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   Chapter 380 Wedding Dress

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"…… In fact, in many people's eyes, you are very lucky. " The host said, "As soon as you started you career, you were the heroine, and the stars who cooperated with you were all famous stars. Many stars have been working hard for so many years, but you have suddenly become such a high position. What do you think of this? "

The interview program was held in a studio. The decoration of this studio was very literary. Whether it was the books and porcelain on the Chinese style shelves, the paintings hanging on the wall, or the incense burner with smoke curling up on the table, all these indicated the cultural background of this place.

In the video, there were only the host and Ashley. They sat face to face on the dark brown sofa, and two cups of hot tea were placed on the wooden table in the middle.

"Luck is indeed a big element of success. In the entertainment industry, I don't deny my good luck." Ashley nodded, "I'm really lucky to have a good script like 'the Nature of Nanshan'. I met a contradictory and charming role like Penny. It's also my luck to get the guidance and care of so many elders in this circle.

But except for all the good luck, hardworking and capacity also matter a lot in making good use of the luck. Otherwise, the good luck will only end in a flash in the pan. "

"We all know that the reason why Ashley is so popular today is that we all care about your past. In other words, to a certain extent, these experiences have made you what you are now. Then, what do you think of your experience? Or will you feel lucky because of these experiences? "

"Never. I never think that these experiences are my luck." "I still don't like to communicate with people because of the abuse of my stepmother. Although there is no trouble for my communication in work and life, I still hate it. The unfaithful love of ex-husband and murder of stepsister also made me despair about marriage and doubt about love. "

"But it's undeniable that these experiences have helped you walk into everyone's vision. Someone said that we should thank the suffering, because it made us become more firm and strong. What do you think of this sentence? "

Ashley shook her head and said, "even if these experiences helped me become famous for a while, the harm it brought is irreparable in my life. Those so-called gratitude and suffering were just self-paralyzing poisonous chicken soup. Suffering was what it was, and no one could live better with it. The greatest happiness of a person is to try not to go into the darkness, because once you go in, you will never be able to come out, and you will always have a dark shadow on your body. "

"So do you think you are still affected by the pain" The host asked.

"In fact, to put it more vividly, it is as if the paper is painted with a few thick and heavy colors. Although the color of the pigment would fade with time, it would always exist and never be erased. Once something happens, it will never be erased... "

The theme of the interview: "The first half of Ashley's life, good or bad?" ...

Looking at the interview program which always had a mediocre audience rating, Jessie noticed that the audience rate rose sharply after Ashle

rld was unfair. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't be as confident as June to choose the top wedding dress at will.

The phone on the tea table rang. Jessie picked it up and found it was a call from a client.

"Ashley, I have some work to do. I go back to my room to answer a call." Finally, she found an excuse to get rid of the scene that stung her.

"Okay, go ahead with your work," said Ashley.

As fast as she could, Jessie went back to her room with her phone. However, when she arrived at her room, she didn't answer the phone. She just let the phone ring and finally hung up.

After hanging up the phone, Jessie called Griffith.

"Hello, are you busy now?"

"Not at all. I accompany the artist to participate a show. Now I'm having a rest at the backstage. What's wrong? "

"Nothing. It's just... I saw that Ashley was choosing a wedding dress and I was in a bad mood. I don't know when we can get married. "

Speaking of this, Griffith sighed wearily. "What do you think we should do? Your parents only agree to let us get married when I buy a three bedroom apartment at least without a loan in A City. You know the housing price of A City. Let along a three bedroom loan, we can't even afford a two bedroom. Why don't you listen to me to steal your household register getting married in private? "

To steal the household register again.

Jessie was annoyed and tired. She didn't want to do such a thing. It would be impossible to hide it from her parents forever. How disappointed and sad they would be if her parents knew that she got married secretly behind their back! She wanted to get married aboveboard. She wanted a wedding blessed by her relatives and friends. She didn't want to get married in secret!

The phone vibrated in her ear. She took a look at it and found that it was still the client.

"Well, let's talk about it later. I have a call from a client." Jessie hung up the phone.

Although she was in a bad mood and was not in the mood to work, only work was her only support. Taking a deep breath to adjust her mood, she cleared her throat and answered the phone with enthusiasm.

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