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   Chapter 367 Cliff (Part Two)

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Ashley's whole body had sunk into the cliff. The wind blew her, like the wind of the nether world brought by the God of death.

She looked at the man who was holding her tightly on the cliff and said, "Jasper, let go of me. If it goes on like this, the two of us will both fall down."

"No, I won't. I asked my mother to call someone up before I came here. I marked the road. As long as we hang on, someone will come to save us."

"But I'm afraid I can't wait for them. The snow is too slippery." As Ashley said, the two of them slid an inch deeper into the cliff.

Jasper tightened his grip on the ground with the other hand. "We can wait. We will all be saved. Don't worry. Everything will be fine."

In such a life and death moment, the man was still gritting his teeth and holding her tightly. Ashley's eyes were filled with tears again. "If we can survive this time, then get married."

The wind from the cliff blew in his ears, and Jasper thought he had misheard. "Don't you care why I stopped you from investigating that man?"

"I don't care." Ashley shook her head and said, "It doesn't matter anymore."

"Aren't you afraid of trusting the wrong person?"

"I'm not afraid." With tears in her eyes, she looked at the man who was holding her tightly and said, "We have experienced life and death together. There is nothing to be afraid of."

At this time, in the small courtyard at the foot of the mountain, Adela and her mother finally arrived at the mourning ceremony.

It was late. Almost all the guests who came to mourn Bruce had left. Albert, Mandy and Tom were sitting in the corridor in silence.

Holding her daughter's hand, Kelly walked towards them with hesitation. "Sister."

Mandy looked up and said nothing.

"Sister, where is Jasper? Is he here? Adela has something to talk to him." Kelly said brazenly.

Mandy was well-educated. Although she didn't want to talk to Kelly at all, she still said, "If you have anything to tell, just tell me. Jasper isn't here."

"Not here?" "Then where did he go? Auntie Mandy, I really have something to talk to Jasper. My friend said he wanted to help me vent my anger and teach Jasper and Ashley a lesson. Where are they now? "

"What?" Mandy sat up from the bamboo chair and stared at Adela with red eyes. She was about to slap her. "It's you again! It's you again!"

"Honey!" Albert pulled her back and said, "Calm down."

"How can I calm down?" Mandy finally lost her composure and shook off Albert. "It's getting dark. My son's life is still uncertain. How can I calm down?"

"Is it..." Kelly couldn't help covering her mouth.

"Yes! My son and Ashley had an accident. You are satisfied! Adela, are you satisfied! You won't give up until you kill them! " Mandy's heart ached and shouted at Adela.

Adela's ears were buzzing and her mind was blank.

"You just want your face! I just want your reputation! Who was to blame on that thing? It's all your fault! You are not reconciled to ruin Ashley's reputation. Now you want to kill the two of them, right! Why don't you go to hell! Why don't you go? " If Albert hadn't stopped her, she would have strangled the idiot in front of her.


and we hold on, we will definitely wait for them to save us. "

Ashley wanted to tell the man with a smile that she was not worried, but she just squeezed out a smile and tears fell again. "Okay, I'm not worried."

On the other side, Henry almost ran up the mountain with his people. The flashlight was on all the way. Finally, they arrived at a messy forest. The mark made by Jasper also disappeared.

"It must be near here. Let's look for it in three different directions. Be careful, in case the kidnappers are alerted..."

"Special Assistant Henry, I think we'd better call him." One of the bodyguards suggested.

"Yes, you are right..."

On the platform, Jasper was listening carefully to the wind as he tightly grasped Ashley. Suddenly, he sensed something unusual. "Ashley, it seems that someone is coming."

"Are they those people?" asked Ashley nervously.

"I don't think so. They must be very noisy. They should be our people." After Jasper finished his judgment, he shouted, "Is anyone nearby? Is anyone here? "

They were close to each other. Just as they were about to speak, they heard the voice of Jasper. "It's Mr. Jasper! It's Mr. Jasper! Mr. Jasper, I'm Henry. I'm here with my people! "

"Hurry up and pull us up! We are going to fall into a cliff! "

The voice of Jasper almost scared Henry out of his wits. "Mr. Jasper, hold on. We'll go up immediately!"

The mountain in winter was extremely quiet. Even if there were trees blocking it, the sound of shouting with all the strength could be transmitted far away. Hearing the voice of Jasper, Albert and Mandy immediately became paralyzed with fear.

Adela and her mother, who were standing behind them, were so scared that they almost fainted.

"Hurry up! Run! " Kelly urged, "Don't let anything happen to Jasper and Ashley! Otherwise, our Qin family will be ruined, and so will you! "

"That's right. Let's go..." Regardless of the pain on her feet, there was only one thought in her mind, which was that she couldn't let Jasper and Ashley die. If they died, her conscience would never live in peace for the rest of her life.

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