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   Chapter 373 Bracelet

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"What! Jimmy was taken away! "When did it happen? !"

"Don't be so innocent. If you hadn't told the police, how could the police take him away..." The woman with curly hair sneered.

"I asked you when it happened!" Adela grabbed the woman's shoulder and shouted.

The two angry women were finally intimidated by Adela's imposing manner. The short haired girl stammered, "In... In the morning, when we came out of the night club with Jimmy, we met the police at the door. Then he was taken away and there was no news yet. "

"…… What the hell is going on? " "I didn't say anything in the detention center. How did they take Jimmy away? How did they find him?"

"It's useless to talk about this now. You'd better find a way to save Jimmy. If that guy is stubborn and can bear everything by himself, it's really ungrateful. He did all this for you... Where are you going, Adela? "

Before the woman finished her words, Adela grabbed her bag, turned around and ran downstairs.

She couldn't wait any longer. She was going to the countryside now. She was going to find Jasper and Ashley to cancel the case.

On the other side, in the interrogation room of the detention center, as expected by the woman with curly hair, Jimmy was so buddy great-hearted that he confessed everything. In fact, he didn't plan to admit so soon. At least he had to meet his lawyer first. However, the police, who had been handling cases all year round, knew people well. They didn't directly ask Jimmy what he was doing, but directly asked something about Adela.

"Jimmy, I invite you here today to ask you a few questions about your friend Adela. As long as you answer me truthfully, you can go out soon. First, Adela sent someone to kidnap Ashley, but the result was that Ashley and Jasper almost died. Do you know why she did this? "

"What?" Jimmy was ready to be interrogated, but he didn't expect that the first question would be like this! Jimmy was stunned when he heard that Adela had sent someone to kidnap Ashley?

"I'm asking you, why did Adela send someone to kidnap Ashley?" The person asked repeated his question.

"Adela... She... Who said she kidnapped Ashley? " Jimmy stammered in surprise.

"Before we asked you to come to the detention center, we had interrogated Adela for two days. She confessed. Now she is imprisoned in the detention center." The interrogation officer lying.

Jimmy was shocked to hear the lie!

Although he was very angry and disappointed at her lie, he couldn't help but be touched that she had taken the blame for protecting him. Although Jimmy was a little angry about what Adela had done, he couldn't let a woman take the blame for him.

Jimmy gritted his teeth and said, "It wasn't Adela who did it. I did it. She was lying."

"You are telling the truth!"

Jimmy didn't notice the surprised look on the Interrogator's face. He nodded and said, "yes, it's true."

"Why did you do that?"

"At that time, I didn't know what was going on. I thought that it was not a good thing for Ashley to step in the relationship between Adela and Jasper, and Jaspe

an in the rearview mirror and asked.

"Nothing. I'm just thinking about what your mother said to me just now. She's easy to get along with."

"What? Are you worried about the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law problem?" Jasper teased.

Ashley rolled her eyes at the man and said, "if you had lived with my parents, you would have been worried about getting along with them."

"You don't have to worry about it. I have such a high position in the family, so do you. My parents will respect you and won't bully their daughter-in-law. "

"What are you talking about, dad?" Nelson cut in.

"Nothing. I'm talking about work with aunt..."

The two of them chatted about family relationships all the way. Nelson was the most talkative child, and he cut in from time to time. Time passed quickly on the way.

Adela didn't know what had happened to Jimmy until this afternoon. After she came out of the studio, she drove straight to the countryside. When she drove on the expressway, Jasper and Ashley were almost at the exit of the expressway. The two groups of people passed in two directions perfectly.

After getting off the expressway, Jasper sent Nelson, who had fallen asleep on the road, to the Zhan family, and then drove Ashley home.

At dusk, the roof of the villa area was dyed orange by the setting sun. The car entered the villa area and drove along the afterglow in the setting sun. About ten minutes later, the villa of the Fang finally appeared in the view of them.

"Why are there so many people around..." Ashley looked into the distance. There were about twenty people sitting or standing in front of her house.

"They should be reporters." "Didn't Adela tell the truth? You're innocent now. There must be a lot of media who want to get your first-hand interview materials."

"Then you can stop here. I'll walk over, or the two of us will definitely cause a big commotion if we show up together," said Ashley.

However, Jasper didn't stop the car. "So what? We are going to get married. Isn't it normal for us to appear together?"

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