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   Chapter 369 Questioning

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 9835

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In the afternoon, the winter sun shone on the bustling street in the city center. They went deep along the bustling street and took a few turns before they arrived at a hidden but luxurious modern building. There were many big trees around the building, separating it from the prosperity outside.

For many people, at this time, they were either busy with their work, or constantly looking at the clock and waiting to get off work. But at this time, for some people, it was just the beginning of a day.

In a room of the building, a young man woke up in the arms of two beautiful women on a wide bed. The thick curtains isolated the outside sunlight, and the room was filled with the ambiguous smell, making it look a little reversed day and night.

The man fumbled under the quilt and found his mobile phone. Squinting his eyes, he turned on his mobile phone and looked at the time. He yawned and was about to continue to sleep, but when he turned off his mobile phone, he was attracted by a news push. The headline of the news was eye-catching - Ashley Was Innocent-Adela Revealed the Truth of the Rich Family ...

The man's sleepiness immediately dissipated. What did he mean by saying that Ashley was wronged? What did Adela say?! He sat up from the bed, clicked the push button and continued to read the content.

The two women on the bed were awakened by the man's action of getting up, and they came up to him enchantingly. "Kerr, please sleep a little longer..."

"Yeah, it's still early..."

"Fuck off!" The man was annoyed and kicked away the two naked women.

She saw that on the mobile screen, there were pictures of how Rebecca called herself Steve's girlfriend and how she begged Max to hide it for her after the incident.

Was it true? Was it true! If it was true, then what was the point of asking someone to teach Steve and Max a lesson yesterday! No, he must ask her face to face!

The man got out of bed, picked up the clothes on the ground and began to get dressed quickly.

The two women on the bed looked at each other and didn't understand what was wrong with this man. [明明] was still gentle last night. But they didn't care what was wrong with this man. They were thinking about the money they hadn't got yet.

"Jimmy, are you leaving? What about us?"

"Yes. Can you..." The woman said and reached out her little hand.

"Bitch..." The man cursed, took out a stack of money from his wallet and threw it on the two women. "Get out of here!"

The two women didn't want to stay any longer. They dressed more quickly than the man. In less than half a minute, the two women had already dressed on the grass, took the money and bag, and left the room like wind.

The dark room was in a mess. Jimmy was absent-minded for a moment. He opened the curtain and the sunshine immediately filled the bedroom. Her eyes had been in the darkness for a long time. Suddenly, they were shone by the sunshine and clo

ese, she still felt embarrassed and guilty when the person she had really hurt was questioned like this.

"…… I'm sorry. I was too coward to say it out. " Adela avoided the man's eyes.

"I couldn't say it at that time. Why did you say it again only after a day? Now that things have come to this, once Jasper finds out that I did it, I will be a joke. Why don't you keep it a secret?" Looking at the woman in front of him, Jimmy felt distressed. "Adela, why are you so stupid?"

"Don't worry. It's all my fault. If Jasper and Ashley investigate it, I will take all the responsibilities." Adela promised.

"How can you take the responsibility?" Jimmy retorted, "I did it. It's an indelible fact. Even if there need someone to be punished by the law, it will only be me. It has nothing to do with you. Or do you want to beg Jasper and Ashley to let me go and not let this matter leak out like you did last time? "

"If begging them works, I'll beg them."

"No, thanks. You don't have to do that. I can't afford to lose face." Jimmy refused her with a cold face, "I made a mistake. It's all my fault. Adela, behave yourself!"

After saying the last sentence, the man turned around and left the studio.

Several friends stayed here for less than five minutes and left again. They turned on their phones, mocking, sneering, abusing The overwhelming negative comments spread all over the Internet. Adela closed her eyes wearily. She was wrong. If a person wanted to be outstanding, he/she needed to work very hard, but if a person wanted to become bad, it only took a moment to fall into the abyss.

Even if she had to bear the abuse, the pressure of the public opinion, and the fact that she lied to others that Jasper was her boyfriend, finally had an end. But Jimmy's matter hadn't been settled yet. She couldn't get him involved in this matter. Even if she went to beg Jasper and Ashley, she had to settle it down. She couldn't get Jimmy involved.

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