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   Chapter 365 One Hundred Times

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It took a long time for Ashley's consciousness and the fettering force in her mind to break free. Her consciousness returned to her mind and she struggled to open her eyelids.

The cold wind blew on her cheeks, making her delicate skin feel like being cut by a knife. She blinked her eyes back and forth, and finally saw a magnificent scene in the misty sight. At the end of the gray blue sky, blood red and orange clouds intertwined, huge, vast and boundless, covering the endless mountains on the ground, as if a God from the heaven had thrown down a huge dress, which was so magnificent that it made people tremble.

"Well, you're awake. Jasper is coming soon." A man said.

Jasper? When Ashley looked back from the direction of the sunset, she found that her whole body was tied up and could not move at all except for her head.

She lay on the ground and looked around. Four men and a woman were wearing masks and black knitted hats. The scene before she passed out came back to her mind - after she sent the guest away, her mouth and nose were covered by a handkerchief with a pungent smell, and then she was restless.

"What do you want?" said Ashley.

"Hey, you are really a couple. The first sentence you two say are exactly the same." A man walked up to her and squatted down. His red hair was exposed under the brim of his hat. It could tell he was very young from his skin. "We want both of you to die. Do you believe it?"

"Who sent you here? I don't remember to provoke the enemy who wants my life. "


"Don't talk nonsense with her. She is just bluffing." The fat man came over and dragged the red haired man away. "As long as Jasper comes, we will come back as soon as we get things done. Why do you talk so much to her?"

No one answered her again.

While walking along the road, Jasper threw a corn grain in the unremarkable snow on the roadside. Finally, he walked through a messy forest along the footprints of the snow and passed a slope. He finally saw a figure a few meters away. Five people, and a figure lying on the ground, Jasper's heart shrank. The person lying on the ground must be Ashley.

Burying the rest of the corn in the snow, Jasper took a deep breath and climbed up the last steep slope on snow and rocks.

"Hey, here you are." The man with red hair said, "you two, lift Ashley up."

Ashley was pulled up from the ground. When they stood up straight and raised her, she was too weak to use any strength. Obviously, the drug had not completely gone. She saw Jasper's familiar figure walking out of the forest. Perhaps it was because of the strong wind in the mountain, his hair was a little messy.

Ashley's heart ached. She was going to break up with him. Why did he still come here.

Jasper stood on the platform. S

only man who had been silent till now said coldly, "Isn't he still alive? It's just one of his legs. After completing the task and getting the money, you can put on the prosthesis."

"Hardy!" The red haired man was so angry that he almost stood up, but was stepped back hard by Jasper.

The only woman didn't say anything. She just looked back and forth between the four men. She didn't say or do anything, and she would stand on the side of the one who could get the most profit.

Jasper also saw clearly that the red haired man under his feet, the fat man opposite him, and the woman who had been scheming all the time were easy to deal with. The difficult thing was the two men who were holding Ashley.

It didn't matter if he took off all his clothes. There were four men here, and he didn't care about the only woman. But with the conservative personality of Ashley, she even had to struggle for a long time to wear a backless dress, let alone being naked in front of four strange men.

"Jasper, have you made up your mind?" Jackson asked.

"One hundred times more money." Jasper said.

"What?" The two men who were holding Ashley didn't understand.

"How much money will they give you? I can give you one hundred times."

Everyone gasped.

"One hundred times!" The red haired man screamed, "Do you know how much it is? Jasper, you know how much we have taken to do this. You can give us one hundred times!"

"Oh? How much did you take? " Jasper asked.

"The five of us took a total of one hundred thousand. If you give us one hundred times, it will be ten million!" The red haired man said, almost out of breath. "Oh my God, then each of us can get two million, two million! Jackson, you don't need to look at the ass of a rich man with two million dollars! Two million is enough for you to see the butts of thousands of women!"

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