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   Chapter 360 Bruce

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"Because... Because I... " Because I'm that man, because I don't dare to let you know. Jasper's lips moved up and down, but he couldn't make up a more reasonable reason.

Looking at the man's speechless face, Ashley finally said the reason she didn't want to believe the most. "Is it because in your eyes, it is a shameful and dirty past, so you don't want me to mention it, so you try every means to stop me."

Jasper looked sideways in surprise. "Why do you think so?"

Ashley's eyes were full of despair. "Isn't it true? What other reason can you have except this one?"

"Of course not." Jasper denied, "You guessed that because you thought it was a shame. That's why you think I share the same mind as you."

"Yes, of course I think it's a shame!" "That was my first time. I didn't give my lover my best night, but a man who I didn't know about his height and weight! What do you want me to think of this experience? Forgive? "

Every word and every sound that Ashley said was dripping with blood, like a knife stabbing into the heart of Jasper, making him heartbroken. He had thought that she hated him, but not that much.

"Do you know that every time I am with you, I will think of that night... That man has been following me like a shadow. The more I want to get rid of him, the clearer my memory will be... " "I wanted to escape from this shadow, but you stopped me because of shame. I hate myself more that I can do nothing to you..."

"Ashley." Jasper's explanation sounded powerless. "I really don't think it's a shame. That's really not the reason why I stopped you."

"Then why? Tell me a more reasonable reason. "

"……" Jasper couldn't find a reasonable reason.

Seeing that the man couldn't give an answer, the mockery at the corners of Ashley's mouth was deeper. "Truth and lies will always be known only when the one who tells them. Jasper, you know what you mean. "

"Ashley!" Jasper held the woman's hand.

"I don't want to see you recently. As for our marriage, we'd better put it off." Ashley got rid of the man's hand, opened the door and left without looking back.

Jasper was sitting in the car. It was dark outside the window. The employees of the company came out of the hotel in small groups. The woman's figure quickly merged with them. She gradually went farther and farther and finally disappeared.

Slumping over the steering wheel, Jasper felt a pang of pain in his left heart. The misunderstanding between them was so deep that there was no room for manoeuvre in the future.

He went back to the company to get some documents. When he was about to leave, he saw the calendar mentioned by Ashley, to be exact, the monthly calendar. It was New Year that not long after he met Sheila. Jasper went back to his hometown to company Bruce and didn't come to the company, so although more than a month had passed


On the other side, Ashley was looking at the phone on the tea table with a serious face.

On the other side, Jessie also felt as if she was facing a formidable enemy. Since the company's opening dinner, Ashley was in a worse mood. Not only was she in a bad mood, but her face was gloomy. Anyone who saw her would have to take three steps away.

This time, Jessie didn't need to ask. She also knew that there was something wrong between Ashley and Jasper. When they quarreled, Jessie had been keeping watch not far away from the car in case someone came to disturb them. As a result, she heard them quarreling fiercely. Although she didn't hear clear, she knew it was a big deal just from the voice of Ashley.

Now she looked at the phone on the tea table. The name of Jasper was still on the screen, and it was the fifth call.

"Ashley, why don't you answer it? Maybe Mr. Jasper has something urgent to deal with. He has never made such a series of calls before," Jessie said cautiously.

Pursing her lips tightly, Ashley finally spoke before the end of the ringtone, "Answer it for me."

Listening to her, Jessie quickly picked up the phone and answered it. "Hello, Mr. Jasper. I'm Jessie... Oh, Hello, Bruce... "

Bruce? Ashley was surprised.

"I'm Ashley's agent... Yes, yes... " Jessie looked at Ashley and asked her whether she should answer the phone or not without making a sound.

'Why did Bruce call her? Is he trying to intercede for Jasper?'

"Ashley... Ashley... " She drew out her voice and patted on Ashley's arm anxiously, indicating her to give a hint.

After hesitating for a while, Ashley finally nodded.

"She went to the bathroom just now. Now she's out. Please wait a moment..."

As soon as she finished her words, she put the phone in the hand of Ashley. After that, she retreated back to the sofa and took a long breath. She was so suffocated just now.

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