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   Chapter 364 Kidnapping

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"Mom, what should I do? No one answered. How about you call auntie Mandy?"

Gritting her teeth, Kelly took her phone from the bedside table and dialed Mandy's number. The phone rang for a while, but no one answered. Kelly put down her phone and guessed, "Maybe they are busy with the funeral, so they don't bring their phones with them."

"Then what should we do?" asked Adela anxiously.

"What should we do? Can't you figure it out yourself!" Kelly was pissed off by his question. "You can't do anything well, and you always make trouble for me!"

"It's not me to make the trouble!" Recently, Adela had been cared about by the people around her every day. She was under great pressure, and her own parents had been ridiculing her every day. She felt sad and aggrieved.

"If it's not you who make the trouble, then who's the initiator? If you didn't think that Jasper was dating you on your own wishful thinking, if you didn't refuse to explain to the people around you earlier, would things be like this?! Do I need to kneel down to beg others for mercy?! Do your friends take revenge on Jasper and Ashley for you?! Whose fault is?"

"Okay!" Adela stood up from the bed at once and said, "Then I'll announce it to the public now, so that you won't satirize me every day! I don't want you to say that I'm not responsible for it! Anyway, I have had enough of all this! "

"Adela." Kelly grabbed her daughter's arm and said, "Are you stupid? I knelt down in exchange for it. And you say you don't want it, so I knelt down for nothing! Let me tell you, this is the price you should bear. Bear it well and remember to be smart in the future! "

Adela shook off her mother's hand, turned her head and said nothing.

Kelly thought for a while and got out of bed. "Since they don't answer the phone, let's go to the mountain to find them by ourselves."

"Mom!" Adela said in surprise, "Didn't we break off relations with the Zhan family? It's too embarrassing to go to the mountain at this time. The Zhan family must be unhappy. I won't go."

Kelly was so angry that she gritted her teeth. She really wanted to give her daughter a kick. "Is face more important? Or the safety of Jasper and Ashley more important? If anything happens to the two of them, you will be cursed by them! "

In the small courtyard at the foot of the mountain in the countryside, Jasper looked around, but he didn't see Ashley in the bedroom, kitchen or backyard.

Mandy walked over and said, "Where can she go for no reason? This child doesn't seem to be the kind of person who leaves without saying goodbye. Did she go up the mountain?"

Jasper shook his head. He recalled the last time he saw Ashley was her slender back when she send the guests away after the mourn ceremony.

All of a sudden, Albert's father passed away, and Albert cried in front of Bruce's body. There was almost no hope for him to pay attention to Ashley. As for Nelson, he was still a little boy and had been sent to his neighbor's house to take care of him. As for Jasper and his mother Mandy, they were busy greeting the guests, so neither of the two paid atten

lost in the mountain."

"…… Look! " The only woman screamed, "Is this woman going to wake up? I saw her head move just now!"

"Oh, my God!" The red haired man covered his chest and said, "It's getting dark. Can you stop being so shocked?"

"No, I really saw her move just now!" The woman pointed at Ashley and said, "It is said on the Internet that this woman is good at fighting against four men alone. How about we give her some anesthetic?"

"Her arms and legs have been tied. What are you afraid of?" The red haired man scolded, "Give her some more medicine. If she doesn't wake up when Jasper comes, how can we continue the following things?"

The woman was scolded to shut up.

Ashley only felt that there was a very harsh sound around her, and her mind was buzzing with this sound, but she still could not think of anything. Her consciousness seemed to be bound by something. She struggled to release it to think about something, but she couldn't break free from it anyway.

The four men were divided into two groups to carry Ashley. they changed shift after climbing a section of mountain road. Finally, they arrived at the appointed place before Jasper got there.

This was a flat natural platform halfway up the mountain. The platform was surrounded by trees on three sides, and on the other side was a cliff. No one knew how deep the cliff was. Looking down from the platform, only the white rolling clouds covered the unknown danger.

The men collapsed on the ground. "Damn it! It's really not human work to carry a living person up the mountain. I'm so tired."

"I'm so tired, damn it."

The woman was in charge of watching over Ashley. She squatted on the snow and looked at the woman on the ground. In the setting of snow, the woman's skin was more like white glow. Her face was bright and soft, and her eyes were closed like a pair of curved crescent lines. Her lips were full and perfect, and there was healthy light pink floating on them.

"This woman is so beautiful Ah, she is going to wake up. Her eyes are moving! " The woman screamed again.

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