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   Chapter 366 Cliff (Part one)

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Jackson was obviously moved, and his eyes were full of excitement. "Do you mean it? How can you make us believe that you won't break your promise?"

"Give me a cell phone. I can call my assistant now. One hundred thousand dollars in advance will be transferred to your account soon."

"Don't fall into his trap!" The man on the other side of Ashley said, "We just asked them to take off their clothes to freeze for a night. How could they take out ten million? As long as we give him the account, we can't guarantee that he won't find us according to it. At that time, everyone will be sent to prison! "

"Fuck!" The red-haired man cursed, "Hardy, you son of a bitch! You refuse to accept ten times of money and doubt one hundred times of it he offers. What do you two want? It's not your legs that are broken, right? "

"Ten million may be a lot in your eyes, but it's not that important to me. I will give you a lot of money if you let go of Ashley." "Don't worry. I won't take any revenge on you."

"You rich people don't care about the money." Jackson sneered, "Hardy, say yes. Ten million."

"No way! We kidnapped Ashley. What will happen if we are found out? You think it's so easy to get money from a rich man. Don't be naive. " Hardy continued, "Jasper, don't talk nonsense. Take off your clothes. We won't do anything to Ashley, so there will be a woman to help her. If you behave well, we can go back to report."

Jasper took off the watch on his wrist and said, "I bought this watch at the cost of fourteen million. Now you release Ashley, and this watch belongs to you."

Everyone gasped again.

"Hardy! Hardy, say yes! " The red haired man looked closely at the watch, trembling with excitement. "I know this watch. Jasper doesn't need to wear a fake watch. About fourteen million! Why do we still need the one hundred thousand from our employer? "

"Yes, Henry. Aren't you worried that Jasper will track us down through our account? With this watch, we don't have to worry about that." The fat man was also excited.

"Yes, yes. Say yes! Even if I can't sell it at the original price, I can sell it for ten million! " The woman who had been silent finally chimed in excitedly.

The sun in the west completely went down, leaving only a gorgeous evening glow at the end of the sky.

Hardy finally began to sway. He looked at the watch in Jasper's hand and swallowed secretly. 'Fourteen million! These rich people are fucking rich! One watch is enough for them to live for their whole lives!'!

"Okay, I promise you!" Finally, Hardy agreed, but he tightened his grip on Ashley's hand. "Come here and give me the watch. I'll let go of her immediately."

"Wait!" Jackson said and looked suspiciously at Hardy on the other side of Ashley, "We are all gathered together by Jacob. This watch should be given to him, and he will naturally distribute the money to us equally. It's inapp

g as you save the two of us, I will give you ten million. Trust me. " Ashley looked at the woman not far away.

"But I... I'm afraid..." The woman hesitated for a while, looked at the direction of her companion, and finally bit her lips and stamped her feet. "Okay, I'll pull you and hope you can keep your promise."

"Don't worry. I'm a man of my word."

The woman approached the cliff with her trembling legs, lowered her body and grabbed Jasper's feet. "Then I'll exert more strength."

As she spoke, she closed her eyes, gritted her teeth and exerted force. The bodies of Ashley and Jasper then moved sideways to the platform. The woman was overjoyed. She took a step back with her trembling legs. When she was about to exert more strength, she lost her balance and her body was suddenly pulled down by the gravity of the two people!

"Ah!" The woman screamed and her falling body hit Jasper, and then Ashley's body slipped down again!

"Jasper!" Ashley's heart almost jumped out of her throat.

Jasper grabbed Ashley's hand tightly, and with the other hand passing through the snow, he grasped the soil under the snow hard. In a rapid sliding, he finally stopped the two of them from falling.

"It's fine... It's fine... " Jasper was also frightened by the sudden accident. His forehead was covered with sweat. He stopped sliding and comforted Ashley, "Don't worry. It's okay."

The woman was scared out of her wits. She kept rolling away from the cliff. "I can't save you! I can't save you! Sorry... I'm sorry. I don't want the money. You only can pray for yourself! "

The woman said as she ran away with her hands and feet, as if here was the mouth of a giant beast, which would swallow her alive if she was late.

The platform at the edge of the cliff became quiet again. The evening glow in the sky had turned into dark red, and the sky had also turned from gray blue to dark blue. The night was about to fall.

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