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   Chapter 377 Fame and Fortune

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Seeing that the two were quarreling more and more fiercely, Betty hurriedly wiped her hands and tried to persuade them, "Yes, Ashley, we all know that Jessie has taken good care of you. Although you are angry, your words hurt Jessie's heart."

"Okay, it's my fault. I didn't make it clear. I'm sorry." Ashley took a deep breath to calm herself down and said, "I want to express that if you really want to be good for me, I hope you can arrange my work according to my will. After all, this is my own career. I just want to act in silence. I don't need fame and profit. "

"Your own career? No, it's not your own business. It's our common business. " Jessie said firmly, "Your success or failure is also my success or failure. If you want to be ordinary, you have to ask me for my permission."

"Ha ha." Ashley couldn't help but laugh at her. "So I come back to the topic just now. The arrangement you have made for me is not completely good for me. Half of it is good for yourself, isn't it?"

"No, the arrangement I have made for you is completely in your favor." Jessie retorted, "I just want to make you more famous, consolidate your position in the circle, and let you get more benefits and fame!"

"But I don't need them!" Ashley raised her voice, "Don't you know what I have experienced since high school? My stepmother maltreated me, my stepsister schemed adultery on me, and my husband cheated on me. After entering this circle, the peers of the same circle have slandered and cursed me. Do you know how many scars I have suffered!

Jessie, I'm tired of the plots. I'm not interested in ups and downs and magnificent life at all. I just want a complete family and an ordinary job. I don't want fame and fortune. Those things will only bring endless disaster! "

"What a wonderful speech!" Jessie sneered, "That's you, Ashley. You have experienced enough of all kinds of things in the world, enjoyed enough wealth and glory, and now you are going to marry a golden bachelor like Jasper. You will be carefree for the rest of your life. Of course you can say that you want to be ordinary. But what about me? "

Jessie pointed herself, "I've worked so hard for so many years, and I've worked so hard and sweat. In the end, I don't want to be ordinary with you! If I can't be famous, I will never change my current predicament in life. I will always work hard for survival. If you want to be ordinary, why don't you ask others? You can ask Lina and Fay. Do they want it? Every assistant and agent in Shengshi Group dreamed of fame and fortune! Because only these things can change their lives, so don't say anything ordinary to me like this! "

Ashley was so angry that she even trembled with anger! It was obvious that she didn't know the hardships of the people, but she had suffe

have always quarreled with each other and almost divorced. Why? Because my son wants to have a clothing shop with his family's savings. He thinks that he can make more money in the future. My daughter-in-law is afraid that he will lose money, so she doesn't agree. "

"Two people. One wants to go left, and the other wants to go right. Just like you and Jessie, both of you think you are right. No one is willing to give in. In the end, they even made a fuss in the Civil Affairs Bureau to divorce. Now they are fine and live together, aren't they?"

"Then how did they settle the matter of opening a shop in the end?" Ashley asked curiously.

"In the end, the two of them discussed a compromise. They opened an online store." Betty was stunned when she said this. "Oh, I don't know these actually. All in all, we'll grope for a way out first. When we have experience and confidence in the future, we can purchase and sell by ourselves. "

"Okay." Ashley nodded.

"So, everything can be discussed. Don't go astray." Betty concluded, "You and Jessie want to move in a good direction, as if my son and daughter-in-law want to live a good life. With this common premise, they can sit down and talk about everything. Both of you show your own needs and find a way to satisfy both. Isn't that enough? "

Although what Betty said made sense, Ashley knew clearly that although she had a good cooperation with Jessie, there were too many problems exposed this time. The ideas of the two were almost completely different. One wanted to pursue fame and fortune, and the other wanted to act in silence. Under such a situation, Ashley really didn't have the confidence to discuss and reach an agreement with Jessie.

"I hope so." Ashley didn't have much confidence. "I'm afraid that we can't have it both way. Sometimes there is no way to get both in the world."

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