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   Chapter 382 The Morning Of The Wedding

Trial Of The Senses By Chang Du Characters: 10055

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On the wedding day, according to the schedule, Ashley got up early to make up like all the brides. Although it was in early summer and the night was short and the day was long, it was still dark when Ashley got up.

June, Betty, Jessie and two assistants also got up to help. The make-up artist slept at Fang's house last night, so they didn't have to get up early to travel a lot. The cosmetician was in good spirits when she helped Ashley with makeup, but everyone else was yawning.

Ashley's parents had passed away, and the only sister Sheila, who could barely be counted as a sister was also in prison. Her parents didn't have siblings, and her grandparents had passed away. There was no elder who could be in charge of this family.

Betty had watched Ashley grow up. Since Ashley had always treated Betty as her family member, the task of entertaining her relatives and friends later fell on Betty. Two assistants, Lina and Fay, helped her. After the three of them got up, they began to prepare fruits and desserts.

Ashley looked at the woman in the mirror who was slowly putting on a beautiful makeup. This scene was just like when she married Francis. It was also in this room, in this season, and at this dawn... Closing her eyes, Ashley couldn't help but think of the man on their wedding night.

Nelson looked so much like her. Would Jasper really be that man? If he was, what should she do? Did her hatred for that man disappear like this? But if it didn't disappear, what could she do? The wedding was right in front of her. Could she escape?

Ashley couldn't see her heart clearly, just like she didn't know whether she wanted Jasper to be that man or someone else.

"Ashley's lip makeup will be served when guests come. She needs to eat something later." June urged.

"Okay, don't worry, Miss June."

Looking at the woman with her glasses closed in the mirror, June couldn't help but think of the scene when she got married. "Your love path is bumpy. Finally, your wish is fulfilled. You must be very happy now."

"Yes." Ashley nodded her head, "It's still early. You can go back to sleep for a while, June."

June, who had just stopped yawning, was interrupted by what Ashley said. "I don't want to sleep any more. I'll go back to my room to make up. Guests will come soon."

"Miss June, please go ahead. I will stay here to help Ashley." said Jessie.

"Thank you. I'm going to put on my makeup." June stood up and left Ashley's bedroom.

Ashley looked at Jessie who was not far behind her and asked, "How's it going, Jessie? Can we get a result today?"

Jessie looked the cosmetician behind Ashley, "According to the date, the result should be out today. But I just checked the mailbox at the door, and it was empty. It should be too early to send it."

Ashley pressed her lips and hesitated. Today was the wedding day. If there was still no result before the ceremony...

"Don't worry, Ashley. I'll go back to my room and call them to confirm it. If it's already

of them were taken to the exclusive guest seats of the employees of Shengshi Group. There were many familiar faces sitting on the lawn, such as Sean, Sandy, members of FK, etc., they were blowing the summer wind under the sunshade made of flowers. Near the employee area of Shengshi Group were the famous movie stars and singers of other companies, as well as the executive director who had business dealings with them. Aimee even saw Francis, Dylan and his wife Carla. Francis was talking and laughing with the people in the industry, while Dylan and Carla were taking a walk side by side at the flower corridor in the distance, looking at the couple from afar.

"Have you heard what Mr. Jasper said just now?" After the two of them sat down, Cleo said in a low voice, "Aimee, he asked you to forget him.""

Looking at the direction of Jasper, Aimee didn't say anything.

"Aimee, guess if Dylan and Ashley have a contractual relationship or not? Why did they both attend each other's wedding as if nothing had happened? There must be something wrong. " Sean teased her.

"You are so boring." Turning around, Aimee rolled her eyes at Sean.

Shaking his head, Sean smiled, "People are always free and easy to live the happiest life. Look at you! You always look at Mr. Jasper. You can't see any flowers. "

Hearing Sean's words, Aimee couldn't help but take a look at the place just now. But after a short while, she didn't see Jasper.

"He went to pick up the bride." Sean was kind enough to tell Aimee.

"I didn't ask him." Being teased by Sean, Aimee retorted unhappily.

"Well, I'm flattered. I'd better go to find my Zoe." Sean turned his head to look at Zoe and asked, "Zoe, do you think Ashley and Mr. Jasper are a good match? Or Aimee and Mr. Jasper match better?"

Glaring at Sean, Zoe asked, "Well... I think both of Aimee and Ashley are good. It depends on who Mr. Jasper loves."

"Zoe, although your opinion is a little nonsense, it's a truth."

Zoe was speechless," ..."

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