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   Chapter 372 Did You Disclose The Secret

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10295

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"Adela, it's meaningless for you to persist like this. The truth will come to light sooner or later" The light in the interrogation room was dim, and only a pale lamp was on the direction of Adela.

"I don't know." Adela lowered her head, keeping saying that she didn't know.

"Adela, you need to understand that you are covering up the criminals. Once it is proved that he is the criminal, you will be punished together. If you confess now, you can take credit for it and be lenient to you during the trial."

"Think about it, Adela. You are the only child in your family, and your parents are waiting for you outside. Do you really have the heart to let them watch you in prison?"

Adela sneered in her heart. These policemen were nothing more than threatening and going to jail. Did they really think that she didn't know the law?

"We know you didn't do it. As long as you tell us the truth, we can immediately release you and reunite with your parents." The man said, just like slapping her and then giving her a sweet date.

"I don't know." Adela said.

The third day after the accident happened to Ashley and Jasper, which was the second day that Adela announced the truth. When she was about to go to work in the morning, she was taken to here by policemen. Adela had been tossed and turned for the whole day. She had been mentally and physically exhausted after being threatened for many times.

But she couldn't tell them that these policemen couldn't detain her for too long, because she didn't commit a crime, and they didn't have evidence to prove that she had committed a crime. As long as she could hold on these two days, once she was out of the police station, she could go to beg Jasper and Ashley to dismiss the case.

"Adela, do you want to refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit? " A man at the interrogation table suddenly pounded the table. "We have investigated this matter. On the day of the incident, you and your mother went to the countryside together and told Zhan family that someone was going to murder Ashley and Jasper. Why don't you say that you don't know? Do you think the police like us are all good for nothing? "

Adela closed her eyes and said nothing.

"Hey, you bitch!" Someone approached them quickly.

Adela opened her eyes reflexively and saw a male policeman rushing over from the interrogation table, waving his fist. But soon he was stopped by another male policeman who was obviously the boss. "Calm down!"

Adela sneered and said the first long sentence she came here, "Our Qin family has a good foundation in city A. if I get hurt during the detention, I will reserve my right to appeal. After I go out, we can settle all these things together."


"All right!" Shawn held his underling, "This round of interrogation is over. Everyone go out and have a rest. We can continue after we gather strength."

Several interrogators went out, and the interrogation room returned to silence. But Adela knew that the silence wouldn't last long. In less than two minutes, another group of people will continue

a workaholic. If he didn't come to work, he wouldn't have come back to the city. If Jasper hadn't come back, then Ashley wouldn't have come back either.

If it didn't work, she would drive to the countryside tomorrow. Adela thought to herself. She drove aimlessly on the street and finally drove to the familiar route to the downstairs of the studio.

There were still a lot of work to be done in the studio. It was still early. It was better to deal with some work.

After parking the car in the underground parking lot, Adela took a straight ladder to the first floor of her studio. As soon as she entered the studio, she felt a very tense atmosphere. She frowned and looked at her employees, "What's going on?"

"Adela." A typing young man whispered, pointing upstairs. "Your friend is here. He has been waiting upstairs for a while."

Her friend? Adela took a look at the upstairs and then walked up the stairs. When she was halfway up, she saw the two clearly. They were her two female friends who had come here before. Taking a deep breath, Adela continued to go upstairs and asked calmly, "Why are you here?"

"Why are we here? I have to ask you!" The girl with short hair sneered, "Miss Adela, you are really able to keep calm. You can still be calm after such a big event. No wonder you can deceive us all."

No one would feel comfortable hearing such words. Adela frowned.

"Don't talk so much nonsense with her." The woman with curly hair stood up angrily and rushed to Adela.

Before Adela could react, she was slapped hard across the face.

Adela was irritated by the slap. She pushed the woman away and shouted, "Are you insane? What are you doing here? Do you think I dare not do anything to you?"

"Bullshit! Believe it or not, I'll beat you to death!" The woman with curly hair stood firm and was about to rush up again.

The girl with short hair finally stood up and stopped the woman with curly hair. She looked at Adela coldly and said, "Adela, Jimmy was taken away by the police. Did you disclose the secret?"

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