on one knee. Without being urged by others, he looked at her and said, "I love you."

Ashley's heart skipped a beat.


"Jasper, did you do it on purpose?"

"Don't show off your affection with us. There are several single men..."

After observing the shoes for the first time, Jasper could almost guess the position of the shoes from the eyes of the bridesmaids. When he looked for the second time, Jasper walked to the thick curtain and looked at the bridesmaids before he took. He was sure that it was here. Then he opened the curtain and surprisingly found a silver high-heeled shoe behind it.

"Humph! It's so boring. " The bridesmaids exclaimed in disappointment.

"Jasper, could you please stop showing off your intelligence in front of us? We are so unhappy that we can't enjoy in such a happy day!"

"Jasper did a good job! We were all beaten up by them."

"Good job!"

Jasper took the shoe and knelt down on one knee. He carefully lifted up Ashley's feet and put it on. Looking at the careful look of the man, Ashley was even more hesitant. 'Was he the man? Should she marry him? Did it really matter who that man was?'

"Ashley?" Jasper held the bouquet in front of Ashley, only to find that the woman was hesitating. What was she thinking about?

There was a trace of worry in the man's eyes, which made Ashley's heart ache. She was still hesitating in her mind, but there was no result. Her body had already taken a step ahead of her and received the bouquet from Jasper.

A smile finally appeared on Jasper's face.

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