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   Chapter 362 Passed Away

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10373

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The snow was getting heavier. It had only snowed for a while in the yard, and Nelson's head and body were covered with snow.

Mandy came out of another room and said, "Ashley, let's go to play mahjong. With Tom and Albert, we four can make a group."

Just as Ashley didn't know what to do to avoid Jasper, Mandy's invitation came at the right time. She happily agreed, "okay."

"Nelson." Mandy called out to Nelson, who was still ski in the yard. "Are you cold in the snow? Do you want to come in and see us playing mahjong?"

"I'm not cold. I want to slide..." As soon as he finished speaking, he squatted down because of his distraction.

Seeing this, Ashley was flustered and hurried to help him up. Mandy pulled her and said, "It's okay. The boy is tough. He often falls mischievously. He will be fine in a while. Let's play mahjong."

Ashley was still a little worried. After taking two steps, she turned around and saw that Nelson got up by himself. He patted the snow on his body and continued to play. Then she was relieved.

Jasper looked at Ashley who was leaving, and then looked at Nelson who was playing with snow in the yard. They didn't know that they were biological mother and son. The two people were so close to each other, but they couldn't recognize each other. Was it right for her to hide it from Ashley? Was he too selfish?

"Dad, come and play with me." Nelson invited him in the yard.

Jasper was not interested in such boring games when he was a child, let alone at such an old age. He felt more bored. "No, I want to go to great grandpa's room. Will you go with me?"

After playing for a while, Nelson was tired. "I'll go with you."

The temperature in the room was more than 20 degrees higher than outside. As soon as the two entered the room, they were surrounded by the hot air.

"Wow, it's so warm." Nelson said in a low voice.

Jasper looked at Bruce by the bed. He was still asleep. He took Nelson to a rattan chair by the window and sat down. Then, Nelson climbed on his legs and sat in her arms to get the preserved fruit on the table to eat. Jasper took out a piece of wet tissue and handed it to the boy. "Wipe your hand before eating."

Obediently, Nelson wiped his hands. Then he threw the used wet tissue into the trash can at the side and returned to Jasper's arms, continuing to eat the preserved fruit quietly.

Outside the window, it was snowing quietly. Through the window lean and the flying snow, one could see the mountains shrouded in mist in the distance. Jasper looked at the mountain range, as if he had been sitting alone under the window when he was a child and looking at the clouds in the sky for a day.

At that time, when Jasper looked at the mountains, the sea, the moon and the stars, he had only endless confusion in his heart. Now, he was no longer confused about the previous problem. He felt that the world was too boring, really too boring.

The boy in his arms twisted and adjusted a new comfortable posture. Jasper lowered his head and saw the boy's straight back and a fluffy head. Nelson was an accident in h

is no negative news about her on the Internet. "

"Yes, what a shady deal! No one will remember such a trivial thing in a few years after such a dealing way. Ashley is still living as she should..."

"Thump! Thump!" Adela stepped on the stairs with her high heels.

The discussion downstairs suddenly stopped.

Pretending not to hear anything, she yawned and went downstairs. "Why are you still working? It's already nine o'clock."

"We'll leave soon."

"I still have some work to finish."

"I have something to deal with."

"Really? Then I'll go first. I'm so sleepy after a whole day's drawing. I have to go home and sleep quickly." Adela waved her hand and said, "You can go home now."


"Take care, Adela."

"Bye, Adela."

With her handbag in her hand, Rebecca walked out of the house. After walking far away, she seemed to hear the people talking about her behind her. She opened the door and got in the car. After sitting there for a few minutes, she started the car and drove home.

Many restaurants along the road hadn't closed yet. Looking at the restaurants nearby, even though she was starving, she was not in the mood to eat at all. She just felt tired. She just wanted to have a good sleep in a place where there was no lie and no one would talk about her.

The lights in the living room of the Qin family were still on. It was left for her. After entering the house, she changed into slippers and turned off the lights. When she passed by her parents' room, she heard a loud argument inside, and her name was faintly mentioned.

"…… I won't... I lost my face because of Adela... "

"…… You asked for it... "

Clenching her handbag, she wanted to tell everyone the truth, so that they could stop talking about her endlessly. But she still didn't have the courage. Compared with lying and others' pity, she was more afraid of being laughed at.

"…… If we don't go to mourn for Bruce, what will the people in the circle think of us?"

Adela suddenly stopped. She thought to herself, 'To condole Bruce? Is he dead?'

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